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 Cast  Your  Whole  Vote  !


There are thousands who are in opinion opposed to slavery and to the war, who yet in effect do nothing to put an end to them  . . . They hesitate, and they regret, and sometimes they petition; but they do nothing in earnest and with effect.  They will wait, well disposed, for others to remedy the evil, that they may no longer have it to regret.  At most, they give only a cheap vote, and a feeble countenance and God-speed, to the right, as it goes by them.  There are nine hundred and ninety-nine patrons of virtue to one virtuous man  . . .   Cast  your  whole  vote,  not a strip of paper merely, but your whole influence.

I know this well, that if one thousand, if one hundred, if ten men whom I could name--if ten honest men only--ay, if one honest man, in this State of Massachusetts, ceasing to hold slaves, were actually to withdraw from this copartnership, and be locked up in the county jail therefor, it would be the abolition of slavery in America.  For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be: what is once well done is done forever.  But we love better to talk about it; that we say is our mission.

---jailed  abolitionist  Henry David Thoreau

(from the essay on civil disobedience  1849)

Thoreau rightly perceived that one man making a whole-hearted effort in the power of the Spirit will prevail, while a  million men making a token gesture will fail.

Jesus Christ calls upon us to love God with our whole heart.  Not to make pious gestures and then shrug it off:  I voted !  What more can I do ! ?   When He gives us His Power to work with, He expects something more from us than token gestures !

The  One-Fingered  Effort

Voting is  a one minute, one fingered, once-every-two-years token gesture behind an anonymous curtain whereby fake Christians perpetuate the self-delusion that they have done something to create a good society.  The illusion that we have done something significant, when we have really done nothing, is the major reason that we continue to have a bad society.

What kind of a garden could you plant with a one time, once a year effort ?  A garden full of weeds.  What would your house look like if you cleaned it once a year ?  How well are you supporting your family if you work one day a year to support them ?

But people want to believe that you can create a moral social order without risk or effort through the magical efficacy of pushing a lever in an anonymous voting booth.  Secret Christians bearing anonymous witness make courage unnecessary.  You don't have to stand up for anything longer than it takes to pull a lever and duck out.  It's the safe and easy road to a better society.  No risk, no work, no struggle.  Just a little one-fingered gesture by millions of little Christian folks--that's all it takes.  But it is a lie.   And now the lie has caught up with us !

The  Lost  Illusion

This election year, a lot of disillusioned people have belatedly come to recognize the basic fact that  our  major political parties are pragmatic alliances for the pursuit of power and money.  That the moral ideals they piously invoke are cloaks for the love of money and the love of power, are camouflage which deceives those who wish to be deceived--all the worldly Christians.

The establishment pro life organizations and the  professional  Christians have to keep going along with these unprincipled politicians because their real # 1 priority is the same as it has always been:   stay close to power.  But the rest of the pro life movement has finally learned at least half a lesson:  we are never going to get there through the Republican Party.

But they haven't learned the second half of the lesson:  we are never going to get there through conventional politics and the power of the government.  We can only get there through the unconventional politics of the Spirit and the  power  of the true church.

So having given up on the Republican Party, they have turned for salvation to some other party.  Now our some day hope of salvation rests with a third party that will some day be the first party.

Third  Parties  Finish  3rd

There is a long history of third  parties in the United States that can be summarized in one short sentence:  Third parties come in 3rd.  Coming in 3rd in a political contest is like playing out in the parking lot while the championship is being decided in the stadium.  In politics, winning isn't everything--it is the only thing.

Historically, a minor party has sometimes replaced a collapsed major party.  It learns to be the able servant of those who seek power, so it compromises inconvenient principles--like the major party it replaced.

Meanwhile, what sort of despairing morality is it that ties the fate of the unborn child to the fate of a marginal candidate?   Vote pro life / vote Schultz  means that a futile gesture is the best you can do on behalf of the unborn.  Is it ?  Is that what you will tell the Judge on Judgment Day ? : the  lesser  evil,  the  token  gesture,  those were my only choices;  what else did you expect from me ?

Let us abandon the futile gesture and instead seek out the fruitful work of building a Christian society, of establishing the Kingdom of God on its right foundation.

Building  a  Christian  Society

We must build a Christian society independently of the government.  We need the power of the Holy Spirit, not the power of the policeman and the bureaucrat.  The childish dependency upon this giant machinery, which so fascinates all the worldly Christians, erodes the faith and trust in the church of Jesus Christ as the society we must believe in and belong to.  Instead they join the American Cult.  Their church is the Righteous Republic, the nation, the empire.  Which means:  they worship  the  beast.   They believe in his power.

Jefferson said:   that  government  is  best  which  governs  least.  But  Jefferson's government naturally grew into a giant octopus--into a beast.  It grew as the empire grew.  We must turn from it to the real least  government--the self-government of the Holy Spirit, of the true Christian church, of the Christian community which refuses to conform to the world, which does not worship the state.  The Kingdom of God on earth is a ghost-ocracy:  it is ruled by the Holy Ghost--the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. 

Thoreau also said:  the government never yet furthered any enterprise except by the alacrity with which it got out of the way.  If that is true of economic enterprises it is 10 times truer of the moral enterprises required for a moral society, such as schools.  Government schools destroy the faith and morals of our children.  It is folly to expect anything else.  It is worse folly to expect the government to pay for Christian schools.  What the government finances, it controls.  What it controls it corrupts.

And what can prevent us from establishing home schools and church-based schools, independently of the government, even in defiance of the government if we have to ?  What prevents us now is the illusion that you can't do anything without the government, that government money is essential, that we have to stand in line with everyone else for a government hand out. 

The further logic of home schooling is that adult Christians must establish for themselves also a society which is morally and spiritually independent of The World--of the morally corrupt society to which we otherwise must conform.  We must build a Christian society and a Christian economy which provides the necessary foundation for us to refuse to conform to The World.  We must shed the illusion that the Empire ever was Christian or that it ever can be Christian. 

Stopping  Abortion

Neither can popular government be the vehicle for the moral crusade to stop abortion.  When has true morality ever enjoyed popularity ?  So how can it ever be  re-established by popular vote?  So we cannot stop the killing through voting.  So, if we finally refuse to go along with them, even one step further, if we are serious about stopping abortion, we only have two real choices left:  1) war   2) war.  The first choice is a civil war fought with carnal weapons.  The possibility of it looms larger because it is the only way that worldly Christians have of getting serious.  The second choice is to renew the spiritual war that Jesus Christ showed us how to fight.  It is a war that can be won by courageous personal  witness  to  the  truth about abortion.  But it demands a Faith which the worldly church has lost.

We could have stopped abortion yesterday, we could stop it tomorrow, if those who pretend to be pro life would serve the cause of the unborn with half the enthusiasm they bring to the pursuit of worldly power; if they would wear an  Abortion  Kills  Children  badge and hand out pro life leaflets instead of tying the fate of the children to somebody's power trip.

Establishing  The  Kingdom

Did Jesus Christ seek a popular mandate from the citizens of Jerusalem ?  Did he work within the limits that the Jewish establishment imposed upon him ?  Did he seek a sanction from the Roman Senate?  Did he seek the approval of the Emperor ? Did he get himself invited to the governor's palace ?  (He did go there once, but it wasn't for dinner.)  Did Jesus Christ work through the system ?  You know he didn't or you don't know Jesus Christ.

We who claim to be his followers must follow the way He showed us.  If we have not taken the name in vain, if we have the Spirit of Jesus in us, what power do we need except the sword of truth that he gives us ?

This year and every year vote for Jesus Christ and the unborn children who are otherwise doomed to die.  Vote every week.  Vote every day !  Vote with both hands and both feet.  Vote with your life for what you believe in.  Vote for your own  election  by doing what Jesus told us to do.  [  see:  Render, Not Surrender, Unto Caesar ] 

Terry  Sullivan


Vote  Your  Values ?  

October 20th 2008   Focus on the Family is sending out a large post card with the message:  On  November  4  Vote Your Values.   Which neatly summarizes the false faith of the secular Christian.  Instead of living up to your values on November 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th etc., just duck behind the curtain of anonymity on November 4th and deploy one finger in the Cause of Righteousness.  And, if that doesn't get it, come back in 2 years and do it again !     And they go on:   Take a Stand.  Make a Difference.  This year, our nation and our state stand at a crossroads.  With our vote, we have the right as Americans--and the duty as Christians--to help shape our country's future.  

In fact, the American Empire long since passed that crossroads and took the wrong road.  Now it is stuck in that deep moral ditch it dug itself into with the help of those cowardly Christians who Vote for Virtue once every 2 years and then walk away with the silly self-assurance that they have taken a stand while hiding in the pews and hiding in the voting closet.  Mailings like this one, which is typical of what is being sent out by other pseudo Christian and nominally pro life organizations, perpetuate the false faith that those who have refused to do anything about it have Done Something Significant by a token gesture. 

Our country's future has been aborted.  Has been put in the dumpster with 50 million aborted babies while millions of secular Christians voted and shrugged.  I voted.  What more could I do ?  Organizations like Focus on the Family, which pander to that false faith, bear a special moral responsibility for the anti Christian and pseudo Christian character of our society.  For which they and those they mis-lead will answer in one way or another.  By voting in place of witnessing, they guarantee the further destruction of American society.  By raising their children in that wealth-pursuing American lifestyle which depends upon contraception backed by abortion, they put their own families at serious risk of winding up in the trash.  They vote for the policeman to protect the preborn children they have abandoned, even though they know he won't do it, and that their own grandchildren are at risk. 

Dobson supports McCain

James Dobson, wearing his other hat as Chairman of Focus on the Family Action, has put out a mailing justifying his support for John McCain--  I pray you'll be participating and exercising your privilege of letting your voice be heard by casting a ballot.  If you go to the polls and let your voice be heard:  Hurrah for McCain !  you will surely be arrested.  The truth they won't tell you and I will is that casting a ballot is a very sorry substitute for letting your voice be heard.  A mouse squeak is 10 times louder.  That is really what voting is:   Christian Witness for Mouseketeer Christians.  Emit your squeak, then hide.  If you call up your sister and tell her what you think about your niece having an abortion, that is letting your voice be heard.  Flipping a lever behind a curtain is a sham and a pretence and a meaningless gesture.  It expresses the vain hope that some day the policeman will stop your niece from having the abortion. 

Dobson urges his readers to research and study the various amendments and candidates and pray for guidance.  Which is a complete waste of time and energy to which blasphemy has been added.  Instead, prayerfully ponder what color socks you should wear this morning lest they fail to match your tie and the ladies wrinkle their noses at you.  Prayerfully ponder whether to order onions on your hamburger.  These are serious matters with moral implications.  As for the election, ignore all speeches, walk into the voting closet and push whatever lever is handy.  Why take something seriously when 95 % of the participants don't ?  Why bother to vote your conscience while everybody else is voting his pocketbook or his race or his grandfather's party ? 

If voters were required to pass a pre-election test showing that they had paid attention to candidates' speeches and read and understood the ballot initiatives, the electorate would be reduced to 1/10th of 1 per cent of its present size.  But that would be undemocratic.  Democracy demands that we tolerate willful ignorance and let the people decide !   Which means letting them be mesmerized and manipulated by whoever has the most money.  Politics is about money, not morality.  Praying over an election is praying that Mammon will carry God's cause over the finish line.  Since Obama has 600 million to spend, and McCain has half of that, he is unlikely to win. 

The vote of somebody who has heard no speeches and read no ballot initiatives counts exactly the same as the vote of the silly billy who has wasted hours of his life doing it.  An estimated 75 million politically uninformed voters will participate in this year's election.  They quite sensibly ignored all political coverage and switched to the football game instead.  The rest of the voters are merely mis-informed by the TV coverage.  Millions of them will vote for Obama because he is a Negro and so are they.  Millions who aren't Negroes will vote for Obama, because it is righteous to vote for a Negro, and it is the easy road to righteousness.  Quite a few others will secretly vote against him, because he is a Negro.  All the Catholics will vote for Obama and Biden despite their 100 per cent pro abortion position because they are Democrats. 

Why stand in line behind these people ?  Why waste your time and then deceive yourself that you haven't ?  It is the moral equivalent of piddling in the ocean.  Go do that instead if you feel you have to make a token gesture of some sort.  At least you won't have to stand in line. 

Dobson once pledged that he would never support a candidate who has compromised on abortion.  Now he has to explain why he did just that in supporting McCain.  And his explanation is specious.  One main reason that he and others support McCain is the hope that he would appoint Supreme Court Justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade.  Dobson fails to note that McCain refused to take a position on  Roe v. Wade in a major interview on ABC.  Or that he bragged about his votes for Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Steven Breyer in the last debate.  In respect to pro life, McCain is as trustworthy as quick sand--or bundled mortgage securities.  But Dobson and the other secular Christians cannot afford to see that.  The logic of their position is that they have to believe in McCain.  Which illustrates the fundamental foolishness of their position.  Whether McCain wins or loses, Dobson and these other pseudo Christian leaders are leading people down a dead end street. 

So now our residual pro life hope is that   1.  if McCain gets elected  2. if he appoints  pro life judges  3.  if they overturn  Roe v. Wade  4.  if the 34 states that passed liberal abortion laws revoke them   5.  if people obey this law,  6. Abortion in America will end.  Let's do a reality check on this.  When Governor Ronald Reagan of California reluctantly signed the new abortion law in June 1967, there were already an estimated 100,000 abortions a year in California despite the old anti abortion law and despite Focus on the Family which was then resident in California.  So what are the chances that any law will stop abortion after it has been legal every where ?  What are the chances that the laws against marijuana are going to be enforced any time soon ?  How effective was Prohibition in putting an end to alcohol in America ? 

But that points up something important.  It does not matter very much what the law says.  It matters what people do.  The early Christians persisted in practicing Christianity despite severe laws against them.  In fact, they were real Christians back then.  They ceased to practice Christianity and they became Secular Christians when they finally got the law on their side. 

When racial segregation was still the law in many places, there were brave Christians who openly opposed those laws.  And, in the end, segregation went down.  The laws which halfway prohibited racial segregation came along after the Civil Rights Movement and because of it.  As usual, the lawyers and politicians have tried to take the credit, but they were useless until the moral balance was shifted by those willing to take the risk of witnessing.  There have been Christians who bravely opposed American wars beginning with the Quakers who were imprisoned in 1776. 

What Dobson sets forth in his circular letter is the inevitable dead end logic of Secular Christians who cannot be Christians unless the law allows it.  They remind me of some people who showed up on the pro life picket line one time.  One of them went up to a policeman and asked:  is it okay for us to stand here ?   That's Dobson.  And no doubt he speaks for millions of Secular Christians who have exactly the same attitude:  We can't live a Christian life unless the policeman lets us. 

What James Dobson and other Secular Christians do not understand is that the real Christian Church must be an independent society.  When you depend upon the Emperor or the Man in the White House to mandate morality, you are all washed up as a Christian and it is no use calling yourself one.  It is bad enough that we are so financially Dependent upon the government.  But being morally and spiritually Dependent upon the government--which defines Secular Christianity--is 100 times worse.  It is the negation of serious Christianity. 

So long as you have the law and the money and the majority on your side, you will be joined by all sorts of nominal Christians who like to be on the winning side.  What these Secular Christians do not comprehend is that  Christianity was never meant to be a political success.  When it achieves political success, a predictable thing happens: it receives a flock of converts who re-define Christianity as being compatible with wealth and power and it ceases to be Christian.  That is how we got into this deep moral and spiritual hole.  Christianity was meant to be a moral and spiritual and social success.  And it still achieves that by following the way that Jesus showed us.  He said go out and bear witness.  That is how you become a real Christian.  He did not say hide behind the curtain and deploy one finger in the cause of Christian morality.  That is what fake Christians do.  That is why they are fakes. 

The home schooling movement has shown how Christians can be independent.  Instead of sending their kids to the public schools as missionaries--martyrs more like, or apostates, which is even more likely--they have created a school system which is independent of and morally and spiritually separated from the degenerate society which surrounds us and which determines the values of the public school.  Instead of trying to get elected to the school board where they get out voted when they try to keep Planned Parenthood out of the schools, they vote with their feet, for a Better School System.  And that is what we need to do for those of those who are no longer in school.  Create a society which does not depend upon the government for permission to be moral. 

Neither Obama nor McCain nor anyone else in the seat of power can prevent Christians from building a Christian society in the moral ruins of the American empire if they are serious about doing it.  Neither will either of them be any real help in doing it. 

If Mr. Obama does get elected, it could be the best thing that has happened to the pro life movement.  By dashing the false hopes of the secular Christians, it might move at least some of them to search for and find a real Christian hope. 

The Secular Christians may very well be out voted this November.  But Real Christianity can never be out voted. 

Henry David Thoreau set the example when he said  cast  your  whole  vote !   and wound up in jail for refusing to pay the taxes that went for slavery and for the war with Mexico. 

Instead of bothering with the disingenuous speeches of candidates or the wording of initiatives, read the history of the early church.  Where you will discover people doing just what Thoreau did.  

two bad choices

In the race for president, Americans have a choice between a candidate who is sincerely pro war while he pretends to be pro life.  The other is sincerely pro abortion and pretends to be opposed to war.  A serious Christian cannot go along with war or with abortion.  So which way should he vote ? 

As if either one could do anything once he gets in.  The American empire requires perennial war to maintain the imperial power it acquired through success in war.  Any candidate for Commander-in-Chief must be ready to go along with the inevitable wars of empire.  Meanwhile, the preservation of the luxurious American lifestyle requires abortion as it has for many years.  The wealth of America has always required the wholesale waste of human life by war, by slavery, by poverty and by abortion.  No candidate for president can be serious about stopping abortion. 

Which is why a serious Christian cannot be serious about voting for president.  He must instead be serious about trying to build a Christian society within the moral ruins of the American Empire.  He must be morally Independent of that Worldly Society which is shaped by these elections. 

November 4th 2008   Voting for Jesus 

Did Jesus run for King of Israel and lose by a few votes ?  Is it different now since the Christian Republic of America  [ = the pseudo Christian empire ] was launched ?  Can modern Christians confidently expect to succeed where Jesus failed ? 

Actually Jesus only lost by one vote.  His own.  When he refused to become the actual secular king of Israel, cf John 6.15.   For the reason that he explains to Pilate in John  18.36   my kingdom is not of this world, and that is why my followers refuse to fight for political power.  My real followers he meant.  He had a lot of pseudo followers who have been fighting for political power ever since.  While they neglect to obtain the spiritual power which is necessary to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth.  While they refuse to help build the real Christian Society by finding the Spirit of Courage and Bearing Witness to the Truth. 

That is the foundation of the Kingdom.  Every other kingdom is built upon lies.  Hasn't the last election campaign provided all the evidence of that which any sensible person needs ? 

Jesus lost another election because  the  people  preferred  barabas.  He was their kind of messiah and Jesus wasn't.  The People wanted another kind of kingdom.  In 66 A.D. they followed a warrior messiah into a war which led to the starvation of a million, which led to the destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple.  Voting for a Secular Savior is not smart.  There is a kind of blindness in it.  They have eyes and cannot see. 

Now that the foolish and futile election is over, now that all the Secular Christians have stood in line to flip a little anonymous lever and then retired from the battle for another year, real Christians must begin again the real battle for the real Christian Society. 

    Terry Sullivan 

there is more on the web site:

see:  Four  Fallacies  of  the  Colordo  Human  Life  Amendment    

and  Render, Not Surrender, Unto Caesar 





   document:      vote.doc



 See  Also:    FALLACY.DOC  


And:   amend.doc  








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