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christian  pacifism

must  be  based  upon: 

I.  The New Testament 

II.  pacifist Christianity before Constantine

III.  The pre Nicene Fathers--Ignatius, Polycarp, Origen, Tertullian, Hippolytus etc.

IV. The non conforming heretic Churches of the Roman Empire, the so-called Donatists, Novatians and Priscillianists etc.

V. The underground churches, the so-called Albigenses, Waldenses,  Hussites, Anabaptists, Quakers, Amish, Hutterites etc.

VI. the real Christian Community

VII. A minority with the Spirit of Courage

I.  NOT  The Bible  (see The Two Covenants) 

II.  NOT Constantine's military Christianity 

III.  NOT  the post Nicene apostates--Eusebius, Ambrose, Jerome, Augustine etc. 

IV.  NOT the so-called Catholic Church of the Western Empire nor the so-called Orthodox Church of the Eastern Empire

V.  NOT the Protestant Churches which perpetuated the State Church theology of the Imperial Churches.

VI.  NOT modern Secular Churches

VII.  NOT  The People = the majority = the mob 

Today's so called peace movement lacks any foundation of Christian Pacifism.  It has no spiritual alternative to the Cult of the American Empire and no moral alternative to the pursuit of wealth and political power.  Noisy demonstrations and getting arrested for nothing are a sorry substitute for a peace witness which is rooted in the pacifism of the early church and based upon a real Christian community.  In the past 50 years there has been a substantial abatement of militarism in the American Catholic Church and in the mainstream Protestant churches.  But it is a superficial and lightweight pacifism based upon that modern liberalism which also takes an indulgent attitude towards divorce, contraception, abortion and homosexuality.  There is no spiritual foundation for it and no moral force behind it because they have never redrawn the line between the true Church and the Empire, essential to the theology of the early church, which was erased by the theology of the Worldly Church.  ( see  Appendix A of Empire ) 

The fundamental opposition between the world and the kingdom was a fact, not a theory.  Jesus was crucified the day after he told them that the world hates me.  Thousands of his first followers were also put to death as Jesus had predicted:  the world will hate you even as it has hated me.  This doctrine is the basis of the real Christian Community which does not conform to this world.    This World, ruled by Satan, is the adversary of Jesus and his true followers, and this doctrine provides the foundation for the Christian Pacifism found in the original church--the refusal to take up arms on behalf of any of the kingdoms of this world.  Luke 4.5 and John 18.36:  His followers do not fight because his kingdom is not of this world.  A Christian peace movement must remain free from conventional politics.  Never criticize The President.  Every time you do you add to his power and distract yourself from the real causes of war.  Christians must be citizens of the kingdom, and loyal to it, so they cannot be loyal citizens of the empire.  It is foolish to hope for a peaceful empire--there is no such thing.  War is the health of the state and the foundation of the empire.   The empire cannot be disarmed except by converting nominal Christians to real Christianity.

What peace can be achieved by Secular Christians ?  They don't want to fight because they would rather go shopping.  But they cling to the wealth and power of the American Empire.  What has been established by violence cannot be defended by nonviolence.  It is an illusion to believe that peace will come from the military forces of the empire patrolling the globe.  Nor can the empire survive the eventual dismantling of those hundreds of military bases.  The old Roman empire  made a desert and called it peace.  The American Empire multiplies military force and calls it freedom.  And it must also perish by the sword. 

Fake pacifists do not quote nor comprehend what Mother Teresa said:  abortion is the end of world peace.  Because abortion, like war, shows a total dis-respect for human life.   Who else in our time has set a more conspicuous example of love for the poor ?  And, as Gandhi says, poverty is the worst form of violence.  It is foolish to believe that the American people are the moral alternative to the government which wages wars on their behalf while they grumble and go along.  They think they want peace but they also want the power which depends upon the perennial wars of the empire and the wealth which depends upon abortion.

Every empire declines and falls eventually because of over reaching and the ruinous expense of the military.  But the process has speeded up like everything else in the modern age.  The enormous expense of global military adventures is bringing bankruptcy to the empire.  The rapid transfer of American gas money into the pockets of the Arabs means they will soon be able to buy all of the wonderful American weapons systems or their equivalent.  Operation Iraqi Freedom has led to the complete militarization of Iraq.  Like the old Roman Empire which armed and trained the barbarian armies that soon dismembered it, the American Empire has militarized those who have good reason to hate it.  Christians cannot save the American Empire any more than they could save the Roman Empire.  But they might save themselves and their children from the inevitable ruin of the empire by creating a real Christian community in the ruins--building a new society within the shell of the old.

related  writings 

Two Swords Is Enough     He Beat Them With a Whip !      and   Render, Not Sur-Render Unto Caesar  comments on New Testament verses often mis used to justify Military Christianity.  see  render [ printed copy, 2 stamps ]

The New Covenant versus the Old Covenant  redraws the line that Secular Christianity erased between the divorce, polygamy, concubinage, war, wealth, and slavery of the old covenant and the teaching of Jesus.  In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus uses the formula:  you have heard it said, but I say--to distinguish the teaching of the Prince of Peace from the militarism of the books of the old covenant.   [ 14 pages printed copy, $ 3 ] 

The Church of the Empire   Constantine's bogus miracle marked the beginning of military Christianity.  Augustine produced the theology which justified the Unity of the apostate Church with the Roman Empire while it obscured the pacifism of the original Church.  That was the beginning of the Worldly Church and Secular Christianity.  They established that mass church on a minimal basis which caters to the crowd and depends upon the state.  Augustine fabricated Romans 13.1-7 to justify the  persecution of the nonconforming Christians.  Appendix A and Appendix B show the gospel basis for the essential distinction between  the kingdom and the world.  see the web site.   

The Roots of Abortion   The waste of human life by war, slavery, poverty and abortion are the foundation stones of the American Empire.  American prosperity was built upon stolen lands and stolen lives.  Now the pursuit of wealth mandates  careers  for  women  who must rely upon contraception and abortion until they are allowed to have that one baby at age 35.   Secular Christianity has no moral alternative to that two income anti family lifestyle which creates luxury for the few and poverty for the many, which depends upon abortion, and which is complicit with the wars of the empire even while it pretends otherwise.  The opposition of the Worldly Church to abortion and contraception  is as nominal and ineffectual as its opposition to war and poverty.  

Turning the Other Cheek

Heresy of the Christian State 

Terry Sullivan  




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Luke 9.54-56 wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven and consume them, even as Elias did ? But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them.
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who would Jesus bomb ?
Luke 9.54-56                  
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