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Colorado Human Life Amendment

When will they ever learn ?  The so-called Colorado Human Life Amendment is the latest effort by political pro lifers and Secular Christians to Stop Abortion by Voting.  As usual, they haven't thought through the political or moral questions which this silly proposal raises. 

Political Questions:  We are informed that the Coordinator of this petition drive came here from Kansas to lead this effort.  Question:  Why didn't they try it in Kansas if it was such a great idea ?  Kansas is a much more conservative and pro life state than Colorado.  If it won't pass there, it won't pass here.  The voters of South Dakota voted down an anti abortion bill by  56% to 44% in November of 2006.  South Dakota is a much more pro life state than Colorado.  In 1967, Colorado was the first state to pass a liberalized abortion law.  At that time Colorado had a Republican Governor and the Republicans had substantial majorities in both the Senate and the House. 

Today, 40 years later, Colorado is much more liberal, as shown by the fact that the Democrats control the State government.  So what is the political calculus behind this effort ?  Do they assume that all the ski bums and ski bunnies of Colorado will vote for this measure because they won't realize that it is in fact an Anti Abortion Measure ?  Not all of them are as dumb as they look.  And they will be wised up long before election day rolls around.  The Colorado Mountain High life style of Vail and Aspen and Steamboat Springs depends upon abortion. 

In short, a sensible political strategist would recognize that this Anti Abortion Measure  has  no  chance  of  passing.  It will only serve the organizational chauvinism and personal ambition of those who offer this new false hope to all the Secular Christians in exchange for a donation and a token gesture: sign the petition, then vote.  Pro Life made easy.  The sponsors of this initiative have the obligation to present their explanation as to why a state which has failed to pass even minimal restrictions on abortion can be expected to vote for what is in effect a complete ban on abortion.  Of course, when this initiative is on the ballot, they will pray, pray, pray for it to get enough votes.  If you jump off a building and pray as hard as you can on the way down, God may somehow save you.  Which begs the question as to whether you should have jumped in the first place.  This initiative will go  splat ! 

Moral Questions:  The sweeping character of this initiative avoids the immorality of the half measures of  earlier years which essentially say:  first  do this,  then  you may kill the baby.   Parental Notification means  first tell your mother, before you kill her grandson.  Informed Consent conscripts the abortionist to bear witness to the truth about abortion--be honest now !  because Secular Christians do not have the time--or the courage--to bear witness to abortion bound women.  The attempt to pass a Human Life Amendment abandons Christian morality because  It Is  Immoral to Vote for Morality.  It is immoral to pander to all those  voting  closet  pro  lifers  who have been taught to believe that they are doing all they can to establish Christian morality in the land if they deploy one finger once every two years in the anonymous safety of the voting closet.  It is wrong to validate and perpetuate the false faith of the Secular Christians that you can establish morality by voting for it.  That is what got us into this situation in the first place. 


Do The People of the State of Colorado--the ski bums and ski bunnies of Vail and Aspen and Steamboat--have the right to decide whether the embryo child is a person ?  By  voting  on  it ?  No they do not.   It is beyond their competence.  No matter which way they vote, it proves nothing and establishes nothing.  It is  Wrong to Let them Vote on It.   It is wrong to teach them that they have the right to vote on it.  And wrong to teach them and us that questions like this can be decided by voting.  make  morality  popular !  That is exactly how we got into this  very  deep  hole  in the first place.  And we are not going to get out of this  very  deep  spiritual  and  moral  hole  until so-called Christians finally recognize that  we  are  never  going  to  get  out  of  it  by  voting !  

It is a failed substitute for living the Christian life.  The notion that you establish the Personhood of the embryo child by voting to put it into the Constitution of the State of Colorado arises from the false faith of Secular Christians, who must look to the State to establish Christian morality because they lack the Courage to join the moral minority of real Christians.  It is up to the police to establish Christian morality.  If, instead of that, the police arrest those trying to stop the killing of babies at the abortuary, what can they do  ?  Except wait for another chance to vote.  Now they have one. 

The  grand  strategy  behind this initiative is that, when it is passed, and when the opponents appeal it to the Supreme Court, the Court will use it to overturn Roe versus Wade and thereby restore the Christian Empire of America to its pristine purity--except for a few large red blotches here and there. 

Aside from the obvious fact that it won't happen, there is another obvious fact to which the political pro lifers remain blinded:   Roe versus Wade is  not  the  cause  of  abortion  in  america.  The real cause of abortion is their own Secular Christian lifestyle.   When Governor Ronald Reagan signed the abortion bill in 1967,  California already had an estimated 100,000 abortions every year.  The Philippines have a Human Life Amendment written into their Constitution, and they have a higher abortion rate than the United States.  The abortion rates in the  Catholic countries of Europe (legal) and South America (nominally illegal) are as high as the U.S.   ( See The  Roots  of  Abortion  for more about the basic causes of abortion. )

The time, money and volunteer energy which will be thrown away on another futile attempt to find that phantom  moral  majority  which does not exist in Colorado or any where else in America, could instead be used to hand out a copy of the first nine months and the Spanish version  los primeros nueve meses  to everyone in the state.  That is the Christian system  of bearing personal witness to the truth. 

And it requires only a small minority of serious pro life Christians.  It unties us from our Dependence upon the Pagan Majority and the futility of these silly strategies to slip something by them, which deceive no one but ourselves.  It frees us from our Dependence upon those nominal Christians who live the Christian life only insofar as it is possible while hiding in the pews and hiding in the voting closet.  Our real  grand  strategy  requires that we seriously pursue the alternative to that luxury-loving, wealth-pursuing lifestyle the Secular Christians of America have in common with the pagans, which requires women to rely upon contraception backed by abortion until age 35 when they are allowed that one baby which is compatible with the American Dream of more money, fewer children.  


the declaration 

If Colorado was an antique state in which the chief political authority was also the moral and spiritual authority--the high priest of the state religion--it might make sense to call upon him to declare that  1. life begins at conception  2. human life is sacred.  If the governor of the State of Colorado were the serious pro lifer he once pretended to be, we could call on him to make such a declaration.  He would further declare that everyone should answer with a loud Amen ! to this declaration.  Those who didn't say it loud enough would be subject to 30 days in the County jail and a $ 100 fine.  And the logical consequence of this declaration and the universal assent to it, voluntary or involuntary, would be that all the abortuaries in the state would be closed. 

But the people--the ski bums and bunnies--are sovereign in the State of Colorado.  So, if the governor were to make such a declaration, he would have no way of demanding assent to it.  He would instead declare:  In my opinion, life begins at conception . . . But, hey, that is just my opinion.  What do you think ?  Of course you don't have to say anything out loud.  And you can remain anonymous.  Just slide into the voting booth behind the curtain and flip a lever, agree or disagree.  And we will all go by that.  That is how morality is decided in America. 

Is this the way to decide whether or not a pre born baby is a person ?  And what if  the  people  disagree  as they most certainly will ?  Are we not bound by that decision ?  Must we not say
Amen ! to it ?  When you submit your case to an arbitrator, you are bound by the resulting decision, even if it goes against you.  When you submit your proposition or your amendment to the voters, you are bound by the result.  All those who participate in such an election have made an implicit good faith agreement to abide by the result.  And, if you are unwilling to be bound by the result, if you are unwilling to concede that  the preborn baby is  not  a  person--the people have spoken !--you should  never  have  agreed  to vote on it in the first place ! 

That is why this initiative is not just wrong-headed, it is wicked.  It is profoundly unChristian.  It concedes something that no true Christian can ever concede.  The original Christians defined themselves by standards of faith and morals that required their non conformity to the world around them.  It never occurred to them to put it to a vote even inside the church, much less outside it, much less let the pagans vote on it.  The rule was very simple:  believe it or be gone.  1st Corinthians 5.11:  With such a one no not to eat. 

The  Failure  of  the  Political  Pro  Life  Movement

One basic reason for this desperate and foolish initiative and others like it in other states is that the final defeat of the political pro life movement is at hand, as anyone with political common sense can see.  Pat Robertson's embrace of Rudy Giuliani shows how the pursuit of political power leads political Christians to abandon Christian morality.  The April 18th 2007 Supreme Court Decision upholding the ban on Partial Birth Abortion is the final step in making abortion legal through all nine months, contrary to the false claims of political pro lifers who refuse to recognize what the decision actually says.  That is what we have to show for 20 years of false faith invested in Ronald Reagan and George Bush senior and junior.  The strategy which aimed at stopping abortion through conventional politics was a self-serving self deception from the beginning.  We have reached the point where anyone with sense must recognize the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of that strategy.  And the destruction of their false hopes will push them to despair.  Or madness.  There is a large measure of both in these desperate initiatives. 


Chesterton once wrote:  it isn't that Christianity has been tried and found wanting, rather, it was found difficult and left untried.  And that describes what got us into this hopeless situation.  Looking for the easy way out.  Looking for a way to stop abortion which was fully compatible with holding onto the American Dream of power and prosperity.  And they still insist upon deceiving themselves that they do not have to make a choice between that broad road the majority follows and the steep and narrow path which Jesus pointed out to his followers.  These secular so-called Christians explain away all the gospel injunctions which make it plain that there is no such thing as a rich Christian.  You can be rich or you can be a Christian, you cannot be both.  They still do not recognize the basic cause of the evil of modern America, which was in effect prophesied by Paul when he wrote that:  the love of money is the root of all evil.  Abortion provides the prime example of what he meant. 

new cars  /  dead babies   The day after Thanksgiving, we saw a baby saved at the Planned Parenthood abortuary at 20th and Vine, when  a couple in an old car came out with tears on their faces.  They stopped and talked and took our alternatives flyer.  But there were two dozen more who went in that day in their pretty new cars and they didn't come back out.  They are committed to that lifestyle of big houses and new cars which demand child sacrifice.  America's worldly Christians live like the pagans around them.  They must go along with  careers  for  women,  which double family income by putting the family into the trash at Planned Parenthood.  America's career women can afford every luxury.  A baby is a luxury they cannot afford.  So, from 15 to 35, they rely upon contraception backed by abortion.  They have to believe in what Planned Parenthood provides. 

the first nine months

The people going into the abortuary last Friday might have had second thoughts about it, if anyone had ever shown them the truth about what an 8 week old embryo child looks like.  If some while back they had received a copy of  the first nine months  which does show it.  This leaflet has 7 pictures which chart the development of the embryo child.  And each one is worth 1000 words.  One of these leaflets handed out in the right place at the right time is worth a dozen sermons about the personhood of the unborn child.  Why bother with such a term ?  She  is  a  baby !  Look at the picture !  In the age of the printing press and fiber optic photographs--which actually show the embryo child in the womb--there is no excuse for delivering long sermons while neglecting to set the example of handing out graphic literature.  Hot air is no substitute for Christian witness. 

The money thrown away on doomed initiatives and literature for hopeless candidates and hopelessly compromised candidates could be used to put a copy of  the first nine months into the hands of everyone in the state.  It should have been done yesterday--20 years ago yesterday.  It can still be done tomorrow and the day after tomorrow if those who pretend to be Christians will find the courage to bear witness to the truth by handing out pro life leaflets.  It isn't the voters who need to get it.  It is the 14-18 year old girls, and their boy friends, and their parents.  All those who vote for abortion with their feet by walking into Planned Parenthood.  Don't get into a long-winded argument with them,  just show them the truth.  That is what a pro life leaflet does. 



Bearing Witness

And secular Christians can become real Christians by finding the Spirit of Courage to bear witness.  That Spirit regenerates the Christian life.  Bearing Witness to the Truth is not one of the options of a Christian life, it is the test of whether you are one.  When you never do it, you become shriveled in the spirit.  That describes all those cowardly Christians who hide in the pews and then hide in the voting closet.  Who offend God by praying that he will do what they should have done.   That is why they fall for this false faith that abortion can be stopped by voting.  They don't have the courage to do anything else.  Making the effort to save the babies will save them and their families as well.

This leaflet is the best because of the Lennart Nilsson fiber optic photographs reprinted from  A Child Is Born.  ( They were also printed in Life Magazine years ago. )  You can't argue with them.  They simply show that an embryo at 5 weeks gestation already looks suspiciously like a baby--A person's a person, no matter how small.  Handing out this  little  person  leaflet could be done as a state wide joint effort by the Churches of Colorado.  But we are all called to do it as individuals, regardless of what anyone else does, or neglects to do.  Senior pastors have the basic moral obligation to set the example--not just pass it off to subordinates.  Individuals are called to bear witness without waiting to see who else is coming.   Join the handful who are already out there.  A very special grace is given to those who come out and do it.  Try it and see.

Terry  Sullivan    Nov  23rd  2007 

still okay as of March 22 2017