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election  hangovers    Nov 5 2008   

Barack Obama is the new President elect, amidst the mass euphoria of the crowds that turned out to celebrate.  America is Saved !   We have a Redeemer !  The  america  cult is back in business !  

One commentator points out that 12 American presidents owned slaves.  But now that has been redeemed by the election of America's first Negro President.  So what if he is 100 per cent pro abortion and a third of all black babies die from abortion ?  America's former slaves are Free At Last !  to put their inconvenient babies in the dumpster while they pursue the american dream of wealth and political power just like the rest of us.  Margaret Sanger is smiling down upon them.    Or smiling up more likely. 

There are some bright spots in these election results.  We don't have to try and Believe that President John McCain will Do Something to Stop Abortion, despite his record.  The defeat of both the Colorado Personhood Amendment and the South Dakota Anti Abortion law means that we no longer have to Believe in The American People and we no longer have to Believe in Voting.  There is a lot to be said for discarding your old false faith and finding a new one.  We now have a mandate to stop voting and to start fighting.  Now we must fight in the way that Jesus showed us.    [  See   the  spiritual  warfare  of  jesus  christ  on the www.RadicalChristianPress web site ]    I interpret the election results to mean that God has cast one large ballot in favor of Pro Life Witness,  Sidewalk Counselling, and even Reviving the Rescue Movement.   [ More about that later. ]

failure  of  the  personhood  amendment 

Amendment 48, the Colorado Human Life Amendment, has been voted down by about 75 per cent of the voters.  A million and a half voted against it while half a million voted for it.  When you lose by a 3 to 1 margin, the cause is obviously hopeless, all false faith and foolishness to the contrary.  That is, it is hopeless if you leave the Fate of the Unborn in the hands of voters. 

But consider:   500,000 people in Colorado just voted in favor of an absolute ban on abortion.  If they had actually  done  something  which took courage, instead of just slipping in and out of the voting booth on behalf of asneaky attempt to outlaw all abortion in the State of Colorado, we would be in a very different place from where we are now.  The Rescue Movement at its climax counted 50,000 who were willing to rescue--sit down in front of abortion clinics and get arrested. 

I calculate that 5000 people willing to pass out The First Nine Months could put one into the hands of every adult and teenager in the State in the same amount of time and for the same amount of money that was thrown away on this futile attempt to pass a law. 

If 500 would do it--1 of 1000 of those who voted for this ban--it would take longer, but it could still be done before the next election rolls around.  Worldly Christians applaud those who distribute literature for hopeless initiatives and hopelessly compromised candidates.  They balk at the politics of Jesus:   bearing  witness  to  the  truth on behalf of the unborn.  But some day they may do it. 

Meanwhile, Thank God for the 50 who do pass out pro life literature.      Terry  Sullivan

See    four fallacies of the colorado human life amendment
and  cast your whole vote  and  render, not surrender, unto caesar 
on the  web site

Terry Sullivan 
1526 East 35th Avenue
Denver Colorado 80205