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Four Fallacies of the Personhood Amendment

The Four Major Fallacies of the Colorado Personhood Amendment are:   1. faith in voting  2. faith in the voters  3. faith in precise definitions  4.  faith in The Law.  These fallacies are typical of and rooted in that Secular Christian faith which is epidemic among the so-called Christians of America.  It is the faith of the American Cult,  derived from the faith in the Christian Empire that began with Constantine and Augustine.  It is the faith that we can establish a truly Christian society while we continue to pursue wealth and political power just like our pagan neighbors. 

We have all been brainwashed to believe that voting is a significant moral act.  Secular Christians have to believe it.  They have to believe that a one fingered anonymous effort once every two years fulfills their Christian Duty to God and Country.  God will take care of the rest.  The Government will do the rest.  Protestants scoff at the great faith that Catholics put in ceremonies.  Then they put great faith in a ceremony designed by the devil to put sacred things into the hands of profane and immoral people.  The objection is not to voting against a brothel.  The objection is to participating in an election which lets the owners of the brothel and the customers of the brothel participate on an equal footing.  Their vote negates yours.  The objection is to making a one fingered effort and then shrugging off the fact that the brothel is still there.  The objection is to the false faith that we can build a moral society without risk or work or struggle or sacrifice, that anonymous voting offers us a safe and easy way to get there.  The broad road will take us where we want to go. 

faith  in  the people 

Faith in the voters grows out of that faith in The American People which is central to the American Cult.  Faith in The People, which is the essence of Humanism, divided by faith in America--faith in Us--produces that faith in the American People which leads us by a sickly kind of logic to faith in the voters of Colorado.  All those pleasure seekers who have moved to Colorado for the lifestyle of the ski resorts will somehow discover that they are after all moral people when they find themselves voting on a measure which is aimed squarely at their apre ski life style.  That would be the logic of this anti abortion measure if it had any logic behind it. 

The faith in precise definitions was characteristic of that Worldly Church which became the Emperor Constantine's house cat.  Corrupt bishops took time off from chasing boys or girls around the episcopal palace to attend councils where they energetically argued for precise definitions of the Christian faith.  Backed by the armies of rival emperors they excommunicated one another for the difference between homoousian  versus  homoiousian. 

Behind this initiative is that apostate church which substituted dogmatic definitions for the Christian faith and morals they had abandoned.  So a precise intellectual definition which says that human life begins at fertilization will put an end to abortion.  A moral and spiritual revolution will be launched by this definition of personhood. 

If it is put into The Law.  If the emperor adopts it.  If the Sovereign People of the American Empire are somehow tricked into going along with it.  They will all go skiing and forget to vote against it.  Once installed in that Sacred Document, The Constitution of the State of Colorado, it will find its way into that Even More Sacred Document, The Constitution of the United States of America.  And then, as the bells ring out, abortion will be abolished from America.  That is the Great Vision--the Large Illusion--that drives these people, which distracts them from serious pro life work and into another great waste of time, money and energy. 

That is the False Faith of the American Cult, which teaches people to believe that Christian morality can be established or re-established  within the framework of American Law and Politics, within the possibilities of democratic majorities allowed to decide basic moral questions by voting.  All you have to do is vote !   It is safe !  It is easy  !  It is Easy Jesus and Instant Salvation !

Now that Dr. James Dobson has endorsed this initiative we can be sure that it is doomed.  Ever since he was promoted to the level of his incompetence, by turning political activist, he has whiffed on every one of his endorsements.  If he supports it, you know it is going down.  He has written some wonderfully wise books about family life.  And he should stick with that.  He isn't worldly and cynical enough for politics.  Like other secular Christians, he confuses it with morality. 

I don't pretend to prophecy but I predict that this initiative will fail.  Have I no faith in God ?  I have no faith that God will rig the election.  If we were in Chicago and the Democratic Party machine were behind this initiative, it might very well pass, however the vote went.  They do rig elections and they are good at it.  But, in my experience, God has no interest in rigging elections. 

This initiative only distracts people from what they could and should be doing to stop abortion--to find the real alternatives to an aborted America.  The false hopes raised by this initiative will lead to a false and foolish despair while it drains the resources necessary for a sustained and serious anti abortion movement.  That is the downside of all these legal initiatives and political campaigns which serve the interests of the promoters and which do not serve the pro life movement.  They are born of vanity and they pretend to be promoting the pro life cause while they use it to further their own ambitions and shore up their bank accounts.  There is a fundamental and pervasive moral corruption and spiritual emptiness in what pretends to be a pro life movement.  That is the basic reason for its  chronic failure. 

faith in lawyers and loopholes 

The argument for a legal declaration of personhood relies upon a statement in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision in which Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun said that If this declaration of personhood is established . . . the fetus' right to life is then guaranteed.  And a 1974 statement by Cardinal Medeiros advocating a constitutional declaration that the unborn child is a human person.  So here is that magic legal loophole through which we can escape from an aborted America.  This is the answer to abortion the backers declare--when talking to those who oppose abortion.  Then they avoid discussing the subject of abortion to try and pick up other votes.  It's the answer, but only if the voters agree. 

Justice Blackmun wrote the majority pro abortion opinion in  Roe v. Wade and he was disposing of the argument that the word person in the 14th Amendment means pre born persons.  It only means postnatal persons he argued.  A recent columnist points out that Blackmun overlooked Supreme Court decisions in which corporations were defined as legal persons under the 14th amendment.  A corporation is a person, no matter how large. 

But these legal quibbles are useless.  They can prove to you that the IRS does not have the right to collect taxes.  They can prove to you that you don't have to take off your hat in court because the judge is not carrying a bible.  Both the Korean War and the Vietnam War were illegal, according to the Constitution, because there was no Declaration of War by Congress.  What is the use of telling that to all those who were killed in those wars ?  People grasp at legal straws and become obsessed with legalities and are quite blind to the moral and political realities which mandate abortion. 

We have legal abortion because the American People want to have legal abortion.  We have it because most of those who pretend to oppose abortion only use it as an issue to launch political careers, build organizations and raise money.  We have it because the first priority of those who pretend to be pro life is to hang onto the wealth and power and privilege of the American Empire.  They will argue legal quibbles all day but they are never serious about fighting for the Kingdom.  We have abortion because people have been brainwashed to believe that they do their Christian duty by deploying one finger once every two years in God's Cause.  These legal initiatives assure them that they are right to believe it. 

humans and sub humans

Professor Rice argues that the denial of personhood  was the foundation for what the Nazis did to the Jews.  That confuses cause with effect.  We don't kill people because of an intellectual or legal error which prevents us from perceiving that they are human persons.  Rather, to make it easier to kill them, we de-humanize them.  American soldiers did not indiscriminately slaughter Filipinos and Koreans and Vietnamese because they erroneously believed them to be subhumans.  Rather, they classified them as gooks  slants and slopes because it was their job to kill them. 

The systematic bombing of cities in World War II killed and crippled a million in Germany and a million in Japan.  Meanwhile, President Roosevelt declared that   we mean no harm to the common people of Germany.  I suppose that can be taken as a declaration that they were persons.  But that didn't stop the bombing.  Today, most Americans would affirm that the Japanese are persons.  Contrary to World War II vintage movies which show them as subhuman.  And contrary to a sustained bombing and napalming of Japanese civilians which killed and crippled half a million even before the atomic bombs were dropped.   Our enemies in war time are invariably de-humanized. 

Embryo children are de-humanized because it is financially necessary for Americans to get rid of them.  No one involved with abortion really believes that they are only dealing with fetal tissue.  Or rather, they do believe it because they have to believe something of the sort.  

Persons and Non Persons and 3/5ths of Persons 

We understand it better by looking at American history.  Those dozens of smart lawyers assembled in Philadelphia arrived at the conclusion that a negro slave was 3/5ths of a person.  And they wrote it into the American Constitution--that Sacred Document which is the Charter  of the American Cult.  The Founding Slave Owners of Virginia classified negro slaves as disposable property.  For that reason, they could not be persons.  But, since they wanted more representation in Congress than the free white population of the South could justify, they had to count negro slaves as population, more or less, even though they could not be acknowledged as persons.  Today, an unwanted pregnancy is disposable property for the same sort of compelling financial reasons. 

Actually slaves often had better protection when they were classified as valuable property than when they became an under class of disenfranchised citizens in America.  If the law was changed to make babies property which could be freely sold, they would be worth $ 50,000 to their owners and less likely to be put in the trash by abortion. 

These clever pro life strategists, looking for another legal gimmick upon which to raise false hopes and funds, might try to argue, in the spirit of the original Constitution, that an embryo child is 1/3rd of a person at 3 months gestation and 2/3ds of a person at 6 months gestation and should be given legal rights accordingly.  After all, you have some rights even if you are still a kid.  Why shouldn't a kid on the way have some rights ? 

Why do we need this concept of personhood ?  Why were Blackmun and the other Supreme Court Justices--all those smart lawyers--unable to recognize that:  1. a pregnant woman has a baby in her tummy  2. it is wrong to kill babies  3. abortion does kill babies.   To be sure, this information would have to be translated into legalese before judges could understand it.  But why don't the voters understand it ?  Why don't the American people already understand it ?  Because they don't want to understand it.  They don't believe it because they can't afford to believe it.

In 1962 Planned Parenthood literature stated that an  abortion  kills  the  life  of  a  baby  after  it  has  begun.  Somehow, they already knew what the Supreme Court couldn't figure out 10 years later. 

After they got into the abortion business, PP began teaching its customers to believe that it is just fetal tissue or 2 tablespoons of fluid.  Never mind personhood, none of them know that abortion has anything to do with babies.  Because they don't want to know it. 

Kids killed by American war planes are not persons.  They are collateral damage.  It would not be hard to prove that the thousands of civilians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan by American ordinance are, in theory at least, persons.  But, if they get in the way of necessary military operations, that isn't going to do them any good.  The response of war supporters is what can you do ?  war is hell !  It is essentially similar to the response of Planned Parenthood to the argument that abortion kills a baby:  These abortions are necessary.  Does human life begin at fertilization in all those places where American war planes are flying ?  No, of course not.  Not if they are necessary targets. 

The 1941 Baltimore Catechism, # 655 says:  An unborn child has the same right to life as any other human being.  That seems like it should settle the matter for Catholics at least.  So why are they showing up at the abortuaries just like the Protestants ?  Why do they vote for pro choice Catholics like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi ?  [ later note:  54 per cent of Catholics--so-called--voted for Barack Obama ]  And, if they don't believe the Catechism,  why should they put any faith in an amendment to the Colorado Constitution ?  What authority does it have ?  How much respect did they ever give to the Prohibition Amendment ?  They drank a toast to it at the nearest speakeasy.  We don't need Amendments.  We need Commandments and obedience to Commandments.  It is not up to the voters to decide whether Thou Shalt Not Kill is still the Law. 

When does death begin ?   Does anyone know ? 

Recently, Senator Barrack Obama, the Democratic nominee for President,  said that he could not answer the question as to when human life begins, that it was above my pay grade.  When his wife was expecting, he had no idea what was going on.  His Harvard Law School degree left him  clue-less in chicago.  Why don't Law Schools add a Facts of Life 1 course which would teach their students what concepts like pregnant and baby mean ?  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a modern Catholic, said she doesn't know either, because Catholic theologians have differed on that question.  You can find an opinion in Augustine that life begins at quickening.  And nothing new has been learned in 1600 years.  Or, if it has been, they forgot to tell Nancy. 

But it is a serious mistake to let that question distract us  from  the question: when does human life  end ?  You don't have to be a theologian or a biologist to recognize that life is ended by abortion, just as surely as it is ended by war.  cf.  life begins at conception and ends at Planned Parenthood.  Whatever specious arguments can be constructed against the first part of that statement, the second part is undeniably true, as Planned Parenthood itself admitted back in 1962 when it could still afford to tell the truth about it. 

Surgical abortions are not performed until 8 weeks gestation.  Even the newer chemical abortions are not performed until after 6 weeks gestation.  By which time the developing embryo looks very much like a tiny human.  Since she is growing inside a human mother, what else can she be except  A. human  B. alive ?  Does that not equal Human Life ?  Perhaps it is too subtle for lawyers who went to Harvard Law School.  Or maybe they read that check out stand tabloid which claimed that a human mother was pregnant by a chimpanzee.  If so, the animal rights activists can join the human rights activists in preventing a life-ending  abortion.  The carnival would pay a bundle for that baby. 

Today, thanks to ultrasound and fiber opticphotography, we have no excuse for not knowing that a baby in the womb looks suspiciously like a baby.  Whether she is a citizen or whether you can prove that she has a soul, she is unmistakably a live human.  That is why the necessary first step in any abortion is to kill her, either with surgical instruments or with the RU 486 baby poison.  Look at the Lennart Nillson fiber opticphotographs of  the  first  nine  months  elsewhere on this website.  Even if you don't know and / or refuse to know when this life began, there is no excuse whatever for not knowing that this life has already begun, just as the 1962 Planned Parenthood literature states.  Whatever theologian they consulted, they got it right. 

Even though these ways of looking at babies in the womb are new, there was never any excuse for not knowing that a pregnant woman does in fact have a baby in her tummy.  Sixty years ago there was an exhibit at the Natural History Museum of miscarried fetuses at every stage of growth and development preserved in jars by the medical school.  A fellow I picket with became pro life when he was forced to handle his wife's miscarriage and found himself holding in his hand the tiny, still-born body of his infant son.  We don't need theologians or biologists or Doctors of Law to tell us what the dumbest teenager out there already knows:  bulge in the belly means baby on the way ! Abortion means the cold blooded murder of that baby !  We do not need any more learned articles by Ph. D.s proving what everybody already knows.  What we need is to confront the moral and spiritual question as to why we kill babies and how we can stop it.  The challenge we face is NOT an intellectual challenge and it is NOT a legal challenge and these learned phonies are  no  use  whatever  to us if they do not have the Courage which comes from the Spirit to Bear Witness to the simple Truth out there where people don't want to hear it. 

Why don't people believe it when they are told that:  abortion kills a baby.   ? ? ?  Because what pretends to be a pro life movement shows by its behavior that it does not really believe it either.  It says that abortion is murder !  and then acts like abortion is a political issue which can be used to raise money, promote organizations and further political ambitions.  We don't need to say it any better or recruit Ph.D.s to say it for us.  We do need to act as if we believed what we say we believe. 

The  Law  of Hypocrisy

When abortion was outlawed in the United States, abortion was common in the United States.  There were an estimated 100,000 illegal abortions a year in California when Governor Ronald Reagan reluctantly signed the California Abortion bill into law in June of 1967.  Abortion is outlawed in South America.  Abortion is common in South America.  The Philippines have a Human Life Amendment written into the Constitution.  The Philippines have a higher rate of abortion than the United States.  Conclusion:  since abortion has been legal and common in the United States for 40 years, even if there were an Anti Abortion Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, it would be ignored, just as Prohibition was ignored.  Conclusion 2:  the attempt  to pass such an Amendment only wastes the time, money and energy of the Pro Life Movement and perpetuates the false faith of those who persist in believing that there Must be a Legal Answer to Abortion.  We are never going to stop abortion until we get rid of this false faith.   That false faith is a major cause of abortion.  It assures people:  we don't' have to change the way we live, we only have to change the law.  And power games are fun !   Repentance isn't fun. 

The obsession of Secular Christians with what The Law says is joined to an indifference as to the actual evils of society.  They don't really care whether prostitution goes on and they don't care about the economic forces that push women into prostitution so long as it is still against the law and kept out of sight.  Their real desire is to restore that  whited  sepulchre  veneer of righteousness which allows ladies and gentlemen to come to Church in their Sunday clothes without having to step over the scandal and disgrace of legal abortion and prostitution right out in the open where it can't be ignored. 

Most of what pretends to be a pro life movement is stuck in this old pattern of legal and political contests to restore the old hypocrisy.  So they have no motive to dig deeper into the roots of abortion and to try to understand better why a society which pretends to be Christian is so very, very far from home.  

incrementalism  or pure politics ? 

About 20 years ago I attended a meeting of Citizens for Responsible Government and heard a run down on opinion polls which showed that 84 per cent of the voters favor parental notification for underage abortion customers--with judicial bypass of course;   76 per cent favor parental permission;  65 per cent--or some such figure--favor informed consent, and there were other figures for other limitations on abortion.  And that dictated the strategy of the pro life groups who were trying to do something about abortion via conventional politics.  After 20 years they finally managed to get the Supreme Court to allow the Ban on Partial Birth Abortion.  [ See my comment on that Supreme Court Decision. ]  The pure politics group argues that these initiatives are fundamentally wicked and they are right.  When you wind up saying in effect:  first do this:  then you may kill the baby you have abandoned your moral position against abortion.  And that is what engaging in conventional politics does to you. 

Obviously these incremental measures are a fundamental betrayal of the unborn, even if the claims made for them were not specious--which they are.  The people who push them should have sense enough to see that they are useless, even if there was any moral validity to their  the end justifies the means principle.  They are useful for keeping these pseudo pro life organizations in funds, that is their only real use.  They keep them from having to admit to themselves and others that they have No Answer to Abortion.  They keep people from having to recognize that we have lost the abortion battle.  Or rather, forfeited the contest by refusing to engage in battle, by voting instead.  Voting and shrugging and pretending to have done something. 

But the trouble with pure politics is that there is no such thing.  It requires a pure electorate which does not exist.  A 100 per cent pro life candidate like Alan Keyes has no chance of winning.  His doomed bid for the U.S. Senate only succeeded in launching the national career of his opponent, Mr. Obama.  Yes, he raised the pro life issue.   And tied it to his own ambition.  And took it down to defeat.  The defeated knight takes the right down with him.  Mr. Keyes has missed his calling.  He is a wonderful preacher.  As a politician he is no use to anyone.  All he does is raise false hopes.  We already have too many of those. 

Pure faith and morals are desperately wanted in the church.  A church where the members are not allowed to vote on faith and morals.  When you allow that and when you allow anyone from the neighborhood to come in and vote, it is entirely predictable that your original faith and morals will soon be gone.  And these  pure politics organizations are playing the same game as the incrementalist organizations:  raise false hopes, fool the simpletons, collect funds, pretend to be doing something.  They have an answer to abortion which depends upon winning a popular majority for an unpopular position.  That is, they have No Answer either.  

The 100 per cent anti abortion initiative which was defeated by the voters of South Dakota in November 2006 presents a basically similar case.  What both of these cases prove is that  pure politics is an illusion.  It is a false faith which is rooted in the false faith of the American Cult--America is a Christian Country . . .  [ No, it is not ! ]   A Moral Majority can be found among the American People   [ No, it cannot ! ]  

[ November 5th 2008  the new South Dakota initiative for an anti abortion law has been defeated again, and almost by the same margin as before, even though it was modified with exceptions for rape, incest, mother's life and mother's health. ] 

There is a similar denial of reality in the assumption that American Negroes have a high rate of abortion because Planned Parenthood has somehow misled them.  Something Margaret Sanger wrote 70 years ago is the reason for black abortions today.  The reason for black abortions is the same as the reason for white abortions.  When the pastor drives up in his expensive car wearing an expensive suit, he is modeling the lifestyle which his congregation must copy.  And Planned Parenthood will help them do it:  more money, fewer kids.   The reason is just this:  the love of money is the root of all evil.  That love of money is epidemic in America and most of those who pretend to be pro life are infected by it.  They tell themselves:  I like having money but I must have political power as well !  How else can I end abortion ? 

Confrontation  versus  Education

The other major force which drives both incremental politics and pure politics is that morally sick obsession with the spotlight of national attention which pushes so many people into so many follies.  Fools' names and fools' faces always appear in public places.  There is an un Christian vanity which drives people to try and validate their sense of self importance by running for political office or launching legal initiatives.  Like moths around the street light, they cannot resist hotly pursuing the media spotlight.  The love of fame drives them to seek 3 seconds worth of getting your mug on television regardless of the cost.  So they continue to play politics and beg for media attention and neglect all the things that can and should be done to stop abortion.  The work we must do to reconstruct a Christian society requires the steady light of the spirit, not the fickle spotlight of the media. 

What pretends to be pro life activity centers around political confrontation while education is entirely neglected or else subordinated to that pursuit of power which is the real reason for the political confrontation.  Instead of confronting abortion bound men and women to try and stop the abortion, they confront those who have political clout so as to score off them.  The demon of desire for power lurks behind these self-righteous poses which are struck for the media.  We would be light years ahead of where we are now if people who pretend to be pro life would carry out the elementary task of handing out pro life literature person to person--literature which is not tied to anybody's power trip. 

The defeat of the pro life movement is due to the cowardice and conformity of the vast majority of nominally pro life Christians and it is due to the un Christian ambition of those who at least are not afraid to get out there and do something.  But what they are willing to do is driven off course because it serves their ambitions, not the lives of the preborn children.  Like all politicians, they pretend to care about the lives of others to conceal what they really do care about--their own careers.  Organizational chauvinism and careerism are the sure signs of what they are really up to behind a veneer of altruism.  The pursuit of power is driven by a dangerous demon who is a master of disguise.  Behind the facade of a noble crusade lurks that love of power which, like its first cousin the love of money, is the root of all evil.

No doubt Dr. James Dobson has compromised the pledge he once made by his support for John McCain.  So now the pure politics sect is going after Dobson.  Instead of educating abortion bound women by handing them pro life literature, they want to confront someone who supports someone who has voted the wrong way on abortion bills.  Like the other political pro lifers, they are now at about three removes from actually confronting the evil of abortion.  To be sure, there is little glamour and less glory in handing out pro life literature.  All it accomplishes is that you sometimes save the life of a baby by doing it.  There is no political mileage in it.  It doesn't provide much of an excuse for soliciting donations.   The media ignores it.  But God does not ignore it. 

Neither does he ignore the hypocrisy of those who pretend to care about the lives of unborn children while they show by their actions that they really don't care about it, that it is far down the list of what they do care about.  They may fool the foolish--they usually do--and they may fool themselves.  There is obviously a large measure of self deception involved.  But they don't fool God and it will catch up to them that they have in effect taken his name in vain by pretending to be serving a good cause--rescuing babies from abortion--while they were really serving a bad cause--furthering their own vain and foolish ambitions. 

There was a time when Randall Terry and Father Norman Weslin led rescues at abortuaries.  Now they get arrested for nothing at the Democratic National Convention because all the media is there.  They gave up rescuing a long time ago.  Randall Terry sold his birth right for a mess of pottage--for a vain and foolish attempt at a political career.  There was a time when Bob Enyart confronted abortion at the abortuary.  Now he confronts Focus on the Family.  So these fellows get themselves arrested for nothing.  Rather, they get themselves arrested for the sake of making the media.  There is a demon which drives this kind of behavior.  I saw it destroy the Civil Rights movement.  It is well on its way to destroying the pro life movement.  Those who encourage it and go along with it are the enemies of the unborn children.  They are complicit with abortion. 

The worst enemy of the unborn children is not Planned Parenthood and the worst enemy of the unborn children is not the Democratic Party.  The worst enemies of the unborn children are the phony Christians and the phony pro-lifers--nearly all of them--who pretend to care and who pretend to be doing something when they have in fact turned away from any serious effort to stop abortion.  They should have sense enough to realize that the judgment which is coming upon them, in this life and in the next, will be as heavy as any one in the abortion industry will have to face.  They are the worst enemies of the unborn children and they are the worst enemies of anyone who is serious about stopping abortion.  They are false brethren who betray us.  We will begin to have a serious pro life movement when we part company with them.  

The Voters of Colorado 

American settlers occupied the land that once belonged to the natives, while reducing their population to a 10th of what it was originally.  A militiaman who participated in the Bad Axe slaughter of the Sauk Indians in 1832 justified shooting an Indian baby by saying:   Kill the nits, and you'll have no lice.  Colonel Chivington was cheered on the streets of Denver when he arrived back home after the Sand Creek Massacre.  His soldiers brought back scalps--male and female.  Like the unwanted embryo children of today, the natives were in the way of American progress and prosperity so they had to go.  The descendants of those settlers and soldiers are the voters the sponsors of this initiative  are counting on to pass the Human Life Amendment.  That is how silly the whole thing is. 

Can we believe in the State of Colorado ?  Should we believe in the righteousness of the State of Colorado ?   In the godliness  of the People of Colorado, in the moral character of The Voters of Colorado ?  If so, it makes sense to let them vote on The Personhood Amendment.  Otherwise, it doesn't.  Would you buy a used car from a man you know to be less than honest ?  Someone you know has sold lemons to other people in times past ?  No ?  Have you No Faith in God ? !  Yes, you reply, but I don't have much faith in this fellow.  Having faith in the Voters of Colorado, who were the first to allow legal abortion back in 1967, makes as much sense as putting your faith in used car dealers. 

I have faith in a God who lets me learn from my mistakes.  Who expects me to use the common sense he gave me to avoid poisonous snakes and crooked used car salesmen.  And putting any faith in the Voters of the State of Colorado.  Who go along with the daily poisoning of babies with RU-486.  So I do not believe he wants me to Trust those who have proven that they are not to be trusted.  Does that not describe the Voters of the State of Colorado ? 

Did they not go along back in 1967, when the Republican Legislature and the Republican Governor passed the nation's first liberal abortion law ?  They could have Marched on the Capitol.  They Didn't.  They could have Voted those Pro Abortion Rascals Out of Office at the Next Election.  They Didn't.  They didn't because those pro abortion rascals did what most of the Voters wanted them to do. 

Have they since repented ?  They did not.  They have done similar things many times since.  When the vote was up to them, they voted the same way.  But maybe no one ever explained to them that Abortion is Wrong Because It Kills a Baby.  Yes, we did.  And they already knew it.  Except that they did not want to know it.  But maybe they have never been exposed to a Sophisticated and Wonderful New Concept like  the  personhood  of  the  fertilized  ovum.  Is that it ?   They have gone on all these years, all these 40 years, dumping their unwanted babies in the dumpster, because no one ever offered them this sophisticated concept ? 

Instead people just bothered them with unsophisticated things they did not want to hear like:  Abortion kills babies.  If you are pregnant, it means you are carrying a baby.  So, now, they will all rally round this Sophisticated Concept.  Or Will They ?   If you have arrived at the place where Your Faith in God is tied to a Faith in the Voters of the State of Colorado, you may as well join one of these snake-handling cults.  Or bring a few snakes to the service you already attend.  Or begin a serious re-examination of just what god you believe in. 

It is obvious to anyone with any political common sense that the voters of the state of Colorado are even more pro abortion today than they were 40 years ago.  This initiative was born of a false faith, a Secular Christian faith, joined to a complete absence of political common sense.  The one produces the other. 

There is no shame in standing up for what is right and being defeated--if you don't take the right down with you.  That is what you do when you fight the battle in the wrong way and on the wrong battle ground.  When you fight in the flesh.  When The Cause gets mixed up with Your Cause.  When you wage a battle that has to be fought mainly with money.  Which is what politics is all about. 

Letting morals be decided by voting is like letting faith be decided by flipping a coin.  Is Jesus God ?  Heads he is, tails he isn't.  Tails.  So Jesus is not God.  But, wait a minute--best two out of three ?  When two knights joust to Decide the Right, what is really decided ?  Which one is the best fighter maybe.  Or which one is the best cheater.  Or who can afford the best horse.  God has nothing to do with it.  But that is the false faith of the secular Christian.  And that is how we got into this deep moral and spiritual pit. 

There is a lot of rhetoric out there about fighting the battle.  There are different ways of fighting, and, as Jesus and Paul show us, we must put down carnal weapons and fight with the weapons of the spirit.  But voting is no kind of fighting at all.  It is an excuse for not fighting.  It is the way by which pseudo Christians chicken  out on the battle.  What sort of a fight is it when you hide behind a curtain and avoid any risk ?  There really is no such thing as a cowardly Christian.  If you are a coward, you cannot call yourself a Christian.  Although that has in fact become the most common form of what pretends to be Christianity.  There is no way you can be a Christian if you do not have the Spirit of Courage.  Those pastors who deceive themselves and their congregations into believing that Jesus likes cowards are headed for a judgment day that should inspire real fear. 

the love of money

The cause of abortion in American society is not some legal fluke in the 1973 Roe versus Wade decision which can be bypassed through some legal loop hole in that decision.  There has long been a basic moral and spiritual malaise in American society and it is deeply rooted in what pretends to be the Christian Church.  The love of money is the root of all evil.  It isn't going to go away by people voting for personhood--while allowing others to vote against it.  Whether or not they are persons and whether or not they are babies, they are not going to be safe from abortion in a society which loves money and which drives right over anyone who gets in the way.  That is what we have to begin to deal with. 

In a society in which everyone pursues wealth, Careers for Women is a major road to wealth and it requires the contraception and abortion services provided by Planned Parenthood.  In a society which devoutly believes in wealth without work via investing, an abortion is the best investment there is.  That $ 500 abortion will protect the $ 500,000 invested in a woman's education and enable her to earn twice that over 20 years.  How is a woman going to get through Law School and get launched on a legal career without contraception backed by abortion ?  Do we really expect her to remain a virgin until she is 35 years old ? 

The fundamental cause of abortion is not Roe versus Wade.  The cause is the false faith of the Secular Christians, the false faith of the American Cult.  Which leads them to believe that abortion can be ended by conventional politics within the structure of American Law and American pseudo Christian society.  Because they are fake Christians themselves, they cannot see that the fundamental cause of abortion in American Society is the lifestyle of the Secular Christians and their refusal to make a serious attempt to live the Christian life. 

a dime in the collection plate

Putting a dime in the collection plate is all right for children, but it is not all right for adults to play at meeting serious moral obligations.  It is  more truthful to put nothing in, because it forces you to recognize that you are doing nothing, that you are neglecting your Christian duty.  Voting for Christian morality is the equivalent of putting a dime in the collection plate--once every two years. 

Real Christians Vote:  a) with both hands and both feet, instead of using one finger;    b) every day, not once every 2 years   c)  right out in the open, instead of ducking behind a curtain.  Real Christians need not be disheartened by the defeat of this foolish and immoral initiative.  It will push at least some of those secular Christians to abandon their false faith.  Which is a first step in the right direction.  Which is the beginning of wisdom.  

Worldly Christians depend upon the State to establish Christian morality.  In a democratic state, they must leave it up to the voters, and hope they will take care of it.  They must pray that the phantom moral majority will somehow appear.  They have to believe in this phantom because they no longer know where to find the Spirit. 

The Truth is as precious as the life of a baby.  Leaving the truth at the mercy of the voters, and hoping that they will respect it, is like leaving the baby in the street and hoping she won't get hit.  It is casting your pearls before swine and hoping they don't get trampled. 

Real Christians depend upon the Spirit of Courage which enables them to Bear Witness to the Truth.  They depend upon Christian Action, that is, they imitate the Acts of the Apostles.  That is the way that Jesus showed us.  That is the only path to a Christian society.  It is the only realistic alternative to an aborted America. 

Terry  Sullivan  September 2008  



failure  of  the  personhood  amendment     November 5th 2008 

Amendment 48, the Colorado Human Life Amendment, has been voted down by about 75 per cent of the voters.  A million and a half voted against it while half a million voted for it.  When you lose by a 3 to 1 margin, the cause is obviously hopeless, all false faith and foolishness to the contrary.  That is, it is hopeless if you leave the Fate of the Unborn in the hands of voters. 

But consider:   500,000 people in Colorado just voted in favor of an absolute ban on abortion.  If they had actually  done  something  which took courage, instead of just slipping in and out of the voting booth on behalf of asneaky attempt to outlaw all abortion in the State of Colorado, we would be in a very different place from where we are now.  The Rescue Movement at its climax counted 50,000 who were willing to rescue--sit down in front of abortion clinics and get arrested. 

I calculate that 5000 people willing to pass out The First Nine Months could put one into the hands of every adult and teenager in the State in the same amount of time and for the same amount of money that was thrown away on this futile attempt to pass a law. 

If 500 would do it--1 of 1000 of those who voted for this ban--it would take longer, but it could still be done before the next election rolls around.  Worldly Christians applaud those who distribute literature for hopeless initiatives and hopelessly compromised candidates.  They balk at the politics of Jesus:   bearing  witness  to  the  truth on behalf of the unborn.  But some day they may do it. 

Meanwhile, Thank God for the 50 who do pass out pro life literature.   

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On November 4th 2014, Personhood initiatives were voted down by 2 to 1 margins in Colorado and North Dakota.