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Jesus the Anti King


----- is the title of a book I have been writing in pieces for some years----------





Who  Would  Jesus Bomb ?

     A two-sided flyer and a companion bumper sticker re: Luke 9.52-56


Christian Nonviolence

     A two-sided flyer excerpted from Spiritual Warfare.   


Christian Pacifism

     A two-sided flyer summarizing the basis of Christian pacifism. 



Render, not  SUR-render Unto Caesar

      A six page commentary upon the episode in which Jesus was questioned about what we owe to the empire.  


Two Swords is Enuff . . . Enuff for What ? 

     A one page comment



He Beat Them with a  Whip ! 

     A one page comment



Jesus and  the Law


    A three page summary of what Jesus taught about The Law contra the neo pagan doctrines adopted by the Worldly Church


. . .  In John 8.7 Jesus lays down a rule which negates the death penalty:  He that is without sin among you,  let him first cast a stone at her. [ Jesus and the Law III]



Cast Your Whole Vote ! 


    A mini brief for Christian politics based upon the example and the admonition of Henry David Thoreau.  



Hitler  Deploys  the  Patriot Pastors 


    A 60 page account of the support for German militarism from the supposedly Christian clergy of Germany.   



Heresy of the Christian State


     22 pages   a follow up to the 60 page article;  Papal and Protestant statements which perpetuate the idolatry of the state;  follies of Leo XIII;  The Lord versus the kings;  the Kingdom of God in the Old Testament;  Gideon refuses to become the  king; Jesus refuses to become the king; 



Constantine's Miracle


     Chapter XI of The Church of the Empire   the bogus  Cross in the Sky story and the launching of Military Christianity. 



Augustine and the Manufacture of Scripture


    Chapter XI of The Church of the Empire the evidence from Optatus that Augustine manufactured Romans 13.1-7.




The New Covenant versus the Old Covenant


     14  pages     The basic moral and spiritual differences beteen the Old Covenant and the New Covenant which were obscured by Secular Christianity.  This is also one of the major subjects of The Church of the Empire. 



The Spiritual Warfare of Jesus Christ


    23 pages     The kingdom of God on earth is established by the spiritual warfare that the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ empowers us to wage. 




Where is the Church ?

    27 pages     Saint Nicholas at the pawn shop and the  golden dagger.  My earlier attempt to describe the spiritual and moral bankruptcy of the Worldly Church.   







 Does Jesus Agree with the Death Penalty ?

Under The Law of  the Old Testament, the death penalty was mandated for 16 different offenses.   The teaching of Jesus is contrary to the  death  penaly and the blood atonement mandated by The Law was replaced by the blood of Jesus.





Hypothetical  Morality  bulletin #  8 from 1993  last few pages has an account of pacifism, Christian pacifism and  turn the other cheek. 






and which I continue to write----







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