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 Denver,  February 21st 2011 

[ revised July 5th 2011 ]

Me for President of Egypt 

I have decided to announce my candidacy for President of Egypt at this time.  As I understand it, the main qualification the people are looking for is that they want someone who is  not  mubarak.  I believe I am Not Mubarak more than my rivals for the position. 

Mubarak is worth billions.  I am worth dozens.  He is a military man.  I am a pacifist.  I am not corrupt.  I admit I have not had his chances.  I would like to see if I could resist the temptation. 

And I have considerable historical knowledge--I read books--and some first hand experience in respect to revolutions by the people on behalf of freedom.  I believe I am better qualified to steer this revolution in the right direction than the Large Egyptian Army which has now taken charge of it.

And I will build a new pyramid and put everyone to work ! 

We had a Revolution by The People on behalf of Freedom here in America once.  After which the leaders of the Revolution--George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Patrick Henry, et al, continued to own slaves.  Slavery persisted for another 80 years.  And then, after a Civil War which killed half a million, a kind of semi slavery persisted for another 100 years.  

When they proclaim a revolution, take out your telescope and look down that road as far as you can see.  When they issue a Declaration of freedom, use your magnifying glass to read the fine print. 

Freedom for whom ?  To Do what ?  A news item says that Tunisia has now recaptured 2300 of the 9000 prisoners who escaped during the recent turmoil after the President fled the country in January.  So 6700 of them are still free.  They are still at large anyway.  What are they doing with their freedom ?  Were they political prisoners or common criminals ?  How many of them were in there for singing too loud in church ?  Or praying too loud in the Mosque. 

Sexual Freedom was a major goal of the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.  We had a sexual revolution here at the end of the 1960s.  It means that women must be free to have abortions, men must be free to duck responsibility for any pregnancies they cause.  Homosexuals must be free to go the bath house and spread AIDS.  That is another definition of freedom

The actual goal of the original  Women's  Liberation  Movement  was to abolish the family.  That ideal can be traced from Plato's Republic, through 18th century Freemasonry, 19th century Communism, 20th century radical feminism and it is still the agenda of international organizations which camouflage it under the head of Freedom for Women and Careers for Women.  It means freedom for women to go to work in the factories and forget about having children. 

The French Revolution, The Revolution in Mexico, The Russian Revolution . . . did not live up to their billing.  We are farther than ever from Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.  These revolutions took us in the opposite direction.  One produced Napoleon, another produced Stalin.   One produced modern Mexico, which is in desperate need of a revolution--in desperate need of something.   

A more precise definition of revolution is needed.  And a better explanation as to what is meant by freedom.  Without economic freedom--the chance to make a living--freedom is a doubtful concept.  As the song says:  freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

Can we rely upon the new government to open up the spigot and direct a stream of wealth to all the people ?  If not, what is Plan B ? 

Large Army = Lots of Freedom ? 

Another basic question is:   how much freedom can you have in a society which is dominated by a Large Army ?  Does Egypt need a large army ?  Why ?  I would raise that question as part of my platform. 

Here in America, the large military establishment supposedly keeps us free.  That claim needs some scrutiny, here and there also.  The More Military Force, The More Freedom is a doubtful proposition. 

Isn't force the opposite of free ?  A society which relies upon force can never be truly freeThe less coercion, the more freedom is a valid proposition.  The fewer prisons and police, the smaller the army, the more room there is for freedom to grow.  Here in free America, we have more than a million men and women in prison. 

Smaller and smaller armies and smaller and smaller governments is my program.  Thomas Jefferson said:  That Government is Best Which Governs Least.  Henry David Thoreau added:  That Government is Best Which Governs Not At All.  Ammon Hennacy defined an anarchist as someone who does not need a cop to make him behave.  He also said:  What good are laws ?  Good men don't need them and bad men won't obey them

The original Christian society was a ghost-ocracy--it was ruled by the Holy Ghost.   That is, by individuals who had the Spirit.  That is what qualifies you for self-government.  Those who are fit for Self-Government can dispense with the other kind.  Everyone else needs the cop to protect him and / or to make him behave.  Then we need a layer of bureaucrats to make the cops behave.  And a layer of lawyers to make the bureaucrats behave.  You wind up with the lawyers and the army in charge.  Then you have to trust them to make themselves behave.  They never do. 

A Question of Money

And then there is the question of money.  Even if a Large Army only gets the money to which it is legally entitled, it absorbs a lot of revenue. 

Mubarak somehow acquired a personal fortune of billions.  Maybe the demand should have been refined a little:  He should leave but he should leave his billions behind. 

And how many other billionaires are there in the large army establishment which has kept him in power all these years ?  While half of the Egyptians are mired in poverty.  Is there not a basic connection between those two things ? 

A Large Army produces a Large Government which fosters Large Corruption.  To shrink corruption, you have to shrink the size of the government.  To shrink the government, you have to shrink the size of the army.  

The Man in the Presidential Palace

A few years ago, we had a lot of trouble here.  Which was the fault of the man in the Presidential Palace.  So we swapped him for another man.  And now we are living happily ever after.  More or less.  Actually, not much has changed.  That is the problem with becoming obsessed with the man at the top. 

Most people get hung up on The Man in the Presidential Palace as the cause of all our woes.  So the cure is to put someone else in there.  This is the revolution

Brought about by voting.  All we need to do is duck behind the curtain, push a few levers and dip one finger in the ink.  A one fingered one time effort to launch a social revolution.  By replacing the fellow in the Palace with some other fellow.  Oh yes and don't forget to re-write the Constitution.  That will do it.  Use the same red ink as an economy measure. 

People who are serious about changing society have to  vote  every  day  with both hands and both feet.  They have to work at it.  Out in the open.  Not just hide behind a curtain and deploy one finger once every two years.  Not just attend some big party in the public square to which everyone is invited.  Which mainly leads to Big Illusions. 

There is an old saying:  Fool me once, Shame on You !  Fool me twice, Shame on Me !  Which applies to those places where the Man in the Presidential Palace has been Fooling All of the People for 30 or 40 years.  The question we have to ask is not what is wrong with him ?  but rather what is wrong with us ?   

The obsession with the government leads us to make it much more important than it is.   The government does not have to be overthrown.  It can be undermined by ignoring it.  The rapid change of government creates the illusion of progress.  New hands get hold of the public purse.  ( Maybe we'll get some ! )

Faith in the People

The truth is that the people--alias the masses, the mob, the crowd--cannot be trusted.  The wisdom of the masses does not exist.  The power of the people is a big illusion.  Napoleon advised the Directorate how to deal with the Paris mob: shoot a few and the rest will run.  It worked.  They did run.  Then Napoleon made himself Emperor

Gandhi subverted his own revolution by tying it to the pursuit of political power and putting his faith in the masses.  Gandhi was raised in a Hindu-Moslem group and he had a faith in both religions, however incompatible that might seem to others.  But he also had been converted to the radical Christianity he found in Leo Tolstoy's  The Kingdom of God is Within You

That is where he found his basic social revolution doctrine of sataygraha.  Which means:  the power which is born of truth and love.  That is his translation of the Holy Spirit--the Spirit of Truth and Love and Courage which is central to New Testament Christianity.  Which disappeared from Imperial Christianity, and which is rarely found in any modern church. 


The Power of the Spirit has nothing in common with the Power of the People.  The first is real, the second is not real.  The first is hard to see except to those who have eyes to see it.  The second is easy to see.  It is easy to see the mob which has just taken to its heels, leaving its litter behind,  after the soldiers remember that they are carrying rifles.  

Crowd courage evaporates in a minute.  The Spirit of Courage endures.  But it belongs to individuals, not to crowds. 

Put no faith in The People.  They will betray you.

Faith in the Youth

Which people should be trusted to carry out the revolution ?  How are they supposed to do it.  Is throwing rocks at the police by young men the way to get there ?  More thinking, less rock throwing is my program. 

Youth is a wonderful thing, but it is wasted on the young.  Whose enthusiasm brings them here today and somewhere else tomorrow. 

A serious movement has to rely upon old people.  They are much more reliable.  Don't trust anyone under 50. 

Don't trust anyone over 50 either until they prove they are trustworthy. 

Rock Throwing and Revolution

We had a social revolution here in the 1960s on behalf of freedom.  Which ended in the people throwing rocks at the police, setting fire to buildings and looting the stores.  Those cities have never recovered.  Whole areas are still blighted.   Detroit is still burned out and half abandoned. 

Is creation of a better society arrived at by destruction of the old via mindless vandalism ?  Who is going to pay for the broken glass ?  You are, in one way or another. 

Early on, there was a nonviolent discipline modeled on what Gandhi did in India.  And, for a while, there was some serious progress in the direction of  freedom.  But the young men found nonviolence boring.  Not virile enough--by their definition of manliness.  Throwing rocks and running is very manly.  And the success of the movement brought out an undisciplined mob.  The People.  All those who were too chicken to turn out when it was small and vulnerable.  The riots put an end to the revolution

Do you encourage rock throwing by way of carrying out the revolution ?  And assume that the police will restrict themselves to tear gas and rubber bullets ?  Sooner or later they remember that they have metal bullets and the authority to use them. 

So then the question becomes who has the most soldiers or the best weapons.  Who has the most money to buy weapons and hire soldiers.  The establishment always has the most money.  Those who have the best weapons are not the best people. 


The out front proclamation of  nonviolence, sincere or insincere, was a way of disarming the police.  At least it took away their excuse for being violent themselves.  Vandalism and rock throwing is counter revolutionary.   It is often done by police agents to give the police the excuse to use violence.  It is often done by extremists who want to provoke police violence.  In Chicago, in 1968, the revolutionaries would get behind nonviolent protestors, throw rocks and bottles at the police, and disappear in the crowd.  Predictably, the police would bloody the heads of the front row.  

Otherwise, rock throwing is revolution for sophomores on spring break.  Who soon return to their privileged position.  A real revolution would disband the police.  It would produce a society in which they are no longer needed.  Throwing rocks at them only makes a case for more police.  It validates police violence against the people  =  the riotous mob

A New Society

A New Society has to have an independent moral and spiritual foundation.  When it slides back into Dependence upon the military and the government, it is the same old unjust society, all pretences aside.  A New Society cannot fit neatly within the borders of the nation.  That is the wrong framework.  It has to be much more local and much more international.  More spiritual and moral I mean.  It does not fit within any political framework. 

It cannot be established by the people--by a multitude with a superficial and transitory bond of brotherhood.  Which ends when the party ends.  When we speak of Brothers and Sisters we have to mean it.  And live up to it.  Or stop pretending.  The pretence of brotherhood and the abuse of language when community is invoked undermine the effort to arrive at either one.  These so-called brothers are brothers like Cain and Abel were brothers.  They take the name in vain. 

Instead of demanding hand outs from the government--a small share of the corruption--we should demand peace and justice from others.  Which really means that we build a better society around those who will make a commitment to peace and justice.  And that we put as much distance as we can between ourselves and all those who will not make such a commitment.  Which is most of our fellow citizens

Until we escape from that habit of violence which is so characteristic of The People every where, the promise of a New Society is only an illusion.  A society which requires a Large Army to keep the peace remains set on the old foundation, which strictly limits its growth.  It is not going any where. 

The primitive Christian society was a real community of people who took care of one another.  See How They Love One Another !  the Roman Official exclaimed.  They kept a distance between themselves and the government and they kept their distance from the rest of the population.  They had strict standards for membership.  Anyone could join  IF  you were willing to live up to the standards.  They shared everything with the brethren but they excluded drunks and extortioners from their community.  That word meant something.  As St. Paul states, no real community is possible with extortioners and drunks--those whose addiction pushes them to swipe your shoes to buy a bottle. 

The Imperial Christianity which appeared in the 4th century under the Emperor Constantine was a fundamental apostasy from the original Christian society.  A Christian Empire or a Christian Nation is a contradiction.  Military Christianity and Millionaire Christianity persecuted real Christian society and perpetuated the gross injustice of the Empire.  [  See:   The Church of the Empire ]

The religious establishment which has no scruples against uniting with political power and relying upon military power betrays the spiritual and moral values which true religion must have.  Which are the foundation of a good society.  We have to live by them, not try to impose them upon others using the police and the army.  The militarism which marked the apostate so-called Christian Church from the time of Constantine also characterized Mohammed and his followers.  In later centuries,  in places where it has been dis-established, Mohammedanism has only halfway worked free from that original State Religion which relied upon the army to make converts. 

It is a fundamental fallacy to believe that you can use military power or police power to impose morality and authentic spirituality on society.  Those who are converted at the point of a sword will remain apostates at heart.  As Imperial Christianity illustrated over and over. 

A Moral Economy  . . .

[  2-10-16  the Moral Economy section  moved to a separate page ]

5 other articles on moral economy:  

Christian Economy [ Adam Smith in the Dock ]

The Great Land Hunt  

Governor Bradford Discovers the Folly of Communism and the Wisdom of Piece Work 

Adam Smith and Family Wage 

The Unjust Economy 


Actually, I don't suppose I would be comfortable as the new president of Egypt.  If Elected, I Probably Won't Serve.  And I already have a job as president of my own independent republic.  It is as independent of the surrounding society as I can make it.  I do believe in the real possibility of a revolution on behalf of  freedom--rightly defined--by good persons willing to work at it and pay the price.  


Terry  Sullivan  Feb 21 2011


post script   August 25th 2013 

The elected President is pushed out of  office by mobocracy and arrested by the Army.  Which then massacres 1000 of his supporters.  Their sympathizers destroy 40 churches while the Army looks the other way.  The American government hints that it might not continue its annual $ 1.3 billion subsidy to the Army.  But Saudi Arabia rushes in to guarantee them whatever billions they need. 

So much for the revolution.  What a terrible tragedy for Egypt and for the Mideast generally where the ruler of Syria and the rebels are going at each other like two scorpions in a bottle.  The Arab Spring is turning into winter.  Or worse.  The usual Arab Hell where the followers of the Prophet murder one another.  Which is what the Christians have been doing since the time of Constantine.  Except for the few who remained faithful to the original gospel. 

It is hard to see what lessons can be learned from any of this.  Or that there will be anyone left to learn them.  All those who take up the sword perish with it, Jesus said.  But they never take his word for it, they have to learn it the hard way. 

One obvious lesson is the foolishness of imagining that a miscellaneous mob--the people--can be trusted to carry out a peaceful and nonviolentrevolution.  So they indulge the stone throwers and shrug off a few fellows carrying guns.  And thereby provide the justification for the violence of the authorities.  If no one on your side has a gun the authorities will supply an undercover agent with a gun to set up the justification for the attack.  But without a nonviolent discipline you can't prove it.  Without an upfront Declaration of Nonviolence, you can't even argue it. 

In Orangeburg, South Carolina, in Jackson, Mississippi, and at Kent State in Ohio, the student rebels took on the police and the national guard with a revolver or two somewhere in the crowd.  The predictable result was a bunch of dead students.  Those who do not remember the 60s are condemned to repeat them.  In Mexico, in October 1968, hundreds of protesting students were shot by the army.  The students provided the pretext for it by their lack of a nonviolent discipline, by playing at revolution like all the other young idiots around the globe. 

Another lesson is that putting your faith in The President guarantees disillusionment.  They should have elected me instead.  I would have kept my promise:  if elected, I will not serve.  And thereby pushed the people a little closer to the recognition that voting for a President and leaving it up to him to fix things is going to get you no where.  Which is where they are now. 

I see now that my only real chance to become President of Egypt was to persuade the Pentagon to recommend me to the Egyptian Army which it so generously subsidizes. 

It is not likely to happen and I don't see what I could do for them if it did.  Except recommend a serious study of nonviolent direct action.  I can do that from here.  There has to be an alternative to what they have now. 

New York Times Tuesday October 1st 2013 A4  Westerners' Smuggled Letters Offer Glimpse of Egyptian Prisons   Cairo  "The prisoners were stripped and beaten, and their heads were shaved.  They slept packed like sardines on concrete floors of cells infested with cockroaches. . . . lack of medical attention . . . 11 year old prisoner  . . . prisoners forced to run the gauntlet;  held indefinitely. 

Egypt claims to be one of the world's oldest civilizations.  And illustrates why that word has become an obscenity. 

It is the life of Jesus as well as his words which inspire us.  He was stripped of his clothes and beaten and put in prison.  And yet he overcame his enemy in the end.  His enemy was Satan more than it was the misguided men he had to face. 

post script   March 14th 2015 

Spring has sprung
Grass has riz
Where last year's
Careless driver is   Burma Shave

I suppose that is as good an epitaph as any for the Arab Spring which was driven into the ditch by various Careless Drivers who must have used Revolution for the Hell of It as their guide book.  . 

According to the Times, one guru of revolution, living in Turkey, is recommending attacks on Kentucky Fried Chicken in Cairo, the theory being that this will push American Capitalists to stop the subsidy of the Egyptian army.  That seems to be the best they have by way of a political theory as to  What Is to Be Done

The New Cairo

The Egyptian government has now adopted something like my proposal to build a new pyramid.  Except a lot more expensive.  And I was only kidding.  Unfortunately they are not.  They are proposing to build a new Cairo. 

On March 16 2015 they announced plans for a New Cairo.  A brand new city to be built to the east of the old Cairo.  Projected cost 45 billion.  Will take 7 years to build.  Will be home to 7 million.  Will cover 15 square miles.  

In 1890 Cairo had a population of 350,000.  It now has 18 million.  It now has  horrendous traffic.   Question:  if the New Cairo will accommodate 7 million, what about the other 11 million who now live in the old Cairo ? 

Why not instead invest the 45 billion in 45 mini Cairos scattered all over the country ?  Or 90 mini mini Cairos at $ 500 million per each ?  Why does everyone have to crowd into one place ?  Why not limit cities to a sensible size ? 

minimize commuting to work and reduce the traffic.  Adopt the principle of live above your store.  Live within walking distance of where you work.  You need the exercise. 

Why not figure out where all these people came from and enable them to move back there.  Take a survey of the populace:  Where did you come from ?  Where did your parents live ?  Your grandparents ?  Would you like to move back there if you had the chance ?  What would you need ?  What would you do there ?  What business would you start if you had the money ?  

Instead of letting a large and thoroughly corrupt bureaucracy tackle the challenge of building some architect's drawing board notion of what a mega city should look like, loan the money to responsible and energetic individuals who will buy farms, start businesses, build houses, have families.  

Loan the money to the people and let them build the cities and the towns and the villages.  Take 70 years and do it right.  Provide employment for several generations. 

The major obstacle is a corrupt government, dominated by a large army,  which depends upon foreign subsidies.  They are the last ones who should be put in charge of rebuilding Egypt.

Drained into the towns and cities, times 100, still describes the basic characteristic of modern society, where the economy relentlessly pushes people out of the boarded up small towns and deserted rural areas and into sprawling Mega Cities choked by traffic and blanketed by a brown cloud of air pollution, full of desperate people and every kind of  crime.  That fact alone is a major indictment of the modern economy, whoever or whatever is responsible for it.  [ from  Adam Smith and Family Wage ]

The Roman Emperor Constantine abandoned Rome, which had turned into a giant slum, and moved his capital to Constantinople.  Make a mess and move away is what our modern statesmen do. 


New York Times  3-17-15  Egypt: 14 Sentenced to Death   including Mohamed Badie, the leader of the country's banned Muslim Brotherhood  Grand Mufti will review the ruling  "The case is rooted in violence that swept the country after the military-led ouster of President Mohamed Morsi in 2013." 

5-16-15  former President Mohamed Morsi sentenced to death for the deaths of demonstrators;   he was a leader of the Moslem Brotherhood which has now been banned as a terrorist organization. 

New York Times  3-17-15  Egypt: Militants Claim Ambush  "Militants identifying themselves as the Sinai Province of the Islamic State  captured the engine of an American-made M60 tank from the Egyptian military in an ambush   "have killed hundreds of soldiers and policemen in a campaign against the military-backed government.  President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has declared an all-out war on the militants around their base in the North Sinai, but has nonetheless struggled to end their attacks."  posted 6 pictures on Twitter of the engine = spoils of an ambush on the apostate army   

now, if they can capture the rest of the tank, they'll be in business; 

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi former army man came to power in a coup in 2013;  ruthlessly crushed Islamists;  entrenched his rule through the ballot box; 

Winston Churchill wrote that Democracy is the worst possible form of government--except for all the other forms of government that have been tried.   There is something to be said for deciding who is in charge via 51 % of the ballots instead of by 51 % of the bullets.  But too often the election is a sham and a fraud.  Adolph Hitler was elected in Germany and then held no more elections.  The old Soviet Union regularly held elections in which everyone voted and you knew in advance who would be elected. 

Post Sunday 12-31-06  Hajj pilgrims hurl pebbles at stone walls   Huge crowds of Muslims hurled pebbles at stone walls representing the devil in a purging ritual of the hajj pilgrimage Saturday  . . . . file past the walls hitting each with 7 stones; 

This has to be one of the silliest rituals on the planet.  It teaches them that you can deal with evil by throwing stones at it--at some innocent wall which supposedly represents it.  I suppose it is good practice for throwing stones at cops.  And how else can we arrive at the New Jerusalem ? 

contra Jesus and the woman taken in adultery;   Let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone.  The old Law had great faith in throwing stones at evil doers; 

the ritual is Satanic   what happens when you throw stones at a wall ?  nothing;   at Satan ?  he laughs;    throw them at the police and you justify them using their guns; 

Egypt needs a Throw  Leaflets  not Stones  club.  Foundation of a real revolution.  Kids throwing rocks are juvenile delinquents, not revolutionary heroes. 

March 20th 2015 

When you look at the history of warfare, what reason is there to have any faith in it ?  The U.S. expeditions into Iraq and Afghanistan have only made it worse.  The same is true of European interference in Libya.   There aren't many who mourn Hussein or Khadafy but the promise of peace and freedom has not been kept.   World War I, the war to make the world safe for Democracy brought Hitler to power in Germany and Stalin to power in Russia.  World War II made Stalin the Master of Europe.  He appointed Mao Tse Tsung ruler of China.  Mao starved 70 million of his own people;   Faith in holy war is spiritual idiocy.  No war is holy.   No war is just.  The first kid you kill makes it unholy and unjust

Oppressive governments erode over time.  But violent rebellions give them a new lease on life.  Was is the health of the State, Bismark said.  The corollary is that the oppressive state will eventually sicken and die if you refuse to throw rocks at the cops.

mindless violence

New York Times  Saturday March 21st 2015  A1 and A3  Over 100 Killed As ISIS Affiliate Strikes in Yemen   Bombings at Mosques   "the bombings, apparently carried out by Sunni extremists against Shiite places of worship   killed more than 130 people   suicide bombers at Friday prayer;    Houthi rebels have ousted the President in the north but he has retreated to the South of Yemen;  

New York Times  Saturday March 21st 2015  A3 In Tunisia, Taking Stock of the Dead, and the Survivors   attack killed 23 people at the National Bardo Museum in Tunis on Wednesday the 18th.  Many wounded.  Islamic State responsible for the attack.  

Kenya  attack on a school focused on killing Christians


Democracy Now Channel 12   October 2015  Peter Greste Al Jazeera journalist jailed for 400 days in Egypt from December 2013 on  

Dec 9 2015  rebels leave Homs Syria where the protest began 5 years ago, around a central flag pole;  Homs is now a heap of rubble

February 2016 remaining population fleeing from Aleppo in Syria, bombed by Russian war planes supporting the Assad government.  Aleppo is in ruins,

Arab Spring 5 years later--

New York Times Saturday January 23 2016   Tunisian Government Sets Nationwide Curfew Amid Growing Unrest  Protests spread as unemployment stands at 30 % among young people   unemployed man dies in protest after failing to get a public sector job;   "His desperate act came almost exactly five years after the uprising that toppled President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in 2011 . . . triggered by the suicide of an impoverished fruit seller . . .   Protestors are demanding jobs and economic development, saying successive governments have failed to deliver them since the revolution. . . .   The daily protests turned violent as young people threw stones at the police, and security forces dispersed the crowds with tear gas and water cannons.   . . .  People are fed up; they cannot take it anymore . . . From the top to the bottom, the officials are corrupt. "

not enough corruption to go around, that is the problem; 

throw more stones at the police;  the answer to evil; 

The revolution has come and gone and they still have 30 % unemployment.  It is still up to The President to provide jobs for everybody.

 What alternative is there  ?  [ keep asking that question ]  

Interviewed on National Public Radio Jan 25 2016  Stanford professor who left Egypt recently because they would not let him teach there;  it has been 5 years since Mubarak was ousted.  There are now 40,000 people in prison--worse than when Mubarak was President.   What happened ?  Moslem Brotherhood won the election.  Eager to take power.  Left and liberal went along with the military suppressing the Brotherhood.  Back to square one.   

New York Times Saturday February 13th 2016  Italian's Death Puts a Spotlight on Perils Facing Egyptians Too   An Italian journalist in Egypt was taken into custody by the security police and beaten to death.  Commentator:   As we are speaking, there is someone being tortured or facing inhuman treatment in a police station." 


PBS February 12 2016   report on the revolution in Egypt 5 years later, women coming out into the open to tell about being gang raped in the Square. 

The euphoria of thousands of people gathered in the Square in defiance of the government produced a kind of utopianism:  we are safe with The People !   Part of that utopianism is the notion that Women's Liberation is at hand--women can move around as freely as men do.  They no longer need the special protection which society has traditionally given to women.  No criminals here, just The People !  

Traditionally, society recognized that women need special protection.  But that is not compatible with the mandate of equality for women and / or freedom for women.  Get out there and hitch hike !  Claim Your Freedom !  Join the Army ! 

Here in America, it is seriously proposed that women should register for the military draft at age 18 just like the men.  That is the logic of equality for women.  Is it the same thing as freedom for women ?   Somehow the revolution leads to conscripting women into the army.  Yea !  Freedom !  = 50 push ups. 

At the level of working class women--90 per cent of the population--Careers for Women  means women spending all day in the factory or the office while their men folk remain unemployed.  Above that level Careersfor Women, with all its apparent glamor, is like a mirage in the desert.  The number of American women arriving at their 40th birthday without any children has doubled in the past 40 years. 

As it turned out, most of those in the Women's  Liberation  Movement were lesbians and childless females whose personal spite energized the concealed mandate to abolish the family.  And Careersfor Women is the entering wedge for this hidden ideology. 

Plus government child care.  In the program he prepared for the Second Congress of the Communist League in 1850, Engels stated succinctly that all children will be raised in national institutions at public expense.  That is still the agenda of many closet neo Marxists who infest the government bureaucracies, especially those of the U.N.

Women need special protection because they are especially vulnerable.  Mothers are entitled to privileges, not just rights.  They especially need the right to not have to work in the factory.  If there is no good alternative to the factory job, the husband and father should work there.  Pending a real revolution.  

Liberation is one of those words that should be examined under a magnifying glass.  What has the liberation of Africa produced except societies which are even more corrupt and violent than the colonial societies they replaced ?  Destruction always seems to be the major  component of Liberation.  Guns are not the tools you need to re build society. 

Along with the Throw  Leaflets  Not Rocks  club, the Real Revolution needs an Honest Dollar club which is committed to earning a living by useful work, while avoiding rapacious occupations and the pursuit of wealth without work.  The corruption of the government is the primary obstacle to any economic revolution.  But that corruption has deep roots among The People as a whole.  It sounds utopian to imagine that we could ever escape from dependence upon a corrupt government.  But what we have now is hell. 

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