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High Priced Houses Lead to Childless Women 

The runaway inflation in the housing market driven by speculators and flippers and the billions pumped into the market by the Federal Reserve have brought us to a place where: 

1)  mortgages require two full time wage earners

2)  women cannot stay home with their kids--can't have kids-- because they have to keep on working to pay the mortgage  

3)  so they have few children or no children 

The number of women arriving at age 40 with no children has doubled in the last 40 years.  And it is getting worse. 

The American dream of owning your own home has become the nightmare of homes without children.  A house is not a home, especially when no children live there.  

People imagine they are getting richer when the market inflates the appraisal of the house they live in.  But it does you no good unless you sell out and move away forever, because you can't stay in your old neighborhood unless you pay the same inflated price for your next house.  In the short run, it means you pay more taxes for the privilege of living in your same old house.  In the long run, it means your children--if you have any--can't afford to buy a house in your neighborhood. 

Speculators infest the stock market and the gold market as well, but it doesn't have the same impact on families trying to buy a home. 

The runaway inflation in the housing market creates a bubble of speculation which is liable to burst sooner or later, as it did back in 2007, causing many families to lose their homes.  So now they are all trying to re inflate the market !  It's all they know !  They haven't learned a thing from the last collapse ! 

The national obsession with making money off money [ aka usury ] and the grand illusion of arriving at security by investing--speculating and flipping--has led to a society which has no future.  What future can there be without children ?  Our national unstated motto has become:  More Money, Fewer Kids.  


Terry Sullivan