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How to Save Babies From Abortion 


Prayer plus Dead Cat 


There is no good excuse for the ignorance and fat-headed complacency displayed by so-called Christians who imagine themselves to be the front line of the battle while they righteously keep to the rear--if they show up at all.  Since the time of Martin Luther King and the early Civil Rights Movement, the power of nonviolent direct action should be well known to any halfway educated person.  Since the time of Jesus Christ and his first followers the necessity of Bearing Witness to the truth should be well known to anyone who claims to be a Christian

Bearing Witness

It isn't up to GodBlessAmerica and the Government to stop abortion.  It is up to those who have received the Holy Spirit of Jesus and the Mission to continue the Mission of Jesus as described in John 20.21-22:  Receive the Holy Spirit . . . As my Father sent me, even so I send you.  We are supposed to be clones of Jesus and animated by His Holy Spirit.  Instead of shrugging off the Mission with idle prayers, biennial votes and little bitty checks to pro life lobbies.  

Jesus didn't just go around loving everybody,  He also had the Courage to Bear Witness to the Truth in public places and he said some things loud and clear that seriously offended those he addressed.  People try to be sweeter than Jesus and are blind to their lack of that Courage to confront evil which is the number one sign of the Holy Spirit.  Love and Truth and Courage all go together as signs of the Spirit.  If you don't have it, you are not a Christian.  Which describes most so-called Christians.  They limit Bearing Witness to delivering a banquet speech to a sympathetic audience.  Versus telling people what they don't want to hear as illustrated by Saint Stephen, Saint Paul and Jesus Himself.   Was Stephen unloving when he provoked his audience to stone him  ?  In fact, he illustrates what Bearing Witness sometimes requires of us.   If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all !   is not one of the precepts taught by Jesus.  Stephen's witness led to the conversion of the great Saint Paul.  Who was beaten and jailed for his witness.  2 Corinthians 11.23-25.  Talking nice was not the style of the early Christians.  

There is a serious spiritual sickness in the doctrine that all you have to do is pray.  If the old man says a prayer that God will support his family and then spends the rest of the day watching the ball game and drinking beer instead of looking for work, is that admirable ?  Do you leave a sink full of dirty dishes and go to church to pray that God will do the dishes ?  And, if that doesn't work, you recruit more people to pray with you ?  By way of excuse for their cowardice, people have brainwashed themselves to believe that all you can do is pray the rosary to stop abortion.  God is responsible for abortion.  All we can do is pray and vote.  Leave it to God and the government to take care of it.  The bolder ones will go so far as to shake the rosary at incoming customers. 

There is a reverse theology--a perverse theology--in the way that so-called Christians approach the abortion issueit is up to God  and / or Mary to stop abortion, my job is to pray.  Of course, God won't do anything unless you tell him to do it--unless a whole big bunch gets out there and lobbies him.  It is up to God to do it, and up to the prayer lobby to make Him do it.  He is Our Servant who must do what we are too chicken to do.  It is up to Him to clean up the mess we made. 

What that omits is the Christian life.  In which, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we become clones of Jesus and do what the Spirit calls us to do.  In true Christian theology, the arrows run the other way.  Instead of me telling God what to do, I shut up and listen to Him telling me what I should do.  That is real prayer.  The other kind of prayer is silly superstition.  Is an abuse of prayer.  Is the sure sign of apostate and cowardly Christians who take the name in vain.  Under cover of their long prayers, the Pharisees concealed what they were really doing--absorbing the property of widows.   Matthew 23.14   Modern Christians use long prayers to conceal from themselves and others their lack of Christian Courage, their refusal to get serious about stopping abortion.  It is an abuse of prayer to use it as an excuse for neglecting all the effective things you could do--in person--to stop abortion.  As James 2.15-16 instructs us, we have not the right to substitute prayer for doing what we can and should do. 

Every real Christian is called to bear witness, is called to do battle on behalf of the kingdom.  If you ignore the call, you put yourself in the class of those to whom He will say:  I never knew you.  What claim do you have on Jesus if you don't have the Courage to follow Him ?  If you follow Him only at a very safe distance like the dis-Spirited apostles after He was arrested. 


Shouting with Al Garcia

When I first showed up at 20th and Vine in March 1989, there was a small group out there on a Saturday.  Al Garcia was there calling out to the customers.  One of the others suggested that I tell him to shut up.  Since I had just gotten there, I didn't see that it was my place to do that.  After I had gone there a few times I arrived at the conclusion that Al Garcia was right and his critics were wrong.  He was obviously committed to the battle to stop abortion any way he could.  He had to communicate with the abortion customers from 50 feet away between the time they got out of the car in the parking lot and the time they went in the door.  There was no chance to sidewalk counsel with most of them.  You had the choice of saying nothing or shouting loud enough for them to hear. 

If I was standing across the street when a couple of hoodlums jumped you with lethal intent, would you want me to restrict myself to praying for your survival ?  Or offer a quiet and dignified remonstrance:  That's not very nice, what you fellows are doing to that man . . .  ?  Would you be greatly offended if I were to shout out something rude and crude and unloving like:   Help !  Murder !  Police !  The monkey fell in the grease  !  ?  In short, if it was your neck on the block, would you be so picky as to what someone did or said by way of trying to save it ? 

No doubt we have gotten people out there who have said inappropriate things.  The worst things they have said don't compare with what is done on the other side of the fence where babies are dismembered and thrown in the trash under the label of medicine.  What is truly disgusting are all the people with the pious self-deception that they are doing something when they won't even say something--I can't say anything to my niece, but I will pray for her

A picket line in a public place is liable to attract all sorts, just like the Cathedral downtown.  No doubt a few of them are a little crazy and / or  mean-spirited.  Like me, after all these years.  But 99 per cent of what is said and done out there is more or less on target and done in the spirit of Do Something to stop a killing.  No doubt abortuaries attract demons.  But they also attract people who are strong in the Spirit.  And we persistently win that battle.  That is the only way we have lasted out there for 23 years.  It is a privilege to join the community of those who come out in the Spirit to do battle with the servants of Moloch--those who sacrifice children for the sake of money.  There is a real fellowship of spiritual and moral struggle out there. 

It may be vulgar to shout at other people in a public place, unless it is a football game where everybody is doing it.  It is even more vulgar to stand there and say nothing while a preborn baby is on the way to being dismembered and thrown in the trash bucket.  The Judgment described in Matthew 25.31-46  will pardon the one kind of vulgarity a lot sooner than it will the other.  Those who refuse to rescue the least of these when they have the chance will surely be standing with the goats on Judgment Day.  There are a lot of nicely dressed people down in hell.  They may be respectable in the eyes of the world, but Jesus has a different standard. 

People have brain-washed themselves to believe that church decorum is proper on the sidewalk in front of an abortuary.  It makes them feel safe, even though the babies are not safe.   Dignity, always dignity.  What dignity is there in silently acquiescing to the murder of preborn children ? 


An outdoor memorial for aborted children is a suitable place for a service at which church decorum prevails.  But, when you are out in front of the abortuary,  they  aren't  dead  yet  !!!  You still have the chance to rescue them !   By showing a sign,  or saying something or even shouting something !  It is appropriate to pray for those who are dying.  It is not appropriate to pray for healthy babies about to be killed and to use that as the excuse for doing nothing to prevent it!  


the Lord's one man army

Al Garcia was a one man army out in front of the abortuary at 20th and Vine.  He was wonderfully eloquent in both Spanish and English.  He was often very funny.  He would challenge the manhood of the pugnacious boy friend escorting his lady friend and fiercely protecting her abortion.  You're supposed to be the man of the house, not the mouse of the house.  He was a banty rooster of a fellow who would square off in fearless mock combat with belligerent boy friends, regardless of their size.  Like a gigantic ex football player who towered over him--he would have crushed him if he had fallen on him.  You better stick to beating up on babies . . . those babies can't fight back, we could . . .  It was mostly bluff but he was good at it. 

I have seen it happen a dozen times that some very angry man or woman, after cussing and threatening us, decided not to have the abortion after all.  The anger is a healthy sign--it shows that they are bothered by what they are about to do.  You risk getting shoved or punched.  But you may save a life.  Is that not worth the risk ?  In our patriotic piety we applaud those who get themselves killed on the other side of the world--after doing a lot of killing themselves--to protect our freedom.  How much are we willing to risk ?  We take financial risks to reap a profit in the stock market or the real estate market.  How about a risk aimed at saving the life of a baby ? 

Al would kneel down on the sidewalk in front of an abortion bound woman and plead in English or in Spanish:  I beg you for the life of that baby !  When she burst into tears, he had a save.  And, despite his lack of funds he would reach into his own pocket to give her grocery money. 

From his days as a junk man he had a wonderful collection of props that he used.  He would don a gorilla suit and carry a stuffed monkey doll and stand at the driveway: Gorillas don't kill their kids !  He had a big wooden Santa Claus he brought out at Christmas. 

One day he found a dead cat on his way there so he brought it along.  He stood at the gate and when a customer went in he would hold up the cat and say:  This cat is going to get a decent burial, your baby won't !   He got away with it for about 15 minutes before the cops showed up. 

He regularly addressed the staff:  Learn to Love Children !  He really did love children.  He raised half a dozen of his own and adopted several more.  He died of a sudden heart attack in July of 2008, just before we made the move to 38th and Pontiac.  I saw him out there that morning.  He saved a lot of babies by his fearless witness and I have no doubt as to where he is now.  Or that he is still with us out there in spirit. 

Terry Sullivan   


from  Letter to the Bishops on the www.Radical Christian  web site