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Should  reporters  be  punished  ?   

Should women be punished  for having abortions ?  Mr. Trump was asked--  Yes, he responded, and created another media circus.  [ 3-30-16 ]  When was the last time any American woman was punished, by the law, for having an abortion ?  When Governor Ronald Reagan signed the new California abortion bill in June 1967--50 years ago--there were an estimated 100,000 illegal abortions in California every year for which no one was being punished. 

When was the last time a man was punished for procuring an abortion ?  When was the last time an abortionist was punished or even made to pay all of his taxes, after making a million dollars a year doing abortions ?  When was the last time any reporter with the mainstream media wrote an honest story about abortion or followed the money while presenting the abortionist as an altruist ? 

In fact, women are routinely punished by nature--not by the law--for having abortions, and you will never learn that from the people in the media who routinely ignore it and conceal it.  They are punished by going through life childless.  The number of American women who arrive at age 40 without having children has doubled in the last 40 years.  They are punished with breast cancer to which post abortion women are especially prone. 

They are punished with nightmares years later, like war veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.  They pay out their money to psychiatrists who tell them to give a name to the nameless child they killed and begin a conversation with her.  A long, sad, ghostly conversation.  You will always remember the child you never knew.  What else would you expect after you put your baby in the trash ?  As Father Paul Marx once said:  God always forgives, man sometimes forgives, nature never forgives.  As Shakespeare said: Murder Will Out, despite the conspiracy to hide it.  

Should Reporters Be Punished ?  Yes ! 

The real question is whether reporters and media anchors should be punished for their participation in the cover up.  And the answer is yes:  they should be punished with disdain and distrust for their dishonest reporting about abortion, for their pretence of professional integrity which tries to conceal their entire lack of it. 

They should be punished for their pretence that they can deal honestly and objectively with the question of whether abortion is medicine or murder, when they themselves have been complicit with it.  Most female reporters have had abortions.  It is the price they pay for their careers.  Most male reporters have paid for abortions or avoided paying.  Then they all have to pretend that they can deal  objectively and professionally with the issue of abortion. 

The media routinely conceals the truth about abortion.  They present the abortionist as an altruistic humanitarian and never ask how much money he makes--like several thousand dollars per hour.  They never interview women whose lives have been ruined by abortion.  They never interview the women who have escaped from abortion with the help and encouragement of the Sidewalk Counsellors.  They never interview the Sidewalk Counsellors who risk arrest and assault in front of the abortuary to rescue babies from the trash and their mothers from nightmares. 

Abortion carries a punishment with it beyond what any law will ever impose.  The punishment for the dishonesty of the media is that no one with any knowledge and experience will trust them.  See  The Media Murders the Pro Life Movement.