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The Case for Discrimination   [ April 2015 ] 

In hindsight, it is obvious enough that the German pilot who deliberately crashed an airliner in the Alps last week should have been discriminated against.  Should not have been allowed to sacrifice the other 150 passengers to his suicidal depression.  Similarly, a blind man should not be allowed to drive a school bus, even if that is a form of discrimination against the handicapped. 

The question now in respect to a law passed in Indiana is whether it is wrong to discriminate against homosexuals and whether those who do should be punished.  This law would protect someone who refuses to provide a cake for a homosexual wedding.  Last week a baker in California was fined $ 1000 for doing that.  The broader question is whether homosexuals constitute an ethnic group which is entitled to the protection of the laws that prohibit discrimination.   Are Pedophiles also an ethnic group ?  If the bride is only 13 are you still obligated to rent them a room ? 

Should homosexuals be allowed to marry ?  Should they be allowed to adopt children ?  Don't homosexuals have a serious handicap in respect to raising families ?  Should you be forced to sanction these marriages and these adoptions despite your conviction that there is something seriously wrong with these families ? 

The background to this controversy is the relentless propaganda in the mainstream media which invariably depicts homosexual couples as loving and faithful.  They only want to devote themselves to one another and receive legal recognition and protection.  And adopt children they can raise as homosexuals ?  The social workers can take your kids away if you spank them, but raising them as homosexuals is not child abuse--it is a right says the law. 

The news media never presents the realities of the homosexual lifestyle.  They never do a story on the homosexual bars and bath houses in our major cities where homosexual men find anonymous sex partners without having to learn a name or exchange a phone number.  The AIDS epidemic which began back in 1985 in California was spread by individuals who had 200 sexual partners a year in the San Francisco bath houses and knowingly spread AIDS.  That is the reality of the Gay Community--how much they care about their fellow homosexuals.  Now two thirds of American homosexuals test positive for AIDS. 

Are homosexual couples really as faithful and monogamous as the news media pretends ?  Why would Nature impose monogamy upon homosexual sex ?  Perhaps the one advantage of allowing homosexual marriage is that it will also facilitate homosexual divorce and the reality of these relationships will become part of the public record when they wind up in court.  The media will have to go to a lot more trouble to put a positive spin on these relationships. 

Aside from being regularly brainwashed by the media, the main reason  young Americans have to tolerate homosexual sex is that there has been a complete erosion of sexual morality among young people.  The modern money-loving lifestyle which pushes them to delay marriage and having children until they are in their 30s has produced a shack up lifestyle.  They can't take a stand for sexual morality when they have abandoned it themselves. 

Do children have the right to a normal family ?  Do boys have the right to a Mom ?  Supposedly, Elton John and his husband are all his two boys need.  No one with any sense believes that.  A boy needs a mother, and a little girl needs a real father, not a pair of lesbians.   Those rights matter a lot more than the right to make someone sell you a wedding cake.  [ to website 2-16-16 ]

 later note;   Looks like we won't have to wait for the divorce court records in the case of Elton John and his husband, David Furnish, who has been having an affair with another man, according to the April 18 2016 National Enquirer. 


Max and I were surrounded by pygmy savages--one of them headless-- near City Park Zoo.  Because of their short legs and despite his, we were able to escape.