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The  Church  of  the  Empire

versus  the  Christian  Church  of  North  Africa  312 - 430  A. D.

An historical analysis of the Church founded by the Roman Emperor Constantine and the 100 year persecution of the non-conforming Christian Church of North Africa.  Based upon Optatus,  Augustine,  Eusebius and other documents and histories of the period.

This book focuses on the 4th century  Church  of  Constantine  and Augustine in which apostates from the Christian Church became the state church of an evil empire.  That was the foundation of the Worldly Church, which promotes the Secular Christianity that has persisted through the Protestant Reformation and down to modern times.  Modern secular churches, whether east or west, whether Protestant or Catholic are the spiritual heirs of the anti church of the Roman Empire.  Absent a real reformation, they are the enemies of a true Christian Society, that is, of the Christian community which alone can be properly called  the  church.

In the time of Eusebius, Constantine's bogus miracle transformed the Prince of Peace into the new war god of the Roman Empire.  That marked the beginning of military  christianity, of Christianity as an imperial ideology and a fighting faith.  The  Church  of  the  Empire  was an anti church which conformed to  the  world, which embraced political power and money, just as the churches of the American Empire do today.  The State Church was  Everybody's  Church--a mass church on a minimal basis.  The modern church, which cannot demand morality because it has to remain popular, is the spiritual heir of the original state church.

The official histories have concealed the martyrdom of non-conforming Christians by the Emperor Constantine in Carthage in 317 A.D.  They were thrown down a well for refusing to join the Emperor's anti church.  His son Constans did the same thing at the church in Bagaia in 347 A.D. to try and force them to join the official so-called  Catholic  Church  of the Roman Empire.  Contrary to the official history, the Emperor Constantine was a persecutor of the real Christian Church as were the sons and grandsons who followed him as emperor.

Later in the 4th century,  Augustine was personally responsible for the attacks by the police and the army upon the non-conforming Christians of North Africa.  As the chief propagandist for the Imperial Church of North Africa, Augustine falsified the history of the so-called "donatist" "schism."  He labored to construct a new theology for  the  Church  of  the  Empire,  which he justified as  the  Church  of  the  King's  Covenant,  the  Church  of  the  New  Age,  etc. by scripture-twisting arguments.  Augustine fabricated the  Thou  art  Peter  verse now found in Matthew 16.18 to argue for the authority of the so-called "Catholic"  bishop of Rome contra the so-called "donatist" bishop of Rome.  He  fabricated  the  verses   now  found  in  Romans 
13.1-7  to justify the authority of the Emperor over the Church and the massacre of Christians to force them into the State Church.  (evidence from Optatus of Milevis and other sources)  His falsified scriptures are still used by the Worldly Church to justify Secular Christianity.


The Church of the Empire

200 page book 
click on link: 

Hyperlink via tardis to 4th Century North Africa;     take canteen with you--



CD copy by mail $ 10 



 I have a few printed copies available.  $ 30 by mail, 



Terry Sullivan 
1526 East 35th Avenue
Denver Colorado 80205








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