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The  False  Harbinger

March 21st 2013    re:  The Harbinger  by Jonathan Cahn

I can see why it is a Best Seller.  It is written in an easy to read style aimed at patriotic 3 year olds.  And it lets you in on The Ancient Mystery that holds the Secret of America's Future.  cf.  the Bilderbergers, the Bermuda Triangle, The Trilateral Commission etc.  We're letting you in on a Secret that only a couple of other million people know ! 

The book plays off the basic false faith of The America Cult:  The Lord made a Covenant with America.  Which America has violated in recent years by not allowing prayer in public schools etc. 

On page 19 the fictitious prophet says: 

Those who laid America's foundations saw it as a new Israel, an Israel of the New World.  And as with ancient Israel, they saw it in covenant with God.  #  To be a vessel of redemption, an instrument of God's purposes, a light to the world.  It would give refuge to the world's poor and needy.  It would stand against tyranny.  It would fight, more than once, against the dark movements of the modern world that threatened to engulf the earth.  It would liberate millions.  And, as much as it fulfilled its calling or aspired to, it would become the most blessed, the most prosperous, the most powerful, and the most revered nation on the earth--just as its founders had prophesied.

a vessel of redemption   What in the world does that mean ?  Jesus is the only one who can Save us.  America can't save itself.  America needs to be saved fromAmerika--from the patriotic and idolatrous and expen$$$ive imperial self-worship which is destroying us.   

a light to the world  The Statue of Liberty given to the Freemasons of America by the Freemasons of France is called:  Liberty Enlightening the World.  She actually represents the Egyptian Sun Goddess Isis.  The Founding Freemasons of 1776 were secret Sun worshippers and closet anti Christians. 

On September 11th 2002 President George Bush gave a speech at Ellis Island, with the Statue of Liberty in the background, in which he spoke about  the greatness of America . . .   America the Hope of Mankind . . .   A light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not comprehend it.  Which is an obvious heresy.  Who is the real  Hope of Mankind ?  Who is that light  which shines in the darkness described in John 1.5 ?  What is it but blasphemy when you transfer that title to the Statue of Isis and the American Empire ?  

refuge to the world's poor and needy  as I recounted on page 74 of my  Letter to the Bishops, they Excluded the Chinese as of 1892, and excluded Eastern and Southern Europeans--the Jews especially--by the severe restrictions on immigration they began passing in 1920.   What went on before that was not Christian Charity.  It was the industrialists bringing in labor which would work for $ 1 a day.  Does America Love the Poor ?  Do Americans Love the Poor ?  Who is dumb enough to believe this specious claim ? 

stand against tyranny  fight . . .  against the dark movements of the modern world  America's entry into World War I led to Bolshevism in Russia and Nazism in Germany.   America's alliance with Joe Stalin in World War II enabled him to become the ruler of Eastern Europe.  He  killed millions after World War II.  He appointed Mao Tse Tsung who starved 70 million.  America has regularly made alliances with tyrants everywhere in the world. 

liberate millions   In fact, America enslaved millions.  It perpetuated slavery long after Europe abolished it.  It perpetuated racial segregation right up to the 1960s. 

On page 20 Cahn says the moral decline of America began when it  abolished prayer in public schools.  That is the standard  thesis of the America Cult.  The Lord blessed the genocide of American Indians.  He sanctioned 2.5 centuries of slavery.  The massacre of a million Filipinos in 1899 was God's Will.  But, when the Supreme Court said you couldn't recite prayers in public school, that made Him mad.  You have to be a moral nitwit to believe in this Lord. 

There are at least three new  New Covenant doctrines which in effect displace the New Covenant proclaimed by Jesus Christ:

I.  Jesus came to America after he left Israel.  The Ten Lost Tribes were here and he established Christianity among them.  Later, they were wiped out but they left their writings on golden tablets.  In the 19th century, an angel guided Joseph Smith to these tablets and he translated them into The Book of Mormon and established The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

II.  In 312 A.D. Jesus appeared to the Roman Emperor Constantine and made a covenant with him.  Jesus would guarantee him victory in his wars if he would adopt Christianity.  The Catholics, the Orthodox and the Lutherans still believe this story.  I discuss it at length in the Church of the Empire, Chapter IX, Constantine's  Miracle. 

III.  The Lord made a covenant with the first settlers of America. 

If you are going to believe any of these new  New Covenant stories, the Mormon story, # I, makes more sense than either of the other two.  At least it involves Jesus and the Jews.  In the second one, Jesus has embraced the Romans in place of the Jews.  In the third one, The Lord has bypassed Jesus to establish a covenant with some anonymous Americans. 

These three stories may be classified as I. silly  II. even sillier  III. silliest.  These stories all have the same biblical basis = none.  Why is it that people who pretend to believe in The Bible have no problem with inventing these stories and adding them to The Bible ?  What is it but bible abuse ?

Who is the American  Abraham ?

Which American did The Lord make a covenant with ?  Who is the American Abraham ?  Was it Governor William Bradford in Plymouth or Captain John Smith in Virginia who signed a covenant with The Lord ?    See The Roots of Abortion  for some accurate history of colonial Massachusetts and colonial Virginia.  Page 39 has an account of the cask of poisoned sherry the Virginians brought to what was supposed to be a peace parley with the Powhatan Indians. 

The Governor Bradford article has an account of the Puritans of New England who offered human sacrifice to the Lord--the Indians whose lands they took without payment.  By relentless wars the Plymouth and Boston Puritans acquired all the land which had once belonged to the Wampanoags, the Pequots, and the Narragansetts.  Those who weren't killed were captured and sold into slavery.   Bradford describes the destruction of a Pequot village: those that scaped the fire were slain with the sword . . . and very few escaped . . .   they thus destroyed about 400 at this time.  It was a fearful sight to see them thus frying in the fire and the streams of blood quenching the same, and horrible was the stink and scent thereof; but the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice, and they gave the praise thereof to God, who had wrought so wonderfully for them . . .   [ page 14 ]

It is the willful ignorance of American history joined to patriotic idolatry--America worship--which leads people to put their faith in the patriotic horse manure which is the basic premise of The Harbinger and a lot of other books. 

The doctrine of a new post biblical New Covenant is contrary to the basic Christian belief that Jesus is the founder of the one and only New Covenant.  As Hebrews 8.8-12 states, the New Covenant replaced the Old Covenantcompletely.  Galatians 4.24  and 2 Corinthians 3.6 also stress the fundamental differences.  [ See The New Covenant versus the Old Covenant. ]

It is not a covenant with any nation or any empire.  Jesus refused to be the King of Israel.  If you understand that, you understand why he would not have made a deal with the Roman Empire.  Or the American Empire.  He didn't.  It is a false faith.  It is patriotic idolatry.  It is the America Cult. 

What's wrong with the American Empire was wrong with it ab ovo = from the egg.  To be sure, it is getting worse.  One basic cause is the epidemic pseudo Christianity of the America Cult which is encouraged and perpetuated by books like The Harbinger.  It blinds people to the real challenge. 

Terry  Sullivan


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