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pro  life  nonviolent  action    P.O. Box  16861  Denver  CO.  80216

Open  your  mouth  for  the  speechless,  In  the  cause  of  all  who  are  appointed  to die.
Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.
Proverbs   31.8-9   (nKJ)

For this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth.  John  18.37

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.  Matthew  25.40

January 22nd  2003   35 & 1/2 years since Reagan signed California abortion bill

let  us  recognize  the  real  reasons  for  the  failure  of  the  anti  abortion  movement 

WRONG  HISTORY:   legal Abortion in America  did not begin with the Roe versus Wade decision in 1973.  It began in 1967 when the states began passing liberalized abortion laws.  It began June 15th 1967 when Governor Ronald Reagan  reluctantly signed the new California abortion law.  It began April 25th 1967 when the Republican Governor of Colorado signed the new abortion law passed by the Republican legislature.  These laws still had substantial restrictions, but, as their opponents accurately predicted, once you start allowing abortions for some reasons, they will soon be allowed for any reason.  In the late 1960s and the early 1970s, the movement for LEGAL abortion continued to gather momentum.  As California and New York and Colorado went, so went most of the other states.  In June 1967, the American Medical Association called for abortion reform, their first change in policy since 1871. 

The 1973 Supreme Court decision did not make abortion legal.  It allowed it to remain legal.  It swept away the remaining obstacles to legal abortion.  But most of them had already been swept away by the movement for legal abortion which began in the 1960s.  Roe versus Wade brought a few backward states like Louisiana into line with all the rest.  the supreme court read the newspapers.  It went along with what was already done.  It affirmed what The American People were doing regardless of what they pretended to believe.  It affirmed a legal status quo which was engineered by Republicans as much as by Democrats, by Conservatives as much as by Liberals.  The only real difference is that Conservative Republicans still keep up a pretense of opposing abortion, because they use the issue to get votes, while the so-called Christian so-called Conservatives use the  issue to raise money.  The liberals raise money and win votes off the opposite pretense.  None of them really care except for that.  It is a power and money game. 

Why was there so little effective resistance to the passage of liberal abortion laws in 1967 ?  California was not that liberal in 1967, as witness the fact that it had elected  Mr. Conservative as Governor.  Colorado was not a liberal state and still isn't, judging by the fact that it regularly elects Republicans to most political offices.  The answer is that abortion, legal or not, was already common in America by 1967.  And then the impetus of the 1960s was to bring things out into the open that had long been hidden.  The lid came off Pandora's box.  The things which first appeared in the 1960s did not originate in the 1960s.  They had been a hidden part of American life for a long time.  And that is what we are up against:  the  deep  roots  of  abortion  in  american  life.  The truth is  the wholesale  destruction ofd innocent human life by war, by slavery, by poverty, and by abortion are  america's  foundation  stones.

The pro life lobbies base their fund raising on the false proposition that Roe versus Wade is the cause of abortion in America and the pretence that they are working effectively to overturn it.  Abortion became legal in America for the same basic reasons it became legal in Europe.  It isn't some legal fluke which can be readily reversed.  That illusion,  constantly promoted by the political pro lifers, is  a false faith  which  blinds  people  to  the  real  challenge of stopping abortion.  The  cause  is  hopeless,  while  this  blindness  continues. 

[ Later Note, January 2006:  With the confirmation of John Roberts and Sam Alito to the Supreme Court, there is supposedly the opportunity to overturn Roe v. Wade.  The striking thing is that neither one could say  1. yes, abortion is murder.  2.  which is strictly forbidden by the Law of God  3.  So I must do everything in my power to stop abortion.  Instead, they believe in  The Rule of Law--the rule of the lawyers. ]  [ Later Note, November 2006:  the strict ban on abortion in South Dakota was defeated 56 % to 44 %.  Even in South Dakota, morality cannot achieve popularity.  So we may as well give it up, because The People Have Spoken. ]



legal  and  illegal

WRONG  FOCUS:  The challenge  is  not  to end legal abortion.  The distinction between  legal  and  illegal  abortion is not important.  Abortion became legal in 1967 because it was already common in America.  That is what generated the pressure to make it legal.  California already had an estimated 100,000 abortions annually as of 1967, most of them still nominally illegal under the new law.  Which didn't prevent them from happening.  By 1967 abortion and contraception had become as common among Catholics as among Protestants.  Abortion came from the  imperative  of the luxury-loving American life style to which these Secular Christians had already conformed:  more money, fewer children.

Abortion is common in all the nations of Central and South America despite the fact that it is still nominally against the law in those places.  Brazil has 2 million abortions a year.  Peru even had a program of forced abortion.  [ These figures are exaggerated by those who promote legal abortion and minimized by those who raise their funds by a narrow focus on abortion laws.  ]  The Philippines have a  higher  abortion rate than the United States, despite a ban on abortion written into the Constitution.  They  have  aHuman Life Amendment and they ignore it.  As prohibition showed, the law is not enforced when many dissent from it, even if the law is an Amendment to the Constitution.  Is marijuana still illegal ?  You would hardly know it. 

This wrong focus is not just an intellectual error.  It is the necessary justification for the pro life lobbies which have to pretend that abortion can be stopped by what they are doing in Washington.  This wrong focus is necessary for those sham ecclesiastical and political  pro lifers  around the country who  use  the  abortion  issue  to raise money and promote careers.  They milk it like they do any other issue they can catch hold of.  They are adept at taking out of the collection plate while pretending to put something in.  This wrong focus represents the  false  hope  of the Secular Christians who must cling to it because otherwise they have  no  hope.  They have promulgated this illusion until they have become trapped in it themselves.  And they find it easy to promote this false  hope among Secular Christians who are used to buying their way out of a moral obligation with a small donation and the flip of a voting lever.  Who already devoutly believe that it is up to the government to establish Christian morality, because it cannot be up to them.  They have to believe it, because they do not have the Spirit of Courage which is required for Christian Witness in opposition to the Powers of this world.

the  moral  minority

FALSE  FAITH:  There is no such thing as a moral majority.  Morality cannot be established by popular vote.  it  is  immoral  to  vote  for  morality.  The Commandment has already been established by the  One  and  Only  Vote  that counts.  It is a commandment, not an Amendment that is to be ratified or rejected or modified by a plebiscite of The People.  It is to be ratified by Christians living their lives in obedience to it.  Not by people flipping a lever behind a curtain of anonymity.  Which says:  I don't have the Courage to stand up for what is right, but I give my secret proxy to the politician who promises to do it for us. 

The basic  false  faith  of the Secular Christians is that they can stick with the crowd.  They don't have to join that unpopular  minority which is persecuted for opposing the crowd.  Morality can be Popularity.  You can  vote  for  virtue.   Morality can be established or re-established in the anonymous safety of the voting booth.  You don't have to stick your neck out.  You don't need the Courage to Bear Christian Witness to the Truth. 

The government is really on our side.  Or soon will be.  Despite temporary aberrations like Roe v. Wade.  The Senators, the Judges, the Army and the Police are on our side.  If they aren't, we will stay on their side until we can persuade them to switch.  That attitude defines the Secular Christian:  I will live the Christian life if--and only if--everyone else does.  I'm not getting out there by myself.  I will live the Christian life to the degree that the police officer permits.  Meanwhile, I will sign petitions.  I will slip behind the curtain and vote.  What more can you ask ?  And their pastors know better than to ask more.  Even when they cast a vote, they wear sun glasses.  When they sign a petition, they scribble the name so it can't be read.  No use taking chances. 


When morality has to be popularity, we can only have as much morality as the majority agrees with.  But the morality we need is the morality which the  courageous  minority  will stand up for, will work for, will live and die for, in opposition to the cowardly and immoral majority.  When Christians were a courageous minority, they were real Christians.  The cowardly and conformist mob were afraid of them.  When they joined that mob,  when they let that mob join them, they ceased to be real Christians.  Going along with the crowd, waiting for the crowd to go along with you--is the  sure  sign  of Secular Christianity. 

Voting  for  Virtue 

A group of us are trying to decide whether to go for pizza or for hamburgers.  So we vote on it.  The losers good-naturedly go along with the vote rather than split the group.  A vote may be the best and simplest way to decide such a question. 

Someone suggests we pull the plug on Uncle Fred so that we can collect the insurance.  He is dying anyway, and his medical bills are enormous.  Someone else suggests that we vote on it.  Obviously, you cannot vote for such a proposition.  Can you vote against it ?  NO !  You cannot let such a question be decided by voting !  What you have to say instead is that no one has the right to do such a thing, that a 9 to 1 vote against you is meaningless, is null and void, and that, instead of merely outvoting you, they have to kill you first, before they can kill Uncle Fred !

Suppose you are sure of winning.  You are confident that you can muster a majority for Uncle Fred's life.  Why not do it that way ?  Why risk making a martyr of yourself when you have the votes to do it an easier way ? 

Because once you have gone along with voting on such a proposition you have conceded that it can be decided by voting.  When it comes up again, and this time you are out-voted, you have abandoned the moral principle you need to effectively oppose this decision.  Because you thereby subscribe to the illusion that morality can be popularity, that it can be established by majority vote, that it doesn't require courage and sacrifice, that there is no need to fight, that there is an easy way to do it.  Because you thereby forever after limit yourself to such morality as can be made to be popular with a majority.

Do you abide by the results of an election only when it goes your way ?  The essential requirement of an election is that all those who participate in it have made an implicit good faith agreement to abide by the result.  So when you vote in a contest between vice and virtue you have thereby agreed to accept vice if that is the will of the majority.  You have said  let the people decide and I will go along with it, even if the decision is against God.   That is what Aaron did when he  bowed  to  the  will  of  the  people  and made the golden calf for them to worship.  That is what everyone does when he participates in a vote to decide a moral question.

When you vote for a  lesser  evil,  you vote for evil.  You testify to your belief that it is not really possible to live in this world and faithfully do good and avoid evil.  Some day you will have the opportunity to stand before Jesus Christ and explain your theory to Him !  Good Luck !  You  Will  Need  it !

How to Stop Abortion in America

WRONG  FOCUS:  The challenge facing us  is  not  Ending Abortion  in America.  Focusing upon abortion in America is the wrong focus.  It is too wide and it is too narrow. 

It is--intellectually--too narrow:  When you focus upon the fact that the abortion situation in France, Italy, Germany, England, Japan, etc. etc. is essentially the same as it is here, it shows the true dimensions of the challenge.  It shows the uselessness of those who propose to end abortion in America by getting themselves elected to Congress or by settling in there as lobbyists.  We are never going to have a Pro Life Government which appoints a Pro Life Supreme Court which then dictates a Pro Life America.  Getting rid of that illusion, and the people who peddle it, is the first step towards really doing something about abortion in


America.  No where in Washington is there an answer to abortion.  The first step in the direction of doing something effective to stop abortion is to forget about Washington D.C. and the Great Pretenders who hang out there. 

It is--practically--too wide:  the abortion you can stop is the one scheduled for this morning at that abortion clinic near your home.  The Sidewalk Counselors who are out there this morning Stop Abortion in America every day of the week.  On December 26th 1999, three babies were born the same day to three different women we had  sidewalk  counseled  in front of the Planned Parenthood abortuary at 20th and Vine.  On the average, we  rescue  two babies a week by daily  sidewalk counseling.  If sidewalk counselors weren't so few in number, many more babies could be saved.  But they are ignored and dishonored by Secular Christians and their pastors who do not recognize that Bearing Witness to the Truth is something which Christians  must  do.   Bearing Witness is not one of the options of a Christian life,   it  is  the  test  of  whether  you  are  one.  Christians who lack the Courage to Bear Witness become shriveled in that Spirit which is the source of the Christian life.  That describes the Christian church today--what pretends to be the church.  That loss of Courage is the  first  cause  of abortion as of every other evil we suffer. 

The woman you can turn away from abortion is the one you encounter at the local high school or elsewhere, when you wear an Abortion Kills Children badge and carry The First Nine Months to hand out in person.  That is how a Christian VOTES:  every day,  in  person, with the Courage which the Spirit gives.  Never mind abortion in America.  What about abortion in your own town, in your own family even ?   A basic reason for joining the  sidewalk  counselors  is that it is a necessary moral exercise which develops the Courage which is that first gift of the Holy Spirit.  It is the essential and irreplaceable foundation of a Christian Life. 

We will never stop abortion in America or in the world.  But that isn't the right question.  The right question is whether we can stop it in our families and in our Christian communities.  The answer is that Yes, we can.  If we can re-build a truly Christian community.  If we were serious about living that Christian life style which is the only real alternative to the abortion-bound Secular Christian life style.  If we escape from our cowardly conformity to the crowd and our childish dependence upon the state.  If we wean ourselves from our false faith in america. 

Saving the Nation

There is a fundamental moral and spiritual reason why  america  is the wrong focus in the war for the unborn.  Neither  america  nor any other nation can be the proper focus for those who truly follow Jesus.  The focus upon  america  grows out of that nationalism  which replaces true Christian theology with the  perverted  patriotic  theology of Secular Christianity.  Jesus did not come to  save  the  nation.  He came to save us  from  the  nations--from that  world, ruled by Satan, which is made up of nations.  That is a fundamental Christian truth which has been obscured by the Secular Christians who joined the apostate Imperial Church of the 4th century, and by those who still cling to the Imperial Church of the 21st century. 

Jesus allowed his own nation to be destroyed while he established a new nation, drawn from all nations but which belongs to none of them.  Which defines itself by its spiritual  declaration  of  independence  from the nation.  When it loses that independence, when it joins the patriotic mob in offering incense to Caesar, in joining the cross to the flag, in saluting the flag of empire, when it succumbs to the ancient idolatry of the state, it is no longer the Christian Church.  It represents instead  de natured  Christianity, a Christianity which has betrayed its fundamental nature.  Which has lost all spiritual power.  Which instead relies upon political and military power, the power of money and popularity with the mob.  It is  secular  christianity which has conformed to  this  world  in defiance of the teaching of Jesus and his apostles.  It is the nemesis of real Christianity and it joins the State in the persecution of faithful Christians, like the Imperial Church of Constantine and Augustine.  (I have written about the early history of this apostate church in my book, the  church  of  the  empire.)   

It is the Church which is the bride of christ.  Not the Nation.  The call of Jesus Christ is to individuals.  He calls them to join a community which can only survive by maintaining a constant


spiritual and moral warfare against the nations which are ruled by the Prince of this World.  There has to be a fundamental antagonism between the follower of Jesus and the world.  The world is crucified unto me and I unto the world  says Saint Paul.  (Gal 6.14)  He exhorts us to live blameless and harmless, the sons of God without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world.  (Phil 2.15)  Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.  (James 4.4)  If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  (1 Jn 2.15)  Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you.   (1 Jn 3.13)  And we know that we are of God and the whole world lieth in wickedness.  (1 Jn 5.19)

america  cannot be saved.  No more than any other empire can be saved.  No more than the Roman Empire could be saved.  The sword by which it is established is the sword by which it will perish.  The terrible expense of those wars which are necessary to maintain it's world power  will bring about its ruin.  The American Empire is already far down that road.  Christians did not save the Roman Empire.  They saved themselves and their families from the inevitable collapse of the empire through the Christian community to which they belonged.  The refugees from the ruin of Israel built a Christian community in the ruins of the Roman empire. 

opinions  versus  convictions

WRONG  ANALYSIS:  It is not a  battle  of opinions.  As if cowards are serious about fighting.  As if hot air was the antidote to hot air.  Opinions are worthless.  Or, if you like, they are worth one penny, as in  a penny for your thoughts.  In truth, a pro life  opinion  is not worth a fart.  The  opinions don't matter and the endless arguments don't matter.  What matters are Beliefs, Passions, Convictions--whatever it takes to make people Stop Talking and Start Doing.  Whatever will push them in the direction of Bearing Christian Witness.  Opinions carry no moral weight.  Opinions are feathers that float away in the breeze.  Convictions that drive people to act are bulldozers that knock down fortresses.  (cf. 2 Corinthians 10.4)

An opinion may lead to a vote.  That is, it leads to the  Great  Illusion that you are  doing  something  by voting.   What you are doing is expressing the vain hope that some politician will do something.  He won't.  He can't.  He has too many cowards for constituents.  He understands his real job in respect to the  issue  of  abortion:  pretend to be doing something,  so that the voters can pretend that they did something by voting for me.  The futile, feeble, immoral half measures, 1/4th  measures, and 1/64th measures, upon which the silly political battle is focused, are the result.  Ban homicides carried out with one model of hand gun.  Unless it is necessary for your health.  An opinion may lead to a vote.  What is a vote worth ?  $ 1 ?  Maybe several dollars in Chicago.  But a real pro life witness is worth $ 10,000.  A real pro life witness is priceless because it may save the priceless life of a baby.  When you bear witness to the truth, you cast your whole vote, not a strip of paper merely.  It generates that power of the Spirit of Courage, which is necessary to stop abortion. 

We don't need more arguments against abortion and we don't need better arguments against abortion.  Why isn't the simple and indisputable statement that  abortion  kills  babies  enough ?  It would be, if we believed it ourselves, if we acted like we believed it.  We don't need to convince others, we need to convince ourselves.  If our actions were in accordance with what we pretend to believe, we would have no difficulty in convincing others.  Like playing cards, arguments provide entertainment and pass the time.  But they are all but useless towards creating moral conviction in ourselves or others.  How can you convince someone else to do what you are afraid to do yourself ?  We have to teach by setting the example. 

facts  versus  truth

WRONG  ANALYSIS:  It is not a battle of information.  A sidewalk counselor does not save a baby just by giving the abortion customer information.  He does it by showing that person an example of the Courage  she will need to make the right choice, the courage to stand up for her baby.  He shows her that he cares about her.  He sets an example of that Spirit of Love which overcomes all obstacles.  He has to somehow counter the pressure of the boy friend, the parents and the false friends who are pushing her towards abortion.  If she will take on the burden of


that baby, we will help her with that burden.  The Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Courage, and the Spirit of Love are all one Spirit.  Without it, there is no use throwing Facts at people.  They do not believe it because we obviously do not believe it.  We convince no one because we  do  not  act  like we believe it.  It is no good trying to give people The Facts about abortion.  We need to give them The Truth about abortion.  On some level, the most uninformed teenager knows what being pregnant means:  she is carrying a baby.  And she knows the abortion will end the life of that baby.  But people refuse to know what they can't afford to know.  They avoid thinking about it and they avoid information which would force them to think about it. 

People don't want to know the truth about the war, so they neglect the available information.   They don't want to know about the children killed and crippled by bombs or the prisoners left to suffocate by the war lords.  When they go along with what they know to be wrong, they pull a mental curtain over the crimes and paint a heroic scene on the curtain.  They do the same with abortion.  The human mind has a remarkable ability to screen out what it refuses to know.  That darkness is defended by a powerful demon.  It cannot be dispelled except by the power of the Spirit--by the Light of Truth.  That is why Dropping The Facts on people is useless unless it is accompanied by the Personal Witness of someone who has that indivisible Spirit of Truth, Love and Courage.  That is why person to person witness has to be an integral part of any effort to give people information about abortion.  That is how you  grow  in the Spirit of Courage.  When you hide in the pews instead, you soon become shriveled in the Spirit.  That describes the modern church.  It describes most of those who claim to be pro life. 

It is naive to suppose that people are simply misinformed about abortion.  It isn't simple.  It is a compound and willful ignorance deeply rooted in the necessities of the American life style, an ignorance which is mandated by the way we live, by the way we are forcing others to live their lives.  They cling to their ignorance because they  can't  afford  to lose it.  The heart of the problem is not that Americans lack  information  about abortion.  They are ignorant because they are determined to be ignorant.  They can't afford to know the truth about what they are doing because they intend to keep on doing it.  The directly related problem is that the nominal pro lifers do not have the Spirit of Truth.  They do not have the Courage to bear witness to the truth about abortion.  They are unwilling to pay the price which is necessary to make the Truth prevail.  No amount of money can make up for that moral deficit.  No broadcast distribution of mere information can penetrate the darkness.  Only real Christian Witness can do that. 

The current fad is to buy more ultrasound machines as the answer to abortion.  But women don't wander into the Alternatives Center on their way to an abortion clinic.  Getting them to go there in the first place is two thirds of the battle.  And only a handful of people have the courage to actively engage in the Sidewalk Counseling which is necessary to accomplish it.  The first thing I hand an abortion customer coming to Planned Parenthood is a copy of The First Nine Months.  This leaflet has three major advantages over the ultrasound machine:   1.  It is portable--you can take it to the woman, she doesn't have to come to it.  2.  The beautiful fiber optic color photography is superior to an ultrasound photograph.   3.  It  costs  30c  !   If she will take it and look at it, it will often turn her around.  And why not give it to women  before  they  ever  get  pregnant ?  And their parents and boy friends as well--everyone in fact.  It could be done, if those who pretend to be pro life had the Courage to Bear Witness, instead of buying their way out of it by supporting Something;  if those who pretend to be Doing Something weren't preoccupied with finding another fund raising gimmick.  The Pretenders and their Supporters feed off one another.  They walk that broad and easy road together.

selling  pro  life 

bad  strategy:  You can't sell pro life the way you sell new cars and beer.  The secular media is useless for delivering the pro life message.  It is easy enough to sell beer to someone who drinks beer, if you take something off the price.  It is easy enough to sell new cars--everyone wants one.  They already  believe  in new cars.  You can sell  easy  Jesus, instant coffee  and  instant  salvation.   But it is an illusion to believe that the pro life imperative fits neatly into the American life style.  And it is an illusion to believe that the pro life message can be tailored to fit neatly into the stream of messages which the mass media delivers. 


To sell pro life you have to convince people of the proposition that you must not destroy this life, even if you risk destroying your own life.  You must sell sacrifice to people who have been taught to buy pleasure.  You must sell the hard way to people who have the American faith in the easy way, who have bought christianity made easy.  Secular Christians, who are themselves immersed in the luxurious life style are hypocrites when they urge others to give it up, and liars when they assure them that they won't have to.  How can you sell what you don't believe in ?  How can you pretend to believe in it when you are living in contradiction to it ? 

The mandate to buy a new car is everywhere on television.  Everyone believes it.  If you have any faith in America, you have faith in your new car, in the necessity of getting your new car.  Contra this, the pro life message is that you will probably have to give up the new car if you decide to keep the baby.  You will be lucky to have any car.  You may have to join the single moms who wait for the bus while the career woman breezes by in her new car.  The message which television relentlessly delivers, leaves no question as to which one should envy the other. 

What shall we tell them ?  You can keep the baby without giving up your chance at the luxurious life style ?  It isn't true.  The luxurious life style is built upon not having babies.  The necessity of the luxurious life style, the fear of losing it, is the fundamental cause of abortion.  To effectively oppose abortion you must have a faith which the Secular Christians have lost, a faith which runs counter to their faith in the American Dream of luxury and ease.  Which runs counter to the faith in My Career.  What shall we tell them ?  You can still have fun in the sun in your new car with a baby in the back seat ?  It doesn't fit.  The ad writers know better.  Leave the baby out of it.  He needs changing.  He wants to go home.  The party is over.  TV constantly testifies to the great modern truths that fornication is fun and that you owe it to yourself to buy a new car and head for the beach.  The pro life message cannot be entrusted to an ad man.  It requires a different messenger, one who believes it and lives it. 

Yes, you can hire them to play your message, if you have the money.  How convincing will it be mixed in with the opposite message ?  How will it compete, mixed in with a dozen New Car messages and following a fornication is fun sit-com ?  Is the strategy to mix your pearls in with the swill so that the swine will gulp it all down without realizing what they swallowed ?  Why spend money to pour the pure water of the gospels into the sewer of the media ?  Even if they they wanted to, they are not capable of the spiritual truth and the moral passion required to convey the pro life message.  It isn't in them to do it, any more than a parrot can spout prophecy. 

your  baby  forgives  you

phony  forgiveness:   In place of any serious program to prevent abortion, a lot of groups--nominally Christian and nominally pro life--have programs which focus exclusively upon trying to comfort those miserable women who have had abortions.  It is like taking measures to treat smallpox, without taking any measures to inoculate people from getting it in the first place.  They belatedly substitute what is supposedly Christian Compassion for the missing Christian Courage which could have prevented the abortion.   They seem never to have learned the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  And what cure can they offer ?  Truly, women who have aborted a baby are like Rachel, weeping for her children, and would not be comforted.  These  belated  compassion  programs  substitute what pretends to be a spiritual answer for the moral answer they have ignored.  They do nothing effective to stop abortion, then offer  tea  and  sympathy  to its victims.  They pretend to forgive the woman's sin as a cover for  the Great Sin of Omission for which they themselves must bear the blame.

What use is such phony  forgiveness ?  Who is forgiving whom ?  Should we all forgive anything and everything ?  Is that what Jesus taught about forgiveness ?  Do we have the standing to forgive others for what they did to others ?  Do you forgive Adolph Hitler for what the Germans did to the Jews ?  Do you forgive Joe Stalin for what the red army did to the women of Europe ?  It is not our business to forgive them.  It is our business to see how far we are in complicity with the causes of genocide and mass rape by what we do and, mainly, by what we neglect to do.  Americans allowed these things to be done, that is the truth. 


Father Paul Marx once said in respect to abortion that  God always forgives, man sometimes forgives, nature never forgives.  You can see the terrible truth of that in the lives of those who have had abortions.  If I get drunk and crash my car into someone else's car, killing that person and putting myself in a wheel chair, will God forgive me ?  I suppose.  Will the mother of the fellow I killed forgive me ?  Maybe.  Will I soon get out of my wheel chair ?  Probably not. 

I have no standing to forgive a woman who has had an abortion--Speaking on behalf of God and your baby, I forgive you.  Don't worry about it.  You didn't do anything wrong.  We are all sinners.  I cannot speak for God, nor can I speak for her baby.  Will her baby forgive her ?  Would you forgive your mother for throwing  you  into the trash ?  Anyway, it is between them.  We have nothing to do with it.  Can she ever forgive herself ?  Will outraged nature ever forgive her ?  I have to say on the basis of meeting some of these women that the answer is  probably not.  You will always remember the child you never knew.  

pro life pretenders

Which is why the real question is not whether we shall deploy the modern doctrine of  instant  and  easy  automatic  forgiveness  on behalf of 50 million aborted women.  The question is whether we can be forgiven for our criminal complicity in a society which relentlessly pushes women to have abortions.  The question is whether God will forgive us for failing to rescue the least of these while there was still time.  The answer which Matthew 25.31-46 gives on that point is  probably not.  The forgiveness  we  need  demands  sincere  repentance.  Repentance for what we failed to do and what we are still failing to do.  It means we have to turn around and start doing it.  That is the test of sincerity.  We can't change the past.  We can and must change the future.  There is very little we can do for women who have had abortions, except to pretend that we are somehow helping them with something that can't be helped.  There is a great deal we can do to help women who have not yet had abortions.  If we don't do it there is no forgiveness for us in this world or in the next.  And 99 % of those who pretend to be pro life are not doing it.  It is better to make no such pretense than to have it used against you on judgment day.  Those pro  life  pretenders,  who use the issue to promote political careers and raise money, will surely stand among the goats on judgment day.

We conceal from ourselves the real horror of abortion just as we conceal from ourselves the real horror of our wars, the real horrors of real American history.  We look away from those veterans whose intolerable memories drive them to self destruction.  Did you ever accidentally hit a stray cat or a dog when you were driving down the street ?  And how did you feel ?  Bad.  Even though it was an accident and you were not at fault.  Suppose you hit a kid, instead of a stray animal.  Suppose that it was your own kid.  Finally, suppose that it was not an accident.  You did it on purpose.  How do you feel about it ?  That is how people must feel about abortion, if they allow themselves to feel anything.  Often, they don't feel anything at all because they can't afford to feel anything.  People carry out an emotional lobotomy on themselves because they cannot deal with those terrible feelings.  They go through life in that condition until they break down.  A woman worked in the pro life movement for many years before finally admitting to herself and others that she had once had an abortion 20 years before.  As a society we are in denial.  What pretends to be a pro life movement goes along with this denial.  They pretend to have the answer.  They prescribe aspirin for cancer. 

As a society, we are prone to silly solutions for terrible problems.  Hands across America to end world hunger.  Run around the park 5 times or camp out on a billboard in the cause of world peace.  Those who turn out once a year in the Race for the Cure are infuriated when you show up with signs saying  Abortion  Causes  Breast  Cancer  and  1 oz prevention = 1 lb cure.  But there is something very similar going on in the pro life movement.  A refusal to squarely face the real causes of abortion.  A refusal to take a realistic measurement of the task we face.  An unwillingness to recognize how we got into this terrible moral mess, and what it will cost us to get out of it.  Are you a model father when you take your kids some where once a year ?  Can you raise a garden by working at it one day a year ?  Those who turn out once a year will some day get to spend one day a year in heaven.  And the rest of the year at the other place. 

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