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Zionism  versus  Judaism    


the  end  times  of  the  american  empire 


how the unholy alliance between fake Judaism and fake Christianity promotes
a fake Armageddon, which could turn into a real World War III

[ Saturday Dec 31 2016  from a  Letter to C.S. ]

Listening to some of your champagne fueled year end  rap this morning out on the picket line in front of Planned Parenthood, it seemed to me that what you had to say about Anti Semitism was illogical and over the line into demagoguery.  Obama and Kerry are  Anti Semites.  Being Anti American is the same as being Anti Semitic.  

Do you hate women if you didn't vote for Hillary Clinton ?  Are you a racist if you didn't vote for Obama, if you believe that O.J. Simpson was guilty, or don't believe that Michael Brown had his hands up trying to surrender when he was shot by the Ferguson cop ?  Anti Semite is a cheap shot epithet which is used like racist to short out the discussion of serious questions. 

Distinctions have to be made between  Anti Semitism,  hostility to Jews, disbelief in Judaism,  Anti Zionism  and a lack of support for modern Israel or its current policy of settlement building in the West Bank.  Note that Anti Semite Obama is going along with another $ 38 billion worth of military support for Israel.  That looks very much like insincere anti semitism to me.  If he belonged to my Anti Semite Club, I would have to kick him out.  Talk is cheap.  $ 38 billion is not cheap. 

The question of Israel building more settlements on land which was supposed to become part of Palestine under the two state plan is not a minor matter.  It was basic to the Camp David Accords with Egypt that Begin signed in 1978.   Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated in November 1995 because he tried seriously to compromise with the Palestinians on settlements in occupied territory.   Many people now believe that the aggressive settlement policy of the Likud government means that the two state solution is dead.  Which also means that any hope for a peace agreement any time soon is dead.  Where does that leave us ?  Headed for Armageddon, aka World War III.  The Islamist extremists, the radical Zionists of Israel and the Christian Zionists of America are eager for this to happen.  The rest of us should be less eager.  That $ 38 billion is only a down payment on what it is going to cost.  And the cost will be measured in blood, not just money. 

Does a negative attitude towards Karl Marx equal anti semitism ?  Marxist Socialism was more than half of the original Zionist ideology.  An Israeli newspaper had a cartoon showing an old Arab woman leaning on a cane and shaking her fist at an IDF tank column out in the desert while one soldier remarks to another:  You See ?  Even out here, Anti Semitism.  Distinguish between the Anti Semite who won't sit next to you on the plane--so you have an extra seat for your stuff--and the Anti Semite who wants to sit next to you so he can drop a cyanide pellet in your drink. 

The Popes protected the Jews of Rome and squeezed money out of them.  Pope Saint Gregory the Great instructed his agent to reduce the taxes of Jews who converted.  But the less pious Popes who followed him usually preferred to collect the full amount from the unconverted. 

In medieval Spain at one time the Jews were forced to convert.  At other times, they were barred from government jobs unless they converted.  Hitler's government rounded up the converts along with the rest of the Jews.  They collected birth and baptismal records from the Church so they could track down half Jews and quarter Jews.  [  see Hitler Deploys the  Patriot Pastors page 37  based on Lewy 281-282  on the web site ]    Hitler was obsessed with racial purity while the Christian Church targeted the Jewish religion rather than the Jewish race.  A real Anti Semite would not want to make the semites sit in the same pew with him.  Distinctions like that are important.  It is worth noting that even the Arab extremists, who are semites themselves, are religious zealots rather than racial zealots.  They will bomb a Shia mosque as well as a Christian Church or a Jewish synagogue.  And, some of them at least, will spare your life if you agree to convert. 

I have dined more than once at the Jerusalem restaurant at Evans and High run by some immigrant Palestinians.  Which proves that I am not anti semitic.  After all, if you dislike semites, you don't want them handling your food and you don't want to put money in their pockets.  The point is that Palestinians, like other Arabs, are Semites.  The Israelis are arguably Anti Semitic.  Of course, if a semitic suicide bomber blows up your daughter's wedding reception, it is likely to make you prejudiced.  [ I also patronized Jewish delis and dairy restaurants when I lived in Manhattan.  I have eaten kasha varnishkes and survived to boast of it.  ] 

Defining Judaism

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Reform Rabbis association are committed to abortion as are many other American Jews.  That is how they define their Judaism.  Opposition to such people is not Anti Semitism.  Or, if it is, I would like to see a lot more of it.   [ Why not establish a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Farewell Flower Fund to encourage her to keep her promise to leave the country if Trump becomes President ? ]  On the other hand, there were orthodox Jews who joined pro life activists in rescues at the abortuaries back in 1988-89.  And I welcome their participation even while I continue to disagree with their definition of Judaism from the perspective of my own adherence to the reform Judaism of Jesus Christ.  [ see the first 8 pages of Turning the Other Cheek on my web site:   See also  Jesus and The Law.  And The New Covenant versus the Old Covenant.  And  Render, Not sur-render Unto Caesar.  ] 

In 19th century Europe after Joseph II of Austria had issued his Edict of Toleration in 1782 and Napoleon had allowed the Jews to leave the ghetto and become citizens--and soldiers--many of them soon became at least nominal converts--like Karl Marx's parents--because of the advantages.  Some of them became Capitalists.  Even more of them became Socialists.  Which replaced Judaism as the primary faith of many secular and / or assimilated Jews.  Men and women of Jewish background played a major role in the development of Socialism and Communism in 19th century Europe.  Early on, half of the politburo were people of Jewish origin, whatever it meant to them.  More than half of those in the American Communist Party came from Jewish families.  The apocalyptic element in Karl Marx's Scientific SocialismRevolution leading to a new world order appears to have been brought over from Messianic Judaism.


The Zionist movement grew out of the Socialist / Communist movement of the 19th century.  Many of them, like David Ben-Gurion, made pilgrimages to Russia after the 1917 Revolution.  Socialism is still an essential part of the Zionist faith, although they avoid advertising it in order to facilitate the flow of contributions from the U.S.  The  Return to Jerusalem in the last days theology--a secular version of it--is the other major part of Zionist ideology.  It is a new age Judaism with David Ben-Gurion subbing for the Messiah.  They were tired of waiting for the Messiah and went ahead without him.   They were singing the Internationale: We Want No Condescending Savior !  They put their faith in The Workers.  [ see  note  I. ]  

You can be a devout believer in traditional Judaism and devoutly disbelieve in Zionism.  In fact the original Zionist movement was thoroughly hostile to religious Judaism and most orthodox Jews did not accept the establishment of modern Israel as the fulfillment of prophecy about the return of the Jews to the Promised Land.  That is, they did not acknowledge the spiritual / historical validity of the modern state of Israel.  [ Later on, a lot of them were won over by the miraculous victory of the 1967 six day war. ]  The Zionists did not wait for The Lord to bring them back to Israel.  Instead they relied on Rothschild's money, Rabbi Kook's new age theology and the backing of the British Empire which armed the Zionists and the Arabs also to encourage rebellion against the Ottoman Empire in World War I. 

The Mandate for Israel

The original mandate for Israel came from The Lord.  [ And included a genocidal mandate to get rid of the previous inhabitants of the Promised Land.  Exodus 3.8 & 3.12 ]  The mandate for modern Israel was the U.N. resolution of November 29th 1947 calling for the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel.  The resolution passed because it had the backing of Joe Stalin and Harry Truman.  Stalin appreciated their adherence to Socialism and Truman needed to placate the New York Voters ahead of the 1948 election and also avoid bringing all those ragged Jewish Displaced Persons to America.  Both Russia and America supplied the Zionists with weapons to drive out the Arabs.  That forcible expulsion is the Original Sin of Israel which continues to dog them.  [ cf.   Original Sins  Reflections on the History of Zionism and Israel   Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi  ]  But, unlike the Americans, they failed to do a thorough job of getting rid of the natives.  In the Palestinian refugee camps, rooms are named for the villages they left.  One book describes an old Palestinian woman still keeping the key to her house, from which the Israelis evicted her long ago. 

Like the founders of other states, the founders of modern Israel can be accurately described as terrorists.  They used terror against the Arabs and they used terror against the British who were still nominally in control of Palestine.  The book by Geoffrey Wheatcroft is one of those that describes it:  "In late 1946, scores of thousands of New Yorkers went to see a play by Ben Hecht, now an ardent supporter of the Irgun.  A Flag is Born   228   "In May 1947 he published an open Letter to the Terrorists of Palestine as a full page ad in several New York newspapers.  My dear friends, he addressed the Irgun men, on my word as an old reporter, what I write is true.  The Jews of America are for you.  You are their champions.  You are the grin they wear.  You are the feather in their hats.  Every time you blow up a British arsenal, or wreck a British jail, or send a British railroad train sky high, or rob a British bank, or let go with your guns and bombs at British betrayers and invaders of your homeland, the Jews of America make a little holiday in their hearts.  229  . . .   young Irgun men like Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir . . . blew up not only arsenals and trains but civilian centres, most famously the King David hotel in Jerusalem, with heavy loss of life, British, Arab and Jewish. 


"They put to death British prisoners.  They were ready, as it proved, to massacre whole Arab villages.  On 9 April 1948, an Irgun attack led by Begin on the Arab village of Deir Yassin near Jerusalem resulted in a massacre of 250 civilians.   . . . a precipitate flight took place of Arabs from areas under Jewish control, a torrent of refugees which soon numbered many hundreds of thousands.  There were Arab attacks on Jews in return, as the British pulled out." [ from   Geoffrey Wheatcroft   The Controversy of Zion  Jewish Nationalism, the Jewish State and the Unresolved Jewish Dilemma   ]  Of course the Arabs turned terrorist in return, like the Displaced American Indian, skulking behind the wood pile, waiting for a chance to brain the settler.  

Zionism grew out of the Socialist movement of the 19th century and it is still fundamentally Socialist and atheist.  Like other socialists they were hostile to religion.  They flew the red flag over the kibbutz and sang Red Army hymns.  They believed in free love and abortion  and raising their kids collectively in child care centers.   Most of them still believe it and that is the basic reason they cannot allow the  right  of  return  to Palestinians who were pushed out of Israel in the various wars.  Who have large families and who would soon out vote the Jewish Israelis.  The Democracy they have resembles ancient Athens and colonial Virginia where the franchise was strictly limited. 

Most orthodox Jews did not accept U.N. mandated post 1948 Israel as the fulfillment of prophecy.  [ cf. Judaism or Jewish Nationalism  The Alternative to Zionism   Elmer Berger ]   But the Zionists had to halfway conceal their hostility to religion to get American support.  And now they have a substantial population of ultraorthodox new age zealots, like the followers of Meir Kahane, who are just as ready for Armageddon as the Moslem militants.  They also get major support from the Christian Zionists of America. 

The Zionist settlers of recent years have organized armed groups with an agenda that mirrors that of the Moslem extremists, who want to restore the Caliphate.  The theology of Gush Emunim, the messianic Jewish settler movement, mandates the aggressive re-establishment of a Greater Israel well beyond the borders of present Israel.  When Gush ideologues speak about the complete Land of Israel they have in mind not only the post-1967 territory, but the land promised in the Covenant (Genesis 15) as well.  This includes the occupied territories--especially Judea and Samaria, the very heart of the historic Israeli nation, and vast territories that belong now to Jordan, Syria, and Iraq.    [  Ehud Sprinzak  The Ascendance of Israel's Radical Right  113 ]

And southern Lebanon as well.  That was one of the reasons behind the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 which ended in the massacres at the Palestinian refugee camps.  After he investigated the massacres at the Sabra and Shatila camps in September 1982, Friedman writes that he lost every illusion I ever had about the Jewish state.  [ Thomas Friedman From Beirut to Jerusalem  page 166.  And see also Righteous Victims  Benny Morris  pages 542-546 ]

Zionist Terrorism

In May 1982, the devastating Karp Report was presented.  Not only did it confirm the existence of Jewish anti-Arab vigilante activities but it showed that most of these acts went unpunished.  Out of a sample of 70 cases reviewed by the committee--which involved killing, wounding, physical assaults, property damage, and the use of armed and unarmed threats--53 were never prosecuted.     Meir Kahane, originally from Brooklyn, was elected to the Knesset in 1984.    He was soon preaching vigilantism against Christian missions.  [ Sprinzak  87-88 ]


In February 1994 A settler called Baruch Goldstein went into a Hebron mosque firing a sub-machine-gun, killing 29 worshippers before he was killed himself.  [ Wheatcroft  page 323 ]   There have been a lot of such terrorist acts ignored by the American media.  Clipping from the Oct 11 2013 New York Times  West Bank Settlers Deface a Mosque  and burn 3 cars.  Settlers have attacked Palestinian communities 586 times so far this year, up from 370 in all of 2012

"Every Israeli knew about what George Steiner called the demographic crises underlying the entire question of the future of Israel: the fact that more people are emigrating from Israel than    to it and the great differential in birth-rate as between Arabs and Jews (to the Arabs' ineluctable gain) inside Israel itself.  So what was to be done if Israel remained within its post-1967 borders ?  For all their self-proclaimed realism, the Likudniks gave an evasive answer.  There was nothing evasive about Kahane.  His remedy was compellingly simple.  The Arabs should be removed from Judaea and Samaria as so many of them had been removed from pre-1967 Israel.  One extreme party, Moledet (Homeland), was bluntly advocating forcible expulsion of the Arabs, asking who will go--us or them ?, and posing an awkward proposition.  We came to conquer the land and settle it.  If transfer is unethical then everything we have done for a hundred years is wrong.  And Kahane said, I am telling you what each one of you thinks deep in his heart:  there is only one solution:  the Arabs out !  Do not ask me how . . . Let me become defence minister for two months and you will not have a single cockroach around here !  I promise you a clean Erez Israel."  [ Wheatcroft  309-310  ]

Early Zionist propaganda presented Palestine as a land without a people for a people without a land.  They took pictures of immigrants with nothing but desert behind them.  Taken in the other direction, the picture would have shown an Arab city.  "The most succinct review Joan Peters's book ever received came from Moshe Dayan, before she published it:  Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages . . . There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population."   [ L. Tal Premissed land  Times Lit. Supp. 4 June 1993 ]  Livia Rokach's  book Israel's Sacred Terrorism is based upon Moshe Sharett's Personal Diary, finally published despite Israel's efforts to prevent it.  She concluded that:  Territorial expansion was facilitated by Israeli acts of provocation, generating Arab hostility and creating pretexts for intervention.  This policy is amply documented by Moshe Sharett who was Israel's Foreign Minister under David Ben-Gurion and then Prime Minister (1954-55).   [ see note  II. ]

You can argue that Americans do not have the moral right to judge the Zionists in the light of what they did to the natives of America to create living room  for themselves.  But, from a pragmatic point of view, the Americans did a thorough job of genocide and lived happily ever after.  More or less.  While the Zionists, like the settlers of South Africa, failed to do it.  They are not only surrounded by a hostile populace but well armed Moslem nations who identify with the Palestinians.  And they have to operate in the glare of modern publicity.    [ see note  III. ]    It is the compound legacy of the crime of slavery which still punishes Americans. 

A Question of Faith 

The young lady whose faith you challenged believes the standard Saved by Grace Not Works doctrine of evangelical Protestants.  God does it all, I don't have to do anything.   They also describe it as Saved by Faith--you recite the theologically correct formula:  I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior  and that's it.  You are saved.  On my web site, I criticize that Reformation dogma in a long article:  Luther's Distortion of Paul's Teaching and a shorter one:  Not Saved by Faith Alone.  


A major problem with this faith in Passive Righteousness, as Luther called it, is that it doesn't really leave you with much to look forward to except a trip to the cemetery followed by a trip to heaven.  That is what pushes the evangelicals to their obsession with Israel as the major focus of their faith in apocalyptic adventures in the immediate future--Jesus returns to re-establish the Kingdom of Israel.  They do not comprehend the verse which became the title of the book that Leo Tolstoy wrote which was the source of Ghandi's faith:  Luke 17.21    The Kingdom Of God Is Within You.    [  See Turning the Other Cheek pages 5 to 8 ] 

Coming Events in Israel, invasions by armies from Russia and China or Europe, the rapture and the tribulation lead to the Second Coming of Jesus = the Arrival of the Messiah, the Conversion of the Jews, and Armageddon--the last big battle.  All of the TV evangelists preach some variant of this last days or End Times scenario and millions of evangelical Christians believe it.  Turn on any of the Christian TV channels and you will see what I mean.  They are obsessed with Israel.  John Hagee, Pat Robertson et al push this message in their sermons and books.  They are as willing  to give Israel a blank check as President elect Trump and they have already proven their sincerity. 

When Ariel Sharon suffered a severe stroke in January 2006, Pat Robertson said it was probably God's wrath because of the land concessions he had made in Gaza--the prophet Joel makes it very clear that God has enmity against those who divide my land.   cf. Joel 3.2  and parted my land.  That was all the thanks Sharon got for arranging the slaughter of the Palestinians at Sabra and Shatilla and provoking the second intifada by his visit to the Temple Mount. 

Hagee launched the Christian Zionists and many of these churches have some connection with them.  They have a yearly  Honor Israel Day in his Church in San Antonio Texas.  Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada has an annual Israel Awareness Day.   Hagee and his flock expect to be raptured before the tribulation arrives in Jerusalem so they can watch Armageddon from a heavenly balcony.  Jesus will return and the Jews will be converted.  Hagee raises money to bring Soviet Jews to Israel--not to Texas where he lives--so they can witness first hand the coming tribulation and participate in Armageddon

Meanwhile, most Israelis have lost faith in Zionism.  And that undermines their faith in Israel.  When he returned to Israel with his fiance in 1986 Yoram Hazony, an aide to Benjamin Netanyahu when he was still an opposition leader, was scandalized to discover how many Israelis no longer believed in The Jewish State as he records in his book: The Jewish State  The Struggle for Israel's Soul.  

He describes  the Passover I spent with a company  [ of Israeli soldiers ] on intifada duty in Ramallah  where most sat on their hands in boredom as the ancient text was muttered without explanation or comment, filing out sheepishly when they finally lost patience.  From this I learned that almost an entire army base could voluntarily show up at a religious-historical commemoration in search of a connection with their people and their past, and yet without a single person present knowing how to achieve it.   He blames the University intellectuals, Martin Buber et al, for the fact that  the dream of the Jewish state, as conceived by Herzl and Ben-Gurion, became discredited among large segments of the cultural-political leadership of that very state after it was founded.  They accused Ben-Gurion of a false Messianism, a totalitarianism, or even an imitation of fascism.  It did tend to be all three--Ben-Gurion did become the replacement Messiah and Zionism is a kind of National Socialism.  They had cooperative relations with Mussolini before Hitler came along. 


He writes that:  No one in Kedumin ever mentioned to me that there were Jews in Israelwho did not believe in the Jewish state.   [ Kedumin was the "religious" commune where his cousins lived, which he visited from America. ]  And he says: The Jews of Israel are an exhausted people, confused and without direction. . . . Of what value is the Jewish people ?  What can it contribute to mankind ?  What is to be gained by joining in its struggle ?  Why should one sacrifice on its behalf ?  Why should the Jewish state exist at all ?   xvii-xviii   Good question. 

The miraculous victory of the six day war in 1967 led a lot of people to a renewed faith in Israel.  But the near disaster of 1973, when 2500 Israelis were killed--4 times the 1967 toll, and they almost lost--dissipated the euphoria.  It is easy to have faith in your team when your team keeps winning.  When it starts losing, you are pushed into an agonizing reappraisal.  Faith in America--faith in the flag and the military--erodes when they no longer arrive at victory, when people get killed for nothing.  How safe are we from Moslem terrorists after invading Afghanistan and Iraq ?  So long as America has unlimited funds and a monopoly of super weapons, Americans believe in America.  But some other faith is wanted when the money runs out and the missiles hit the wedding caravan instead of the terrorists

The Faith of Zionism 

The Zionist faith was a peculiar amalgam.  The major element in it is the faith in The Workers derived from Marxist Socialism.  Does anyone still believe in the workers and their mission to build the new society ?  Ben-Gurion did.  Most Israelis don't.  The other major element is Messianic Judaism, without the Messiah, without the Lord, and without The Law.  They threw out the 10 commandments and replaced them with a brief for free love.  It is hardly surprising that Israelis who are atheists--which is most of them--no longer have much faith that The Lord Will Return to Zion and establish the Messiah there.  That leaves them with a faith in the jet fighters and the anti missile missiles coming from America and their secret stash of 100 atomic bombs.  It is a secret but everyone knows they have them.  Will it be enough for Armageddon ? is now the key question. 

There are orthodox Jews--ultraorthodox Jews anyway--who still believe in the ultimate re-establishment of Greater Israel.  And they intend to tear down the Al Aqsa Mosque and rebuild The Temple.  And bring back the Levitical Priesthood and the animal sacrifices to make atonement for sin.  Do you believe in all that ?  Are you ready for the Armageddon showdown with the militant Moslems in order to achieve it ?  How many Jews still believe in Ben-Gurion's vision of Israel as the Safe Place for all the Jews of the World ?   Friedman circa 348 describes the daily fear that Israelis live with.  How little they feel at home in their Home Land

Wheatcroft's book says:  "by the 1980s more Jews were emigrating from Israel every year than were immigrating to it.  At least half a million Israelis, an eighth of all citizens, now live abroad; and the fourth largest Israeli city by population is Los Angeles.  Rabin once called these yordim--those who descend rather than ascend--the dregs of Israeli society.  He later apologized (to an emigre newspaper in Los Angeles, not surprisingly), but the continuing net drain still rankles.  Israeli patriots are angry, both at the yordim and at the far more numerous Jews who admire Israel but do not want to live there.    Matti Golan  With Friends Like You    describes what Israelis really think about American Jews:    someone with what's known as a "deep personal commitment to Israel."  You give to the United Jewish Appeal.  You visit Israel every couple of years and never forget to bring a souvenir from the Wailing Wall and a painting from the artists' colony in Safed


"To Golan, this western Jew, who claims to be a friend and a partner, is neither, but my enemy.  A more harmful and dangerous one than the PLO.  He mocked  "the faint-hearted squeamishness of Dispersion liberals in general who were so shocked by the means used to repress the Intifada, or rather by the attendant publicity which sullied the cherished image of purity."   330-331   When you fight for survival, you have little enthusiasm for those who support the troops from a safe distance. 

When Osama bin Laden and his companions saw the World Trade Center come down on television on September 11th 2001, they exploded with joy--like your team won a soccer game   because it was revenge for the children of Al Aqsa  [ NYT 2-19-3 A16 ]  Al Aqsa is the name of the mosque on the Temple Mount.  Ariel Sharon, running for Prime Minister,  visited there in the fall of 2000, deliberately provoking a Palestinian riot.  Boys threw stones.  Israeli police fired at them, killing 13.  That is what bin-Laden meant by the children of Al Aqsa.  That is what started the second intifada which began in the fall of 2000..   The AP counted 514 Palestinian kids killed by Israeli reprisal raids from 2000 to 2005.  The AP counted 97 Israeli kids killed by Palestinian attacks. 

When Vladimir Jabotinsky testified before the Palestine Royal Commission  in 1937, "he also embarrassed other Zionists by insisting that the Jews must have the whole of the Land of Israel.  "  Jabotinsky said: We utterly deny that it means bringing Great Britain into conflict with world Islam, we utterly deny that it means a real physical conflict with the neighboring states, we deny all thisthe Arab can realize that since there are three or four or five wholly Arab States, then it is a thing of justice which Great Britain is doing if Palestine is transformed into a Jewish State.  [ Wheatcroft 207-208 ]  But he knew better as did the other Zionists.  David Ben-Gurion said: We and they both want the same thing.  We both want Palestine.  [ quoted by Piers Brendon page 473 The Decline and Fall of the British Empire. ]   Jabotinsky served in the 38th Royal Fusiliers, one of the three Jewish battalions which the British army established in World War I.  The British tried to disband these battalions after the war but Jabotinsky organized the underground Haganah which called itself the Jewish Defence Force and which became the nucleus of a Jewish army and the sponsor of the Irgun and Stern gangs.  Winston Churchill winked at the gun running to the Haganah circa 1923, but he  was alienated from them after they assassinated his friend Lord Moyne,  [  Brendon 467 and 479  ]

two scorpions in a jar

When it inherited the British Empire's oil kingdoms in the Middle East, America also inherited the situation in Israel / Palestine.  It inherited the situation in Jerusalem, which Josephus once described as a golden bowl full of scorpions.  In a letter of February 7 1951, Evelyn Waugh described it:   Both Jerusalems are full of huge cars flying UNO flags while both countries starve.  Here there are half a million absolutely destitute and hopeless Arab refugees from Israel.  Israel, starving and houseless, is importing 25,000 Jews a month from Mesopotamia, Abyssinia, the Yemen, everywhere.  Neither side has any housing and both carefully demolish whole villages where enemies have lived. 

And the Arabs and the Zionists are still going at it like two scorpions trapped in a jar.  The Zionists are still the captives of the crazy faith of Ben-Gurion that he could somehow bring all the Jews to Israel and build a workers paradise at the expense of the Arabs--and the Americans.  Recognizing Israel's   right  to  exist  means  recognizing the right of the Zionist settlers to occupy the homes from which half a million Palestinians were driven at gun point in 1948.  Israel's refusal to recognize the  right  of  return  for these people is still the obstacle which makes peace impossible.   [ cf. Newman:   which it is their crime to maintain, and their ruin to abandon ]  


Half a million Palestinians were driven from their homes during the 1948-1949  Arab-Israeli War.  At the same time the Zionists were bringing 100s of thousands of Jewish Displaced Persons to Palestine / Israel.  In The Seventh Million 161-162 Tom Segev describes how these destitute refugees moved into Arab houses where they found everything they needed left behind by the fleeing residents:  tables, chairs, closets, pots, pans, plates, sometimes clothes, family albums, books radios, and pets--while the Palestinians who had been forced out became destitute refugees.  The hatred of the Jewish refugees for the Germans who had driven them from their homes was recycled into the Anti Semitism of the Palestinians living in refugee camps while Jews newly arrived from Europe lived in their old homes and slept in their beds. 

Faith is necessary to life.  But a false faith can easily get you killed.  And a desultory and half-hearted faith is useless.  Israel has become the focus of several faiths that can accurately be described as nuts.  Like the faith of the Germans in the 1940s who marched off in the direction of a restored German Empire.  There is madness and doom's day in these crazy ideologies. 

G.K. Chesterton noted that belief in the British Empire was the real faith of most of his contemporaries.  A faith in the Anglo Saxon race was usually part of that.  After the Empire disintegrated, they turned to Agent 007 fantasies.  Most so called Christian Americans put the American flag at the center of their faith.  A faith in Israel takes the place of faith in Judaism for many American Jews and it also has become a major focus for the faith of many American Christians.  Obviously, it is a lot easier to believe in Israel from a safe distance.  And, so long as the American taxpayers can be made to pick up the bill, you don't really have to count the cost. 

When your faith in God is united to your faith in the nation, you have to cling to the nation.  You are lost without it.  And people believe in the nation even more fiercely when they have lost faith in God.  America is the greatest country in the world ! ! !  ( And, since I belong to it, it means that I am the greatest ! )   Adolph Hitler said that Germany Will Be Our Religion and, despite the rest of his peculiar faith, he sold that proposition to the Christians of Germany:    Deutschland uber alles ! ! !   They swallowed it hook, line and sinker.  [  see Hitler Deploys the  Patriot Pastors page 24 ] 

David Ben-Gurion and the other Zionists did not believe in God and their worship was centered upon the semblance of a nation which they had created with their own hands without his help.  Then they had to impose this nation by force upon the Arab nation which was already there.  Their nationalism provoked the rise of Palestinian nationalism. 

The god who stands apart from the nation is a much more portable God who can travel with you wherever you go, even when you are exiled from the nation to which you once belonged.  He is not confined within  National Greatness or Victory in War.   In 1 kings 19.11-12 the prophet does not find God in the wind or the earthquake or the fire.  But then he hears a still small voice

In the long run, or even the short run, it is hard to see any realistic alternative to the kind of madness which killed 100 million in the 20th century.  Most of the world seems determined to prove that it hasn't learned a thing from World War I and World War II and all the follow up wars and genocides.  And that it is ready to do it all over again and sacrifice another generation to these ancient idols.  But there has to be an alternative.  What is it ? 



The Fremont County Plan

My mother grew up on a ranch in Fremont County Wyoming and I still go up there once in a while.  One day, looking at a map, I was struck by the fact that Fremont County has about 10,000 square miles, which is roughly the same as Greater Israel.  And the population--about 35,000--is a fraction of what it is in Israel where the Palestinians and the Israelis fight an endless war over some very sub prime real estate. 

Most of the Soviet Jews being force funnelled into Israel by the Zionists and their American allies would jump at the chance to come to America instead.  Many of them are not even circumcised and they have no interest in Israel except as their only alternative to living in the Soviet Union.  So why not bring them to some place like Fremont County ?  And also bring a large number of Displaced Palestinians who would welcome the chance to escape from those wretched refugee camps in which the only job opening is for suicide bombers. 

I don't mean that they should come here as citizens necessarily.  I don't suppose the American electorate would go along with that.  But they could come as resident refugees with some hope of becoming citizens or returning to Israel / Palestine if and when the smoke of battle clears and some sort of sanity appears.  The billions of dollars now expended on arms to Israel and wars with the Moslems would ease the way to some sort of resettlement plan.  

Fremont County Plan B takes note of the fact that there are Fremont Counties in both Idaho and Colorado--they don't all have to go to Wyoming.  Fremont County Plan C takes note of the fact that Wyoming has 23 counties with very little population.  And that you can drive across northern Nebraska on a summer afternoon and meet another car every 10 minutes or so.  South Dakota has deserted rural areas and half abandoned boarded up towns.   Those that prefer a warmer climate might instead be put up in Texas in a settlement sponsored by Pastor John Hagee's Church--if he can be persuaded to abandon his agenda of funnelling the Soviet Jews into Israel so they can fight the Moslems  and create the Armageddon rubble suited to The Return of Jesus.   

There are two compelling reasons for attempting some such solution as this, which, impractical as it might seem, is a lot less nuts than the alternatives.  One is to make amends for the historic injustices for which Americans are substantially responsible.  The other is that the money saved from subsidizing the Israeli military and waging wars and proxy wars in various Moslem countries would cover the expense of the whole project 10 times over.   [ 2-28-17  Mr. Trump says the U.S. has spent 6 trillion in the Mideast. ] 

historical injustices

The situation in Israel grew out of major historical injustices for which Americans have substantial responsibility:  1. the refusal to rescue the Jews of Germany before World War II began  2. the unwillingness to let the Displaced Persons come to America after the war ended  3. Supporting the Zionist invasion of Palestine and arming them for the inevitable war with the Arabs. 




America and Britain could have saved all of the Jews of Germany just by allowing them to emigrate.  Before the war started, the Nazi policy was to force the Jews into exile.  It was the failure of this policy that led to the final solution.  The policy failed because other countries would not accept the Jewish refugees and forced them to return to Germany.  During the early period, thousands of Jews lined up daily at the American embassy in Berlin to try and get one of the few available visas.  America did not want a flood of Jewish refugees.  Hitler taunted the western nations with their pretended concern for the Jews and offered to ship them all to the West.  The severe restrictions on immigration which America had passed in 1924 remained in place, despite the emergency.  Those restrictions had been especially designed to curtail Jewish immigration to the United States, and they effectively cancelled the promise of world-wide welcome set forth in the 1883 Statue of Liberty poem by Emma Lazarus: Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me. 

They tried to get out anyway.  One boat load of unauthorized German Jewish refugees made it to within a few miles of the coast of Florida before the United States Coast Guard turned them back.  They were forced to return to Europe where two thirds of them later died in the Nazi death camps.  A dilapidated ship carrying Jewish refugees sank off the coast of Palestine after the British navy turned them back--a British policy to placate the Arabs.  Of course they weren't wanted in Britain, that was out of the question.  During World War II, the allies would not even bomb the rail lines leading to the death camps to slow down the holocaust when urgent appeals were made to them, even when they were bombing industrial targets in the same area.   [ see   note  IV. ]

Heading for the 1948 election, President Harry Truman had to cater to the Jewish vote and the Jewish donors in New York.  But he also realized that most Americans, including most Jewish Americans, had no enthusiasm for letting a horde of ragged refugees from eastern Europe come to the U.S.  As Lord Halifax, the British ambassador to Washington, put it, the average U.S. citizen does not want [ the DPs ] in the United States and salves his conscience by advocating their admission by Palestine." [ The Long Road Home Ben Shephard page 115 ] 

Meanwhile, the Zionists manipulated the situation in every way they could to funnel population to Israel.  They vetoed a plan to send Jewish orphans to England And France.  [ Shephard 192 ] 

In 1933 the Zionists had signed a Transfer Agreement with Hitler's government to bring Jews to Palestine who were being pushed out of Germany.  They undermined the boycott against the Nazi government launched by American Jews because they saw opportunity for Zionism in the disaster which had just begun to threaten the Jews of Germany, most of whom had no desire to move to Palestine.   [ Segev  page 20 ] 

In 1938 Ben-Gurion told a Mapai conference: If I knew that it was possible to save all the children in Germany by transporting them to England, but only half of them by transporting them to Palestine, I would choose the second--because we face not only the reckoning of those children, but the historical reckoning of the Jewish people.  He may have been using a kind of exaggerated rhetoric as his loyal biographer claimed, but it is clear enough that he had an obsessive faith in his vision of Zion and did not balk at sacrificing lives to that vision.  He worried that Zionism is in danger ! if western nations responded to  Kristallnacht by accepting more Jewish refugees from Germany.  [ Segev  page 28 ] 



The post World War II Exodus to Israel was supposedly justified by what the Germans did to the Jews in the 1940s.  In effect, the Arabs of Palestine were made to pay for what the Germans did.  But two wrongs don't make a right.  And it wasn't just 5 million Jews who were killed during World War II.  60 million were killed in World war II.  That doesn't count the 10 million Ukrainians starved to death by Stalin's government in 1932-1933--the year Hitler came to power in Germany.  [ cf. Robert Conquest Harvest of Sorrow ]  Or the 70 million Chinese starved to death by Stalin's appointee, Mao Tse Tsung.  If military  Christianity is largely to blame for the slaughter of World War I, Socialism and Communism are equally to blame for the slaughter of World War II.  And the atheist ex Jews of Europe, who played a key role in the development of Communism, Socialism and Zionism, bear some moral responsibility for these several holocausts

Supposedly a militarized Israel is the alternative to Jews being helpless victims.  But no nation was better armed than Germany and more Germans than Jews lost their lives in World War II.  As Jesus warned:   Those that take up the sword perish with it.  The victorious Russians lost 12 million soldiers.  While the red army raped two million women in its march across Europe.  It is a safe prediction that Armageddon / aka World War III, to which we are now headed, will be worse. 

The Return to Israel

The return of the Jews to Israel, prophesied by Isaiah and Ezekiel, came about a long time ago.  Ezekiel prophesied the rebuilding of The Temple and it happened, 500 years before Jesus was born.   It was Jesus who prophesied that destruction of The Temple which happened in 70 A.D.   Which is were we are now.  Very likely Mr. Trump would finance the rebuilding of The Temple as a tourist attraction, complete with vegetarian actors playing priests and sacrificing styrofoam animals--to cater to modern sensibilities.  And the Moslems would probably go along with it if they got a share of the tourist dollars.  Aside from that, it is time to defuse the ticking bomb which Zionist Israel represents by providing an escape route for anyone there who has sense enough to take it.  At least it would get some of them out of the line of fire.    [ see   note  V.  ]  

In the 24th chapter of Matthew, and other places in the gospel, Jesus warns them of what is coming to them because they have rejected the kingdom of God to pursue a secular kingdom.  Instead they continued to pursue the dream and the illusion of a restored secular kingdom of Israel.   [ tc x 3 ]   [ See Turning the Other Cheek pages 5-8 The Kingdom of God versus the Kingdom of Israel.  ]

The rejection of King Jesus and his Kingdom was Act One.  Act Two was the attempt to re-establish the Kingdom of Israel by a great uprising against the Romans in 66 A.D..  That was the kind of Kingdom they believed in.  Act Three was the destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple by the Romans, the death of a million Jews, and their dispersal to all nations. 

Of course they were already dispersed.  By the time of Jesus there were as many Jews in Alexandria Egypt as there were in Jerusalem.  And the destruction of the Temple accelerated the development of the spiritual and individual form of Judaism which is not centered upon the Nation of Israel and which no longer relies upon the animal sacrifices of The Temple to stay right with God.  And they are hardly to blame for not converting to that Military Christianity which began to persecute the Jews as well as the non-conforming Christians in the 4th century.  The Jews will be converted if and when they ever encounter authentic Christianity.  They won't learn it from the TV evangelists. 


There are some wonderful things in the Jewish culture which developed during the long years of exile, like lox and cream cheese on a bagel, Klezmer bands and Albert Einstein.  My friend Shelby learned Yiddish so that he could read the Yiddish anarchists in the original.  American Jews had a major role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, which is still America's best claim to righteousness--to having finally done something right. 

Is it wonderful that Hebrew became a secular language in Israel instead of just a sacred language ?  Now you can tell a dirty joke in Hebrew.   Jabotinsky translated the Sherlock Holmes stories into Hebrew.  Like Ben Hecht, a lot of American Jews thought it was wonderful when the Jews finally got an army.  They were thrilled to see Jews with Guns.  Now they can compete with the Moslems and the Christians.  [ see note  VI. on conscripting women ]

A lot of Christians thought it was wonderful when they finally got an army after  the Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as the state religion of the Roman Empire.  They have been at war ever since--  with other Christians mostly.  Islam began as a military religion.  The Moslems have known peace only when their armies were defeated and the Caliphate disappeared.  But, like the Zionists, they have a dream of restoring the Moslem Empire with its endless wars.  

Israel has a big national monument to Simeon bar-Kochba  [ aka bar Koziba or Cochebas  ]  who got a lot of people killed in his failed rebellion against the Roman Empire in 132-135 A.D. in the time of Hadrian.   Rabbi Akiba hailed him as The Messiah.   They don't have a big national monument for Jesus, who is arguably Israel's most famous and successful son.  It shows what they believe in.  They believe in the military.  Like the Moslems.  Like most so-called Christians.   That is why we are on this seemingly inevitable course towards Armageddon.  Given the choice between Jesus and Barabbas, who was in prison for murder during an insurrection, the Jerusalem mob, instigated by the chief priests, asked for the release of Barabbas.  [ Mark 15.11 ]  They are still making the wrong choice, with the support of the Military Christians of America, who think that BlessAmerica is God's last name.   

Victims and Executioners

The Zionists were ashamed that the Jews of Europe were led to the slaughter without resisting or fighting back.  But are conscript soldiers the righteous alternative to being the victims of violence ?  In World War II these soldiers died by the millions but they killed before they died.  Of the 60 million they killed, 2/3rds were civilians--women and kids and old folks.  The incineration of the children of Dresden and Hiroshima was a holocaust as much as the incinerations in Auschwitz. 

That spirit of indiscriminate slaughter is enshrined in 1 Samuel 15.3 where "The Lord" tells them to exterminate the Amalekites:  utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.  Orders  like these come from the god of this world whose real name is Satan.  [ See The New Covenant versus the Old Covenant and Heresy of the Christian State ]

Israel has a monument to 200,000 Jewish soldiers who served in the red army.  [ Segev 241 ]  So they got the chance to kill before they died.  A noble fate as the world reckons it.  But many of them were witnesses of terrible crimes, if not participants.  And many of them died a slow death in those prisoner of war camps from hunger and cold and disease and mistreatment.  


There was some sort of residual mercy in the fact that most of those shipped to the death camps died the same day, within a short time of their arrival.  The women and kids and old people sent to the showers did not realize until the last minute what was happening to them.   The Nazis even went to the trouble to plant flower beds in front of the reception centers to lull their victims. 

The horror of World War II erodes the faith in a Good and Powerful God who is supposed to take care of us.  And yet it illustrates the thesis found in the Christian gospel, in  Luke 4.5-7 and John 15.18-19. that Satan is the god of this world and the ruler of all the kingdoms of this world.  What else but a powerful Evil Spirit can account for all the evil that was done on all sides of the war  ?  The question remains as to where the Good Spirit can be found.  

The Return of Jesus

Jesus has already returned as the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ,  as described in John 20.21-22, when he gave his followers the mission to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and breathed into them the Spirit of Courage and Love and Truth which would enable them to do it:  As my Father sent me, even so I send you.  Receive the Holy Spirit.  Inspired by that Spirit, thousands of early Christians went to their deaths for refusing to worship Caesar and refusing to join his armies.  That underground church has endured under the heretic label long after apostate Christians joined Constantine's Imperial Church in the 4th century.  It persisted while Charlemagne was slaughtering the Saxons to establish the blood soaked Christendom which engaged in endless war, which perpetuated slavery and persecuted the Jews and the non conforming Christians like the Quakers who refused to go to war and who launched the Abolition Movement.  [ cf. Adam Hochschild  Bury the Chains. ]  In 1943   Franz Jaggerstatter was beheaded for refusing to join Hitler's army.  He left a remarkable testimony as to why he could not belong to the Nazi Folk Community because he was a citizen of The Kingdom of God.  [ see  Church of the Empire  Appendix B ]  Many Israelis have refused to participate in the indiscriminate attacks upon Palestinian civilians.  More than 140 Israeli soldiers were sent to prison for refusing to serve in the invasion of Lebanon in 1982.  That kind of Courage is the first sign of the Spirit and it gives some hope for the future.  [ see note  VII.   ] 

The claim that Jesus made to be the Son of God is only part of what he taught.  He also taught his followers to address God as Our Father.  Finally, on Resurrection Sunday, Jesus makes his followers clones of himself [ John 20.21-22 ] and they thereby become the Children of God by adoption as Paul tells us in Romans 8.15--the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.  John 1.12 says:  to them gave he power to become the sons of God.  And so we may confide in Him  as individuals confide in a loving father. 

No one in the Old Testament dares to address God as FatherThe Lord is the Lord of Hosts and the Hebrews are his servants--his slaves really--and their wisdom is to fearThe Lord who only speaks to The King and only through the prophet.  The Moslems copied this Old Testament concept of God as a Sovereign Who Commands War, who wants to see your back side while you lie flat on your face in front of Him.  

Like the Military Christianity launched in the 4th century, militant Islam and militant Zionism offer us only endless war.  Faith in the Prince of Peace--the real Messiah--is the only realistic alternative.  ( Isaiah 9.6 )  He said:  Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.  ( Matthew 5.9 )  


Terry  Sullivan 




note  I.  Zionism was originally a revolt against Jewish tradition.  It was a revolt against all religion, including the Jewish religion, and it was a Socialist revolt against the money-lending and small merchant Jewish society of Europe, as symbolized by a young David Ben-Gurion extorting money from prosperous Jews in Poland and firing his pistol inside the beit midrash.  [ Hazony 159 ]  While Jabotinsky denounced The Yid in terms which were similar to those used by the Anti Semites of Europe.  They believed they had a mandate to liberate the Jews from their parasitic petty bourgeois lifestyle by turning them into farmers and laborers and soldiers, thereby creating the New Socialist Man.  As Hazony wrote:  Like Tolstoy and the Narodnik movement, which had done so much to promote the cult of the Russian peasant and the Russian soil, these radical Zionists sought salvation in the belief that the Jews were not a real nation because they did not work the land and that the Jewish middle classes were parasites who persisted by the sweat of the Russian workingman.  Ben-Gurion became a versatile public speaker in the service of historical materialism, the class war, and the need for Jews to receive weapons training.   [ Hazony page 158-159  op cit ]    Quote from B-G:   The very essence of Zionist thinking about the life of the Jewish people and on Hebrew history is basically revolutionary--it is a revolt against a tradition of many centuries.    [ David Ben-Gurion  From Class to Nation  ]

In the 1920s, David Ben-Gurion established a Society of Workers through Mapai = the Workers of the Land of Israel and  Histadrut, the  General Federation of Jewish Labor, which launched collective enterprises and then became a mammoth stock company in which the workers were shareholders.  Books about Israel avoid calling it Socialism by referring to it as Labor Zionism.  Ben-Gurion himself said that Socialism is not only an end, but also the means through which Zionism will be realized

This socialist experiment was steadily undermined by the large numbers of non socialist Jews arriving in Israel and their increasing dependence upon the military and financial support of the United States which pushed Israel away from its early relationship with the Soviet Union, and pushed it to side with the U.S. and alienate the U.S.S.R. at the time of the Korean War.  The flood of capital and capitalists from America displaced the original Zionist vision of an anti bourgeois communal society in which all were workers.  An influx of Jewish doctors driven out of Germany compromised the system of collective health care mandated by the Socialist government. 

Golda Meir told Hannah Arendt that she did not believe in God but, as a Socialist, she believed in the Jewish People.  [ Tom Segev The Seventh Million page 358 ]  Does a faith like that provide a firm foundation for the modern State of Israel ?  What does it really mean ?  The 19th century socialists had some sort of a humanistic belief in the people = the whole human race, although they tended to believe in the workers and to dis-believe in the bourgeoisie.  And they opposed Capitalist Wars.  But many of them abandoned their opposition to war when they were conscripted by the power of conformity into the runaway nationalism of World War I.  And that led to the National Socialism which emerged after the war in Italy and Germany and Israel.  Does that so easily translate into a belief in the Jewish People ?  And is that the same as the Jewish Race ?  Does it include the American Jews who won't move to Israel ?  Of course a faith in The American People is routinely invoked in patriotic speeches here in America.  And so long as it is just a speech, you can ignore it.  But when you are asked to die and / or kill in some distant war, it is time to ask what it really means--what part of the American People will reap the benefits--if any--of this distant war. 

The Jews were originally defined as God's Chosen People.  If you subtract God, as most Israelis do, the question has to be raised as to who now chooses them and to do what.  It is axiomatic that you should fight for what you believe in.  But when you are pushed into a fight, you may very well have to ask what it is you are fighting for and how much you really believe in it.  A lot of men who find themselves in the front lines of our various wars belatedly arrive at the conclusion that they don't really know what they are doing there, why they are swapping shots with men whose language they don't even understand.  It is a good idea to figure that out before you arrive at the front lines.   The same consideration applies to Israel.  The Jewish People live in New York and Los Angeles and Chicago as well as in Israel.  And there is a Socialist Party in America you can join--several of them in fact, without even counting the Democrats--if that is what you want.  It isn't at all clear why a Socialist faith in The Jewish People mandates a commitment to Israel and its endless wars with the Arabs.  

If you do believe in God, it raises another set of questions--whether He wants to do it all over again, drive out the unchosen race, even though they believe in God, by their definition, and bring back the Temple and the priests and the animal sacrifices to make atonement for sin.  If so, will He do it on His own or make use of American weapons and the Israeli Defense Forces ?  

note  II.  The Palestinians driven out of Israel in the 1948 war are still living in refugee camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.  No Israeli government has offered to let them return to their villages-- in which Israelis now live.  The West Bank presents a different issue.  When Israel captured the West Bank and Gaza in 1967 they acquired a captive population of 1.7 million Palestinians with whom they have been struggling ever since.  And, 50 years later, that population has multiplied.  The Israelis  can't give up the West Bank, which includes what was called Judea and Samaria in ancient Israel, without abandoning the dream of a restored Israel.  They can't take atrocious measures to get rid of the Palestinians with the TV cameras of Europe and America and the rest of the world capturing it for the nightly news.  As the Vietnam War illustrated, unless you can censor the news, you cannot get away with the nasty stuff which is an inevitable part of any war. 

The Israelis did pull out of Gaza which has been firing rockets across the Barrier off and on ever since.  If they let the Palestinians become full citizens with the right to vote, they will soon vote the Jewish State out of existence.  If they don't assimilate the Palestinians, they will have a permanent rebellious under class to contend with, just as they do now. 

Contraception backed by abortion has led to the loss of the original population in Europe and its replacement by immigrants.  Italians, Frenchmen and Germans are being replaced by Moslems.  Israel is in the same situation for the same reason.  Except for the orthodox, they don't have enough kids to even replace themselves.  They depend upon constant immigration to make up their loss of a Jewish population.  While the Palestinians still have large families.  And they already out number the Israelis.  The orthodox Haredi have large families but they are exempt from army service and don't even believe in the modern state of Israel.

There is an obvious question as to what they think they are doing and / or what they believe in enough to wage endless war.  Are they still aiming at a Worker's Society like the original Zionists ?  Do they expect the miraculous restoration of the Kingdom of Israel with a Son of David on the throne ?  It has become increasingly obvious that most Israelis do not believe in either of those things.  You can hardly live in Israel if you don't really believe in it enough to die for it--enough to kill and die for it.  Which is why they move to America.  You can live in America with only a nominal belief in America.  You believe in your salary and your nice home.  Let someone else do the fighting some where on the other side of the world while you Support the Troops with a $ 2 bumper sticker.   You don't have to fight the enemy yourself down at the end of the next block. 

No doubt there is still a lot of Anti Semitism in America and probably always will be.  There is also prejudice against Negroes.  And  Protestant prejudice against Catholics.  The real question is how much of a realistic threat it is, how much harm it does us.  American Jews have done very well for themselves in America since they first arrived in colonial times.  William Penn welcomed them to Pennsylvania along with the non-conforming Christians who came from Europe to escape persecution.  It is memorialized in Jacob and the Indians by Stephen Vincent Benet, a tale of his grandfather's grandfather,  who crossed an ocean that you might live and not die because of  the promise of Penn that this land should be an habitation and a refuge, not only for the Gentiles.  For all its faults, America has been a refuge for many, for Germans escaping from the endless wars of Europe, for Irish escaping from the Great Famine and for the Jews who found opportunity despite the Anti Semitism--who found ways to survive and thrive and fight back.  There is a tradition here older than modern Israel which is worth preserving and renewing.  

note  III.  There were a million native Americans in the whole of the continental United States which were reduced to a tenth of that number over several centuries by the American colonists.  There weren't any TV cameras around to record how they did it.  Now they are scattered to Indian Reservations all over the U.S., just one of which has twice as much land as the whole of Israel.  Most of them have become government dependents.  And the reservations have the special privilege of operating gambling casinos as a source of revenue.  Unlike the Palestinians, they had no international support or weapons suppliers.  The Palestinians have both.  Alcohol was unknown to the American indians and they are peculiarly susceptible.  A large number of them are alcoholics. 

note  IV.   A 1997 book by William Rubinstein, The Myth of Rescue, argues that the U.S. and Britain were not that much to blame for failing to rescue the Jews of Germany, considering the realities of the situation.  He argues with a number of scholars who have made the opposite case.  He says that 3/4ths of German Jews did escape before the war began, and that it was the outbreak of the war which trapped the Jews of Europe, who did not realize until too late what the invasion of their countries by the German army would mean. 

note  V.   Christians have to read Old Testament prophecy through the lens of the New Testament.  For example, where Peter quotes the prophet Joel and interprets him, in Acts 2.17-21, Christians are not at liberty to ignore Peter's interpretation and then formulate their own interpretation of Joel.  By this rule, the Story of the Last Days found in Old Testament prophecy has to be substantially re-interpreted from a Christian perspective.  The Last Days Story found in Ezekiel has to be read in the light of Revelation 19-22 where the description of the great battle of Gog and Magog is clearly re-interpreting the corresponding chapters of Ezekiel.  It is wrong to take Ezekiel 38 & 39 out of the context of the rest of Ezekiel and then, ignoring the comparable chapters in Revelation, apply it to the history found in yesterday's newspaper, 2500 years after the time of Ezekiel.  Who was clearly addressing the men of his own time--not facilitating the fund-raising of the TV evangelists. 

note  VI.  Like other Socialist States, Israel defines women's liberation by conscripting girls into the army.  That was a basic principle of the Socialist-Communist-Feminist ideology which became the major component of the Zionist faith.  That is what they mean by equality for women.   Girls  With  Guns  has long been the dearest dream of the radical feminists.  Americans are headed in the same direction.  They almost elected a female Commander in Chief in November 2016.  The old law against women in combat was tossed out by someone in the Pentagon as of January 2016,  despite the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s, which was mainly due to that issue.  The pressure to make women register for the draft is growing. 

The Israeli army pays for the inevitable abortions of its female soldiers.  Conscripted and aborted defines the liberated female.  Meanwhile, Moslem women have children.  Moslem countries still ban abortion, while  Christian countries pay for abortions.  More Jewish babies have been killed by abortion than were killed by The Holocaust

There are some serious things wrong with Moslem culture, especially in the lack of freedom for women.  They rely heavily upon legal coercion and social conformity to enforce morality.  But they look to The West in vain for any example of a society which allows liberty without it leading to license, to conspicuous and pervasive immorality.  Europe and America want them to trade their burkahs  for bikinis.  And they can even dispense with those on the nude beaches of Israel.  On what basis can these two antagonistic societies ever live in peace ? 

In Exodus 23.28-33  The Lord  promises to send hornets to drive out the previous residents of the Promised Land lest they make thee sin against me.  It is a doubtful assumption that he is ready to do it again on behalf of a populace which has a much lower standard of sexual morality than those they are trying to expel.  Unless he really is a racist

note  VII.   New York Times Feb 2 2002 A1  Reservists Balk at Occupation, Roiling Israel  Joel Greenburg report from Jerusalem.  More than 100 reservists published a statement "saying they would refuse to continue serving in the West Bank and Gaza Strip because Israel's policies there involved dominating, expelling, starving and humiliating an entire people . . . The price of occupation is the loss of the Israel Defense Forces' semblance of humanity and the corruption of all of Israeli Society.  At least 400 Israelis, mostly reservists, have refused service in the Israeli-occupied territories.  One reservist balked at firing heavy machine guns into Palestinian towns because The gunfire penetrates thin walls and windows and that kills people, and you don't know who you're killing.  Denver Post May 26 2002 4A AP dispatch from Tel Aviv by Dafna Linzer the Courage to Refuse group "mostly officers" had grown to 460 members.  "in the last four months 80 have served time in a military prison."   

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