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my  life  and  hard  times 
In August 1989, I helped  organize a 5 day a week pro life witness and  sidewalk counselling effort at the Planned Parenthood abortuary at 20th and Vine in Denver.  That is the origin of the Pro Life Nonviolent Action Network of Denver.  Over the next 12 years we had more than 100 arrests out there for junk like disturbing the peace by loud talking.  But most of our cases were dismissed or won on appeal.  There is still a daily witness there which I join on Fridays.  We have a tough crew which has been out there for years in all weathers.  On the average we rescue two babies a week from death by abortion by aggressive sidewalk counselling.   The bulletins and circular letters have been occasioned by this effort
The several books published by the Radical Christian Press were inspired by my effort to understand The  Roots  of  Abortion  in modern society, in American history, and in the history of the apostate Christian Church.   100 pages, printed copy in binder  $ 20 

 The Church of the Empire is an analytical history of the establishment of The Worldly Church and secular christianity in the 4th century by Constantine and Augustine et al.   200 pages  printed copy in binder $ 30

  Faith and Works:  Luther's Distortion of Paul's Teaching grew out of the picket line debates on theology questions which pushed me to re-discover the Christian basis of nonviolent direct action.  50 pages  printed copy in binder $ 5

Jesus the Anti King, which is half finished, makes the case for the nonviolent and  anti state  character of the original church.  Some of the chapters in this book began as articles in the Pro Life Action bulletin.   50 pages  printed copy in binder $ 5  includes:   The New Covenant versus the Old Covenant ,  The Spiritual Warfare of Jesus Christ,   Render not Surrender to Caesar,   He Beat Them with a Whip !,  Two Swords is Enough--for What ? 

 The New Covenant versus the Old Covenant was originally a response to a letter from Paul Hill in 1993.  It argues that the morality of the New Covenant has to be clearly distinguished from the morality of the Old Covenant, which sanctioned divorce, polygamy, slavery, war and wealth.   see just above for a printed copy
The Movement  is an unfinished  personal memoir of the 1960s when I was a Freedom Rider and a Draft Card Burner.  I worked at Catholic Worker houses in Chicago, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, and New York City.  I hope to finish it one of these days.  no printed copy available yet

Terry Sullivan 
1526 East 35th Avenue
Denver Colorado 80205


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