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Planned  Parenthood's  Real  Agenda

Behind  the  phony  humanitarian  front  is  a neo-fascist

anti-family  organization  with  a  genocidal  world  mission! 

      Until 1963, Planned Parenthood literature carried the following true statement:  "An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun."  That was the last year that anyone at Planned Parenthood could afford to tell the truth about abortion.  As soon as it was legal, Planned Parenthood got into the abortion business in a big way.  Today, Planned Parenthood in the United States does 100,000 abortions a year and refers another 100,000 late abortions.  They make an enormous amount of money from abortion.  Most of those who work there have been personally responsible for an abortion and they justify themselves by selling abortions to others.

population control, alias, genocide

      Behind it's humanitarian facade, Planned Parenthood promotes the basic program of its founder, Margaret Sanger, who believed in the wholesale elimination of lower class humanity by any and every means.  It was one major purpose of her birth control crusade.  She described them as "human waste" and "weeds" and, along with contraceptives and abortion,  she endorsed measures such as forced sterilization and racial segregation to check their growth.  And Planned Parenthood follows in the path of its founder.  While pretending to believe in "choice", Planned Parenthood supports the population control policies of China, which uses forced abortion and forced sterilization to enforce its mandate of one child per woman.  They have advocated these programs in the United States and there is every reason to assume that they will impose them if they get the chance.

      Margaret Sanger and the early "family planning" organizations were allied with the American eugenics movement, a pseudo-scientific branch of white racism.  They had basic ideological sympathies and extensive contacts and exchanges with the German fascists, who shared their genocidal passions.

      In 1939, while their German friends were going after the Jews, Sanger's group started a Negro Project designed to stop the growth of the Negro population.  They disguised the real purpose of the program behind a facade of benevolent social service and hired black ministers with social service backgrounds and engaging personalities to promote it.  We do not want word to go out that we want to eliminate the Negro population, wrote Sanger.  The last president of Planned Parenthood was Faye Wattleton, a bleached, bourgeois "Negro"  who was paid a large salary to front for the anti-black program that Sanger started.  Planned Parenthood's abortuaries are located so as to especially target racial minorities and it is the number one destroyer of black and hispanic babies.

      Margaret Sanger was a rabid anti-Catholic.   The new strategy of Planned Parenthood is to undermine the position of the Church on abortion and contraception.  The new president, Pamela Maraldo, calls herself a Catholic and claims to speak for Catholic women in her open advocacy of abortion.  Like most of the so-called "women" who belong to Planned Parenthood, she is unmarried and childless.

      In Germany, in the 1930's, the first killing centers were disguised as hospitals.  Like them, and like Sanger's Negro Project, Planned Parenthood disguises its lethal anti-people programs behind a "health" and social services facade.

      And the same programs are being pursued internationally.  Planned Parenthood  International  is a major provider and promoter of abortion  everywhere in the world.  In the Planned Parenthood film "Abortion for Survival" the camera pans across the shanty towns of Africa, Asia, and South America: masses of poor people surrounded by countless ragged children.  The implicit Big Question is:  How can we get rid of all this human garbage, unless we have abortion?   How can we save our own nice world from being overrun and destroyed if we don't have effective ways to eliminate these millions of unwanted people?  The film doesn't show the slums of south side Chicago or Los Angeles--that would be politically risky--but the situation is the same, and Planned Parenthood's answer is the same.

"family planning"  or  "careless love"

      Margaret Sanger was a radical socialist,  who  believed  in  "free love"--her other major reason for birth control--and in the abolition of the family.  This perennial but usually half-hidden doctrine of the radical socialists and the communists calls for "sexual liberation" for adults and for all children to be raised in government-funded child care centers.  She was in fact a sexual libertine who abandoned her three small children so she could live a "liberated" life.  But, in public, she always pretended to be a model mother who was only interested in responsible parenthood.  That kind of public relations hypocrisy was characteristic of Sanger as it is of "Planned Parenthood" today.

      Like its founder, Planned Parenthood pretends to promote responsible family planning.  Its real agenda is "careless love"--the loveless and irresponsible sexuality that predictably leads  to the ultimate, final act of sexual irresponsibility--killing the baby by an abortion.  Besides leading to abortion, sexual licence  directly undermines and destroys the relationships that are basic to the creation and preservation of family life.

      Planned Parenthood's ardent promotion of contraception and abortion has always been tied to the sexually liberated life style of those who were at odds with basic family values for ideological or personal reasons.  Historically, there has been an explicit abolish-the-family ideology in Planned Parenthood as there is in allied radical feminist organizations such as N.O.W. and N.A.R.A.L.  Many of the unhappy and unwomanly females in these organizations come from the same left wing  anti-family background as Margaret Sanger.  Most of the "women" in N.O.W. are lesbians.  Most of the others are  emotionally stunted and sexually peculiar.  For public relations purposes, that is regularly concealed, but it underlies their values (many of the early Nazis were homosexuals) and it helps to explain why they are such relentless enemies of the sexual decency and responsibility which are essential to the protection of the family.  In fact, they are at war with the traditional family and  with the traditional woman.

faith in condoms

      Sanger came to have an insane religious faith in condoms as the answer to all society's problems and this faith is still basic to Planned Parenthood ideology.  More and better condoms are the cure for abortion they insist.  But condoms are the cause of abortion.  The more condoms have been promoted, the more abortions have increased.  The reasons are basic to human sexuality:  condoms are designed for care free sex.  But if you don't care about the other person, what motive do you have to be careful about causing a pregnancy?  If you don't care about her, you don't care about her!  It's like expecting a drunk to be careful.  But the whole point of getting drunk is to forget your cares!  Care free sex is careless and irresponsible sex.  It is sex without caring, without real passion.  And contraceptives get in the way of this half-hearted desire, so they are discarded or used ineffectively.

It is the fact that most women seeking abortions were using contraception.  There is something in women that pushes them to instinctively rebel against being safely sterilized sex objects.  They want children and they want their lovers to take responsibility.  So they neglect contraception.    

      Despite the wholesale disaster to families and individuals that has resulted from their programs, Planned Parenthood still seeks the perfect contraceptive as if it were the Holy Grail.  Meanwhile, their imperfect contraceptives and their relentless promotion of irresponsible sexuality have led to an epidemic of abortions.  Along with it have come epidemics of venereal disease which now infect millions of American men and women.  AIDS is the worst, but the others, like herpes and hepatitis-B, are disfiguring, family-destroying diseases that ruin a person's life.

      Today, Planned Parenthood avoids any honest account of its basic ideology, and its real program.  That is the price they pay to be respectable and get government funds.  Like its founder, it has a blind faith in condoms as the only answer for its compulsive commitment to irresponsible sexuality.  They are unable to see the horrible results of what they do, just as they are unable to  see what lies in the garbage pail of the "clinic" when the abortion is done.  Their grand vision is of a new world where casual sex and homosexuality are the norm; a world from which sexual morality and the traditional family have disappeared; a world from which most of humanity has been made to disappear.

      But those who have eyes to see, have a moral obligation to put a stop to Planned Parenthood.  Here are some things that you can do:  1) circulate leaflets like this one (you can copy it) to educate people about the real character of this organization.  2) join the campaign to go after corporations that donate money to Planned Parenthood.  Information is available from the Christian Action Council, 701 W. Broad St., Falls Church VA 22046.  3) get the bulletin from STOPP Planned Parenthood, P.O. Box 8, La Grangeville N.Y. 12540.  4) join the daily picket line and Sidewalk Counseling effort which rescues babies from the Planned Parenthood abortuary at 38th and Pontiac in Denver. 

Terry Sullivan